Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stargate Universe - Let's Talk TV: Joseph Mallozzi Audio Interview

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Stargate Universe producer-writer Joseph Mallozzi will be joining for two special episodes of Let's Talk TV LIVE.

SGU is the third in the Stargate Television franchise, and the one that real got to me. It's intelligent, dark and serious, and since I first came across it a year ago (after it had been off the air a few months), it just grabbed me and hasn't let go.

Gateworld has been hosting a Stargate Universe re-watch the past two months, and I have been slowly posting episode commentaries over on the Let's Talk TV Blog.

This week and next, Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creative minds behind the franchise (and SGU, of course) will join me live for a discussion of this series that went off the air prematurely.

SGU, the third in the Stargate televsision Franchise follows the survivors of an attack aboard the Ancient starship Destiny. The series stars Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, and David Blue.

This week, the focus is on Season 1.

Next week we'll talk Season two and also see what Joseph has coming up on his other projects. If you are a Stargate fan or are a Once Upon a Time fan curious about Robert Caryle's role in SGU, or are simply a fan of great, intelligent science fiction, then you have to tune in on Wednesday, January 6, 2013 at 9PM ET!

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  1. Pls do another SGU. season!! Syfy sucks right now! All the shows are shit !! :(