Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Falling Skies - San Jose Mercury News: TV's version of the summer blockbuster

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SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: 'Falling Skies' is TV's version of the summer blockbuster

By Chuck Barney

Summer is a time when the screens at our local cineplexes crackle with big, noisy extravaganzas. It's an approach that television usually shies away from, except for the occasional high-concept production like Steven Spielberg's alien-invasion thriller, "Falling Skies," which is back in action this weekend.

And we do mean action. Sunday's explosive two-hour opener boldly delivers on the promise by TNT producers to rev up both the pace and the firepower in Season 2.

... At its core, "Falling Skies" is a survival story -- one that isn't crafted quite as well as "The Walking Dead" but still makes for good, escapist fun.

Sunday's opener picks up three months after Season 1's epic teaser that saw Tom (Noah Wyle) willingly board a spaceship in order to gain some understanding of these scary spidery creatures we call "skitters." When Tom returns, there are plenty of people stoked to see him, especially his sons. But there are also some who are suspicious of what exactly went down during his time away and wonder if he might be "a walking time bomb."

We'll offer no major spoilers here, other than to say that opening night features plenty of warfare and fiery tension, not only between the humans and the aliens, but also among the Earthlings themselves. There are a few flashbacks to Tom's time on the spacecraft, hints of a burgeoning romance and some key developments involving Tom's middle son, Ben (Connor Jessup).

We'd tell you more, but we fear the aliens would "harness" us and bend us to their will...

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