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Doctor Who - BBC America: Season 7 Marathon Sep 29 '12

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04:00 PM Asylum of the Daleks

Season 7 begins with the Doctor being kidnapped and confined to a planetary prison that is actually an asylum.

Guest stars include Nicholas Briggs, Anamaria Marinca, Naomi Ryan, Zac Fox, David Gyasi, Barnaby Edwards and Nicholas Pegg.

05:00 PM Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

An unmanned spaceship carrying dinosaurs hurtles out of control, but the Doctor tries to save it and its prehistoric cargo.

Guest stars include David Bradley, Rudi Dharmaingom, Rupert Graves, Riann Steele, Sunetra Sark, Noel Byrne, Richard Hope and Mark Williams.

06:00 PM A Town Called Mercy

The Doctor becomes the reluctant sheriff of a Western town that is under siege by a relentless cyborg.

Guest stars include Andrew Brooke, Adrian Scarborough, Stargate SG-1's Ben Browder, Dominic Kemp, Byrd Wilkins, Sean Benedict, Garrick Hagon, Joanne McQuinn and Rob Cavazos.

07:00 PM The Power of Three

Millions of sinister black cubes fall from the sky, and the Doctor worries about an invasion of Earth.

Guest stars include Steven Berkoff, Ruthie Henshall, Jemma Redgrave, Mark Williams, Selva Rasalingam, Alice O'Connell and Peter Cartwright.

08:00 PM Doctor Who in the US - NEW special!

With all the universe to explore, what keeps bringing the Doctor back to America? Look behind-the-scenes at U.S. episodes and hear from current and past characters, including current Doctor Matt Smith.

09:00 PM The Angels Take Manhattan - NEW! Fall Finale!

The Doctor bids farewell to Amy and Rory; statues in New York come to life.

Guest stars include Alex Kingston, Mike McShane, Rob David, Ozzie Yue, Bentley Kalu and Burnell Tucke.

11:00 PM Doctor Who in the US
Sun. Sept. 30 12:00 AM The Angels Take Manhattan
Sun. Sept. 30 02:00 AM Doctor Who in the US
Sun. Sept. 30 03:00 AM The Angels Take Manhattan

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