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Doctor Who - MTV Geek: Jenna-Louise Coleman Interview

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MTV GEEK: Interview: 'Doctor Who's' Impossible Girl, Jenna-Louise Coleman

By Aaron Sagers

With all due respect to the Time Lord, ever since Jenna-Louise Coleman made her surprise appearance on last September's episode of "Doctor Who," the new companion has been generating enough buzz to make us ask, “Doctor … who?”

When she was cast in March 2012, Coleman’s debut as Clara, the new roadtrip partner through time and space with ancient alien the Doctor was supposed to occur in the 2012 Christmas Special. Then showrunner and executive producer Steven Moffat pulled a fast one on fans and introduced her on the September 2012 Season Seven premiere – sort of.

Clara was introduced as Oswin Oswald, a surviving “junior entertainment manager” from a luxury spaceship in the future. She was eventually assimilated into a Dalek and died after meeting the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, played by Matt Smith. She then popped up in Victorian England as nanny Clara Oswin Oswald, but died after meeting the Doctor. Again.

And in the second-half of Season Seven premiere Coleman returned as Clara in the episode “The Bells of Saint John,” where she began full-time companion duties.

Confused yet? You probably should be. Aside from the fact that this is the 50th year of “Doctor Who” (let’s just ignore that 16 year break, interrupted only by a TV movie, shall we?), this new breadcrumb storyline has created a tasty mystery for Whovians out there. As Moffat pointed out, the show has always been “more of the story of the companion” because “they change more than the Doctor ever did...”

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... Jenna-Louise Coleman spoke with MTV Geek on a press trip in Los Angeles -- during a “girly lunch” where she was “soaking up the sunshine” – to discuss her ongoing role as a character split into three people, as well as what it is like to be involved in a beloved franchise surrounded by toys and collectibles. And yes, she reveals a little more about what we’ll see (more of the TARDIS?) and learn this season...

... Geek: In the episodes of the second half of the season, you guys kind of have a James Bond adventure, a haunted house adventure and so on. Which of these worlds is the most fun for you to play in?

Coleman: "Well, Clara’s, in a way -- in terms of costumes and that kind of thing. Like it is the Victorian stuff, or the elements in the Christmas special, with the clouds and the staircases. But the other episode, which is one of my personal favorites is “The Rings of Akhaten” because that really was, as Clara’s first experience for everything, is totally alien. She steps onto this alien planet, and sees Earth from a distance, and it’s kind of like the episode’s birth for her. And it also has a big heart. It’s a very emotional episode actually with some of action in it. But it is her first glimpse of outer space and seeing what life is going to be like traveling with the Doctor. Visually, you’re completely transported, kind of similar to Avatar. And that was one of my favorites, being in an amphitheater of aliens..."

Doctor Who airs Saturday at 8/7C on BBC America. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPISODE TRAILER FOR 'COLD WAR,' AIRING APIL 13, 2013.

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