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The Outer Limits ('63) - Chiller TV: Season One Marathon Schedule Jan 7 '13

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09:00 AM Don't Open Till Doomsday

Two eloping teenagers spend a terrifying night in a bridal suite that hasn't been occupied since 1929.

Cast includes Miriam Hopkins, John Hoyt, Russell Collins, Gunsmoke's Buck Taylor, Nellie Burt, Melinda Plowman, David Frankham and Anthony Jochim.

10:00 AM Zzzzz

Entomologist Ben Fields (Philip Abbott) has been experimenting with bees. Now they are going to experiment with him.

Cast includes FBI's Philip Abbott, Marsha Hunt, Joanna Frank and Booth Colman.

11:00 AM The Invisibles

"The Invisibles" are aliens who---for unknown reasons---plan to take over earth.

Cast includes Don Gordon, George Macready, Dee Hartford, Walter Burke, Tony Mordente, William Douglas, Chris Warfield, Hogan's Heroes' Richard Dawson, Len Lesser, John Graham and Batman's (the 60's TV series) Neil Hamilton.

12:00 PM The Bellero Shield

A scientist (Martin Landau) captures a space creature that protects itself with an indestructible shield.

Cast includes Mission: Impossible's Martin Landau, Sally Kellerman, Chita Rivera, John Hoyt and Neil Hamilton.

01:00 PM The Children Of Spider County

Five geniuses of similar backgrounds have disappeared---and a sixth is being held for murder.

Cast includes Lee Kinsolving, Kent Smith, John Milford, Crahan Denton, Bennye Gatteys, Dabbs Greer, Burt Douglas, Robert Osterloh and Joe E. Tata.

02:00 PM Specimen Unknown

Spacemen encounter organisms that emit a lethal gas, and multiply with astonishing rapidity.

Cast includes Stephen McNally, Richard Jaeckel, Gail Kobe, John Kellogg, Peter Baldwin, Russell Johnson, Arthur Batanides and Dabney Coleman.

03:00 PM Second Chance

Customers in an amusement park who accept free tickets for the space ride have a surprise: the vehicle is real.

Cast includes Simon Oakland, Janet De Gore, Don Gordon, Yale Summers, Arnold Merritt, Mimsy Farmer, John McLiam and Angela Clarke.

04:00 PM Moonstone

On the moon, geologists find a strange object that is hard, smooth---and apparently alive.

Cast includes Ruth Roman, Alex Nicol, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's Tim O'Connor, Curt Conway and Daktari's Hari Rhodes.

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