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Alphas - SciFi and TV Talk: Ryan Cartwright Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Alphas' Ryan Cartwright - Respect the Badge

by Steve Eramo

In today’s techno-minded world, the average person is “plugged into” at least one if not more gizmos and gadgets. For Alphas’ Gary Bell, this type of connection is a very special one. A high-functioning autistic, he has the ability see and hear a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies including television, radio and cell phone signals. Gary and a handful of others who also possess unique skills – called Alphas - work with Dr. Lee Rosen as a covert U.S. government-sponsored team whose job is to track down and apprehend Alphas abusing their abilities.

Gary is a valued and important member of the team who takes his work extremely seriously. He expects others to “respect the badge,” referring to his DCIS (Defense Criminal Investigative Service] badge that he takes great pride in flashing when arriving at a crime scene. Having walked in his character’s sneakers for two years, the talented and affable actor Ryan Cartwright has enjoyed watching Gary grow, which in turn has given him the opportunity to further hone his skills as a performer.

I think last year there was a lot of Gary coming into his own within the team, because this is the first group of people that he had ever ‘lived’ with,” explains Cartwright, who along with the rest of the Alphas cast and crew has spent the day on-location in Ancaster, Ontario filming scenes for the season two episode Alphaville. “It was the first familial situation where my character was respected, and because of that, Gary came out of his shell in a rather ‘Bolshie’ way. He was a bit like the cock of the walk, fanning his tail feathers and showing off. That happened even more after he was given his DCIS badge. Suddenly he was a respected figure and would often tell people that when out in public,” says the actor with a chuckle...

Alphas airs Monday at 8/7C on Syfy.


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