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NCIS: Red - TV Guide: Ask Matt Apr 1 '13

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TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: NCIS' "Red" Team, Top of the Lake, Gays on Days, More

Apr 1, 2013
by Matt Roush

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... Question: Are you as I stumped as I am about what makes the NCIS Red Team unique? In last week's episode of NCIS: LA, there was a moment when they were trying to tell a Mexican gunman to put his weapon down and none of them could speak Spanish. Which is odd given they are suppose to be a very mobile unit that goes anywhere, you would think they would be well versed in multiple languages. I was under the impression they were going to be NCIS' version of Seal Team Six. As for casting, the only one of the team that made an impression on me was the Aussie agent Claire Keats (Gillian Alexy). I still think Kelli Giddish would have been a better choice for the lead. Just my thoughts. — Leon

Matt Roush: I'm not sure "unique" is the point. Third-generation spin-offs rarely are. The idea in that two-parter was to establish a comfort level so NCIS and NCIS: LA fans would know that they're not rewriting the playbook (as if they would) with this team, whose main gimmick and distinguishing feature is their nomadic nature, although surely those two gigantic trailers they use as their operational HQ and living quarters means they'll never exactly be able to sneak into their next location. Where do they park those things if they don't have a convenient field or bluff to occupy? That said, the moment where the comic-relief Scott Grimes character couldn't communicate in Spanish was particularly clumsy. Kensi's exposition in part one established the Red team as being able to deploy anywhere anytime including overseas. You'd think Spanish would be a prerequisite for any and all of them. Regarding casting: Kelli Giddish wouldn't have been available even if they'd wanted her, but I agree at some point she'll headline a show of her own again. What is encouraging about this potential Red spin-off is that, unlike any of the CSI spin-offs or recastings, they've finally put a female in charge of the team (although the dynamic with the John Corbett character initially raised questions of leadership)...

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