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Fringe - Assignment X: Kirk Acevedo Interview

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Fringe Friday

FRINGE - ASSIGNMENT X: Exclusive Interview: Kirk Acevedo discusses the different worlds of PRIME SUSPECT and FRINGE

The actor also hints whether or not he'll be back on FRINGE

December 28th, 2011

Bronx-born actor Kirk Acevedo has spent a good portion of his performing career playing people on one side or the other of the law. After costarring as a soldier in HBO’s landmark WWII miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS, Acevedo was a series regular in 46 episodes of HBO’s prison drama OZ as inmate Miguel Alvarez. He has guest-starred on the original LAW & ORDER, LAW & ORDER: SVU and LAW & ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY.

Even when he’s in genre fare, Acevedo seems to wind up in law-enforcement – he’s Fringe Division’s Charlie Francis in both universes on FRINGE. He’s also starring in Syfy’s upcoming TV movie COLLISION EARTH (no word yet on whether he’ll ditch the badge or not for this one) [NOTE: Premieres on Syfy Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 9/8C. Now he’s a series regular as NYPD police detective Luisito Calderon on NBC’s recently cancelled PRIME SUSPECT. Acevedo gives us the lowdown on his legal eagle roles...


... AX: Will you be back this season on FRINGE?

ACEVEDO: "I think I’m going to do two or three [this season]. They’re trying to work out the schedule."

AX: Has there been anything on either show that’s grossed you out at all?

ACEVEDO: "Oh, the roaches! Definitely roaches [on FRINGE]..."


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