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Absolutely Fabulous - BBC America Video: Marathon Promo Jan 1 '12

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Cast includes Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks.

A caustic and clever Britcom about two neurotic gal pals who are dedicated followers of fashion. Edina's (Jennifer Saunders) in PR, while Patsy's (Joanna Lumley) a magazine editor, though work isn't something they do very often. Drinking is, however, as is man-chasing (sometimes literally). Costar Jennifer Saunders created the series.

(Times are PDT.)

4:20 AM Fashion

Edina hits a bottleneck in her attempt to give up drinking: She doesn't want to quit.

Guest stars include Nickolas Grace.

5:00 AM Fat

Edina weighs the possibility of exercise to shed pounds.

Guest stars include Christopher Malcolm, Alexandra Bastedo, Anthony Asbury and Russell Kilmister.

5:40 AM France

With a suitably chosen wardrobe, Edina and Patsy go on vacation to Provence, where they find the language barrier is the least of their problems.

Guest stars include Geoffrey McGivern, Juliette Mole and Robert Ripa.

6:20 AM Iso Tank

Edina's new isolation tank seems to be the perfect remedy for life's problems, except for one thing: she hates being alone.

Guest stars include Tim Woodward, Torchwood's Naoko Mori, Lisa Coleman, Adrian Ross Magenty and James Lance.

7:00 AM Magazine

Patsy's jealousy over Edina's new boyfriend results in a plan to split them up---and an appearance on a television show.

Guest stars include Dawn French, Kathy Burke, Harriet Thorpe and Helen Lederer.

7:40 AM Birthday

Saffron learns that planning a surprise birthday party for her mother is no piece of cake.

Guest stars include Christopher Malcolm, Adrian Edmondson, Mo Gaffney, Christopher Ryan and Gary Beadle.

8:20 AM Hospital

Edina enters the hospital for minor surgery and Patsy joins her for moral support---and a facelift.

Guest stars include Kathy Burke, Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe, Jennifer Piercey, Naoko Mori, Fringe's Orla Brady, Helena Bonham Carter, Richard E. Grant and Germaine Greer.

9:00 AM Death

Saffron is devastated by her grandfather's death, while Edina can only think about her own mortality.

Guest stars include Gwen Humble, Christopher Ryan, Mark Tandy, Natascha McElhone and Ciaran McIntyre.

9:40 AM Morocco

Saffron joins her mother and Patsy for a photo shoot in Morocco---and winds up being sold to white slavers.

Guest stars include Harroun Hanif, Karim Skalli and John Wells.

10:20 AM New Best Friend

A visit by an old friend of Edina's triggers a competition between Edina and Patsy---to see who can find the better best friend.

Guest stars include Britt Ekland, Lulu, Zandra Rhodes, Jo Brand, Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe and Miranda Richardson.

11:00 AM Poor

Edina's forced to cut expenses, but a jaunt to the grocery store could cost more than she bargained for.

Guest stars include Mark Wing-Davey, Christopher Malcolm, Miranda Forbes, Hugh Ross and Helena McCarthy.

11:40 AM Birth

Edina, Patsy and Saffron are trapped in a room, where they imagine their own births.

Guest stars include Christopher Malcolm, Wolf Christian, Jane Galloway, Mari MacKenzie, Mia Soteriou, Suzy Aitchison, Eleanor Bron and Philip Franks.

12:20 PM Door Handle (My favorite episode - the scene with Patsy in the kitchen is not to be missed)

Edina can't decide how to redecorate her kitchen after a fire, while Patsy takes an interest---for once---in her health.

1:00 PM Happy New Year

Edina's New Year's Eve plans with Patsy are spoiled first by the presence of Justin and Oliver, then the arrival of Patsy's equally fashion-conscious sister (Kate O'Mara).

Guest stars include Kate O'Mara, Christopher Malcolm, Gary Beadle, Christopher Ryan and Rebecca Front.

1:40 PM Sex

Edina and Patsy resort to desperate measures to improve their love lives, but their efforts may cause embarrassment for Saffron.

Guest stars include James Dreyfus, Ian Gelder, Luther's Idris Elba, Andrew Loudon and Naoko Mori.

2:20 PM Jealous

Edina goes all out to win a coveted public-relations award, while Saffron contemplates an affair---with a married professor.

Guest stars include Celia Imrie, Naomi Campbell, Simon Stokes, Paul Reynolds and Peter Richardson.

3:00 PM Fear

Saffron (Julia Sawalha) finally moves out, leaving Edina lonely---especially after a fight sends Patsy to New York.

Guest stars include Kathy Burke, Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe, Lulu and Naoko Mori.

3:40 PM The End

The season three finale finds the friends going separate ways: Patsy to New York---and Edina to a commune.

Guest stars include Kevin Allen, Mossie Smith, Kathy Burke, Ruby Wax and Suzanne Bertish.

4:20 PM Parralox

Edina asks Twiggy to appear on a TV show produced by her company; Patsy injects her face with “parralox,” an antiwrinkle treatment; and Saffy interviews for a government job.

Guest stars include Bob Barrett, Twiggy, Antony Cotton and Naoko Mori.

5:00 PM Fish Farm

Edina takes a fancy to a young gardener (Crispin Bonham-Carter), whom Patsy insists comes from a wealthy family and Edina must pursue.

Guest stars include Dora Bryan, Tim Wylton and Crispin Bonham-Carter.

5:40 PM Paris

Patsy can't wait to reminisce about her modeling days when she, Edina and Saffy are invited to Paris to be in a fashion spread. But Patsy soon discovers that she can't turn back time.

Guest stars include Tilly Blackwood, Dave Gorman, Erin O'Connor, Annegret Tree, Daphne Selfe, Sacha Distel and Christian Lacroix.

6:20 PM Donkey

In a bid to be thin, Edina decides to join a military fitness program. Meanwhile, Saffy runs into a schoolmate, who may be trying to use her.

Guest stars include Helen Lederer, Harriet Thorpe, Robin Cope, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Andrea Gillie.

7:00 PM Small Opening

Edina sees red and tries to take action when she learns that Saffy's autobiographical play is going to be produced.

Guest stars include Naoko Mori, Lill Roughley, Miles Western, Emma Pierson and Josh Neale.

7:40 PM Menopause

Patsy enters menopause and misbehaves more than usual; Bubble e-mails Edina's client list to her archrival,

Guest stars include Twiggy, Christopher Ryan, Mo Gaffney, Harriet Thorpe, Helen Lederer and Antony Cotton.

8:20 PM Happy New Year
9:00 PM Door Handle
9:40 PM Sex
10:20 PM Jealous
11:00 PM Fear
11:40 PM The End
12:20 AM Hospital
1:00 AM Death
1:40 AM Morocco
2:20 AM New Best Friend

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