Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSI - Entertainment Weekly: Tonight's Best TV Sep 21 '11

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CSI Ted Danson

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tonight's Best TV Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Ted Danson's arrival gives CSI an immediate, much-needed energy boost. He's D.B. Russell, the crew's new, and new-to-Vegas, boss; D.B. is as exuberant (and mysterious) as Laurence Fishburne's Ray was phlegmatic (and obvious). Danson's first episode sets up excellent tension with Catherine, ramping up for, alas, Marg Helgenberger's departure later in the season. (Marg, don't you wanna stick around now that Danson is providing so much fun?) As for tonight's case, it includes a cameo by Carrot Top and human/octopus sex. Someone at CBS needs to send Rick Santorum a copy to drum up some controversy!


Ken Tucker

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