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Haven - SciFi and TV Talk: Kate Kelton Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Haven's Kate Kelton - The Human Touch

by Steve Eramo

At The Gun & Rose Diner in the seaside town of Haven, you can be guaranteed a warm welcome as well as a good cup of coffee and some interesting conversation. One of the diner’s employees and someone who is not shy about voicing her opinion is waitress Jordan McKee. Described as “spirited and fierce,” she is much more than meets the eye. Like several of her fellow townsfolk, Jordan is among “The Troubled,” and possesses quite a powerful little supernatural quirk.

This is, however, not the waitress’ only connection to this particular group of people, and actress Kate Kelton, who plays Jordan on Syfy’s hit series Haven, relished the chance to reveal her character’s many sides to viewers. “Jordan has been a dream to play because she is so multi-layered and very passionate,” says Kelton. “There are some similarities to me, but obviously the main difference is that Jordan has a Trouble, like many in Haven, and it’s a pretty gnarly one, too. My character is unable to touch anyone and vice versa because she tends to be a human taser.

“Jordan’s cover job is working as a waitress when she’s not working with The Guard, an entity that protects the town’s Troubled. They’ll explore that much more on the show this season, but there’s something to be said about playing a character that can’t touch anyone and being an actress who does touch people as part of my performance. I had to rethink every little action, especially playing a waitress where you would naturally brush up against someone anyway. So making adjustments to how I carried my body and moved with it were definitely called for.

“It was wonderful to see Jordan actually use her Trouble. I had a conversation with one of Haven’s writers and we were talking about the fact that the show was born about the time that another program called Heroes was on NBC. Its story was obviously touting superhero powers, and Haven wanted to do a different take on that, where the very real repercussions of having these so-called superpowers come into play. Jordan’s development had quite a bit to do with how she reacts to using her own power as well as how it impacts her personality..."

Haven airs Friday at 10/9C on Syfy.


Haven's Kate Kelton and Lucas Bryant


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