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Haven - Syfy: Season 3 September 2012 Schedule

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Haven cast includes Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth and Bree Williamson.

[NOTE: Updated September 22, 2012]


Two Audreys

08:00 AM A Tale Of Two Audreys

A duplicate Audrey Parker arrives in Haven amid a series of bizarre events that are similar to Biblical plagues in the Season 2 premiere.

Guest stars include Vinessa Antoine, Stephen McHattie, Kathleen Munroe, Maurice Dean Wint, Joey Klein, Kathryn MacLellan, Hans Bogild, Scott Owen, Josh MacDonald, Nirah Villeneuve, Michael Gaudet, Michael Taylor, Brad Armitage and Vanessa Matsui.


09:00 AM Fear & Loathing

The residents of Haven have their worst fears come to life while Nathan's (Lucas Bryant) "trouble" seems to vanish.

Guest stars include Bryan Dick, Kathleen Munroe, Glen Lefchak, Jennie Raymond, Craig Arnold, Andria Wilson, Michael Ratchford and Sheena Larkin.

Love 2a

10:00 AM Love Machine

The town's docks start attacking people while the other Audrey Parker probes Audrey's identity crisis.

Guest stars include Hugo Speer, Vinessa Antoine, Kathleen Munroe, Guy Germain and Charlie Rhindress.


11:00 AM Sparks And Recreation

Electrocutions occur across town, and one such event kills a community leader. Also: Nathan (Lucas Bryant) meets a man who is skilled at keeping Haven's secrets under wraps.

Guest stars include Vinessa Antoine, Peter MacNeill, Janet-Laine Green, Kate Greenhouse, Stephen McHattie, Adam Copeland, Jason Priestley, Glen Lefchak, John Beale and Matthew McIntyre.

Roots 2

12:00 PM Roots

A wedding at an isolated estate turns deadly for the guests when the site becomes sealed off and something attacks from within.

Guest stars include Vinessa Antoine, Joe Dinicol, Alexz Johnson, Sean McCann, Corinne Conley, Ted Atherton and Jason Priestley.

Audrey 2

01:00 PM Audrey Parker's Day Off

A single day keeps repeating for Audrey (Emily Rose), who finds a deadly accident linked to the phenomenon.

Guest stars include Ari Cohen, Jason Priestley, Lara Daans and Evan Hennigar.

Tides 2

02:00 PM The Tides That Bind

A drowning case exposes a secretive family compound on the outskirts of Haven, from which children have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Guest stars include Vinessa Antoine, Brenda Bazinet, Joanne Boland, Stephen McHattie, Kenneth Welsh, Nicholas Leblanc, Chaz Libby, Christopher Shore and Scott Baker.

Faux 2

03:00 PM Friend Or Faux

Violent crimes are traced back to a mild-mannered banker, who seems to have spawned a darker, unhinged copy of himself who is bent on doing things the original won't do for himself. While trying to determine the copy's ultimate mission, Audrey, Nathan and Duke step into a deadly trap.

Guest stars include Vinessa Antoine, Cristián de la Fuente, Connor Price, Jim Swansburg, Mark Graham, Colin Hluchaniuk and Brad Armitage.

Lockdown 2

04:00 PM Lockdown

A terrifying infection takes down a police officer at the Haven police station, prompting a lockdown that locks in Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant), who suspect that something other than an outbreak is at play.

Guest stars include Vinessa Antoine, Dylan Neal, Kristin Booth, Ron White, Stephen McHattie, Adam Copeland, Jason Priestley, Glen Lefchak, Joey Campbell and Kimberly Parkhill.

Wendigo 2

05:00 PM Who, What, Where, Wendigo?

A local teen goes missing in Haven's woods while a murderer is on the loose, and the search party finds evidence to support the existence of a supernatural creature in the forest.

Guest stars include Alex Carter, Stephen McHattie, Adam Copeland, Scott Beaudin, Alexandria Benoit, Nicki Davis and Paulino Nunes.


06:00 PM Business As Usual

Audrey and Nathan investigate murders in which the victims were mummified; a secret from Duke's past may affect his future.

Guest stars include Joris Jarsky, Crystal Allen, Victoria Snow, Adam Copeland and Stephanie B. Gillie.


07:00 PM Sins Of The Fathers

The dead visit the living to resolve unfinished matters, and the reverend resurfaces to launch his endgame in the Season 2 finale.

Guest stars include Torrance Coombs, Stephen McHattie, Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penikett, Nicholas Campbell, Joel Freckelton and Theo Pitsiavas.


Sep 21 10:00 PM 301
Sep 22 12:00 AM 301

In the third-season opener, Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) embark upon a desperate quest to find Audrey (Emily Rose) and rescue her from the force behind her mysterious abduction, but problems arise when Haven starts going haywire due to a series of the strangest events the town has yet seen.

Guest stars include Michael Therriault.


Sep 28 10:00 PM Stay - Syfy Premiere!
Sep 29 12:00 AM Stay

Barbarians run amok in the streets of Haven, and it's up to Audrey (Emily Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) to bring the situation under control.

Guest stars include Joe the Dog and Adrian G. Griffiths.

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