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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Chiller TV: Season One September 2011 Schedule

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Sanctuary 4



Tue Sep 13 08:00P ET The Five

Magnus goes to Rome to attend a secret meeting of abnormals, and learns from an old colleague that a dangerous organization is tracking her. Meanwhile, Will probes disturbing matters at the Sanctuary.

Guest stars include Jonathon Young and Peter Bryant.


Tue Sep 13 09:00P ET Edward

Will probes a father's suicide and enlists the help of a gifted teen artist who may hold the key to explaining the man's death. Elsewhere, Ashley copes with Druitt's disclosure.

Guest stars include Gabrielle Rose, Michael Eisner, Kavan Smith, Chris Nelson Norris, Sean Mathieson and Sam Laird.


Tue Sep 13 10:00P ET Requiem

An underwater mission goes awry for Magnus and Will when their submarine encounters trouble in the Bermuda Triangle.


Tue Sep 13 11:00P ET Warriors

Will tracks a missing friend from his college days, and uncovers a secret fight club where the combatants battle to the death.

Guest stars include Byron Lawson, Jim Byrnes, Lynda Boyd, Daryl Shuttleworth, Rukiya Bernard, Darren Shahlavi, Emily Tennant and Alex Diakun.

Wed Sep 14 12:00A ET The Five
Wed Sep 14 01:00A ET Edward
Wed Sep 14 02:00A ET Requiem
Wed Sep 14 03:00A ET Warriors

Tue Sep 20 08:00P ET Requiem
Tue Sep 20 09:00P ET Warriors


Tue Sep 20 10:00P ET Instinct

The team tracks a rare and dangerous creature in the presence of a local news crew.

Guest stars include Rekha Sharma, Matty Finochio, John Tench and Jason Benson.


Tue Sep 20 11:00P ET Revelations - Part 1

The Cabal is linked to the release of a pathogen that causes abnormals to attack humans, prompting Magnus to seek out the rest of "The Five."

Guest stars include Lynda Boyd, Peter Wingfield, Christine Chatelain, Alex Diakun, Mark Oliver, David Lyle and Mark Gibbon.

Wed Sep 21 12:00A ET Requiem
Wed Sep 21 01:00A ET Warriors
Wed Sep 21 02:00A ET Instinct
Wed Sep 21 03:00A ET Revelations - Part 1

Tue Sep 27 08:00P ET Instinct
Tue Sep 27 09:00P ET Revelations - Part 1


Tue Sep 27 10:00P ET Revelations - Part 2

Henry and Ashley are held captive by the Cabal. Elsewhere, Magnus and her allies try to navigate the ruins of an ancient city.

Guest stars include Jonathon Young, Lynda Boyd, Peter Wingfield, Christine Chatelain and Alex Diakun.


Tue Sep 27 11:00P ET End Of Nights - Part I

The search for Ashley puts Magnus and her allies in the path of Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi), a con artist with ties to the Cabal who divulges the location of a secret facility in the Season 2 opener.

Guest stars include Emilie Ullerup, Jonathon Young, Christine Chatelain, Babs Chula, Lynda Boyd, Quelemia Sparrow, Michael Benyaer and Doug Abrahams.

Wed Sep 28 12:00A ET Instinct
Wed Sep 28 01:00A ET Revelations - Part 1
Wed Sep 28 02:00A ET Revelations - Part 2
Wed Sep 28 03:00A ET End Of Nights - Part I

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