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Stargate Atlantis - Daily Dragon Online: Torri Higginson Interview

Source: Daily Dragon Online [follow link for complete interview]


DAILY DRAGON ONLINE: Strong Female Characters: An Interview with Torri Higginson

By Maggie Caracappa
September 1, 2012

Best known for her roles as Beth Kittridge in TekWar and Dr. Elizabeth Weir in Stargate: Atlantis, Torri Higginson has been a prolific guest star on several TV shows and is currently helping on a film script about themes of obsession and inspiration. She took a few minutes after signing in the Walk of Fame to speak with the Daily Dragon...


DD: Have you had any fans, male or female, who have come up to you to say that you inspired them to go into the sciences, and if so, what was that like for you?

Torri Higginson: "I used to laugh with Rachel [Luttrell] that she would get all the fan mail from the fanboys and I would get all the fan mail from the fangirls. And I was like, hey, I want a sexy fan letter or whatever. But then I realized, no, I love my fan letters. They were 90% from young women who were inspired and talked about their need for a strong female role-model, and they didn’t feel that they had them. And I was surprised by that because I grew up in the ‘70s, ‘80s. On television we had Rhoda and Mary Tyler Moore. We had That Girl. They seem terribly dated now, but they were very strong female characters. It wasn’t until I was doing the show and I read these letters that I realized right now the strongest person is really Lisa Simpson, a cartoon character. Outside of sci-fi, we didn’t really have strong women. We had all these women that were dressing up and it was all about high heels and sex, which is empowering as well. But yes, I was very moved. I wasn’t even aware of what a dearth there was. I’m very honored to get to play a character that seemed to fill that a bit..."

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