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Stargate SG-1 - Syfy: November 2012 Schedule

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Stargate SG-1 cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis and Teryl Rothery.

Nov 3 04:00 AM Politics

A powerful U.S. senator (Ronny Cox) vows to shut down the Stargate project, despite Jackson's (Michael Shanks) passionate belief that the Goa'uld will soon invade Earth.

Guest stars include Ronny Cox and Robert Wisden.

Nov 3 05:00 AM Within The Serpent's Grasp

As the Government prepares to shut down the project, the SG-1 team takes what may be their final trip through the gate, finding themselves on a Goa'uld ship carrying Skaara (Alexis Cruz).

Guest stars include Peter Williams, Gary Jones, Alexis Cruz and Brent Stait.

Nov 10 03:00 AM The Serpent's Lair

O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and the SG-1 team are captured while trying to stop a Goa'uld warship set to attack Earth.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Robert Wisden, Peter Williams, Gary Jones, Alexis Cruz, Laara Sadiq and Douglas Arthurs.

Nov 17 03:00 AM Jolinars Memories

n order to save her father (Carmen Argenziano), Carter (Amanda Tapping) must tap into the memories of Jolinar.

Guest stars include Carmen Argenziano, JR Bourne, Bob Dawson, Dion Johnstone, Peter Williams, Peter Kent, David Palffy, Daniel Bacon, Eli Gabay, Tanya Reid and Christine Kennedy.

Nov 17 04:00 AM The Devil You Know

Trapped in a prison built to simulate hell, the team makes a daring escape plan.

Guest stars include Carmen Argenziano, JR Bourne, William deVry, Bob Dawson, Peter Williams, Peter Kent, David Palffy, Eli Gabay, Tanya Reid, Christine Kennedy and Dillon Moen.

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