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Fringe - TV Line: Returning Favorites

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TV LINE: Winter TV Spoiler-palooza! Your Scoop-Filled Guide to 39 Returning Favorites

January 1, 2013

The holiday season’s biggest lump of coal — the rash of reruns — is over, and we have scoop to prove it!

All your favorites — from cable dramas such as Justified and Pretty Little Liars to those that took a winter hiatus (like Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time and Bones) — will soon be back with fresh episodes.

To help you prepare for the onslaught of returns and premieres, TVLine presents a gallery that will not only catch you up on where the action left off, but also spill juicy spoilers about what’s ahead...


PREVIOUSLY ON... | As they went about collecting pieces to the puzzle that is Walter's plan to defeat the invaders, the team met back up with the "child" Observer, who has been dubbed "Michael." He helped Walter realize that the "Donald" who helped him devise the plan was in fact September. What?

COMING UP NEXT | Just three more hours spread over two weeks. As previously shared, show boss Joel Wyman calls the finale the "biggest, most expensive" season-ender the show has ever done, a final hour that packs literal punches as well as emotional ones. "By rights we really shouldn't be here, and without that support and respect [of fans and the press] we wouldn’t be, so I wanted to be sure I handled that [action element] and the emotional with equal import." Among the finale's surprises: a critical assist from Astro Asterisk Astrid, which delighted her portrayer. Noting that for much of Season 5, Walter's lab assistant "wasn’t super-integral," Jasika Nicole happily reports that Astrid "gets her moment to shine in the last episode. Without her, I can honestly say, everything's going to go downhill!" Although the day-saving moment is a brief one, Nicole shares, "It meant the world to me." (But which world...?)

Fringe returns with new episodes on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 9/8C on FOX.

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