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Once Upon A Time - TV Guide: 2012's Best Episodes

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TV GUIDE: 2012's Best Episodes: Fringe Goes Back to the Future and Once Gets Magical

Dec 24, 2012
by TV Guide News

Deaths! Interrogations! Plane crashes! Breakups! Weddings! Catfights! Sex dreams! TV had it all this year. From Desperate Housewives' fitting farewell to Fringe's powerful flash-forward, 2012 served up some remarkable hours of television, and we've assembled the top 25 episodes. Which ones made the cut? Tune in all week to see the full list.

Here are Episodes 20-16. (Catch up with Episodes 25-21.)

... 16. "A Land Without Magic," Once Upon a Time

Once shocks viewers in the Season 1 finale by actually breaking the curse (the very curse we all thought wouldn't be broken for many seasons)! Plus: Emma becomes the savior of Storybrooke by fighting a dragon (!) before her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, reunite in a heartfelt scene that is as iconic as the fairy tales on which the show is based. By the end of the hour, the ominous arrival of magic in Storybrooke is just icing on the season-long cake.

Check back all week to see the rest of the list!

Once Upon A Time returns with NEW episodes on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 8/7C on ABC. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO PREVIEW OF 'THE CRICKET GAME.'

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