Friday, July 22, 2011

Supernatural - My Fanbase: Exclusive Interview with Matt Cohen

Source: My Fanbase [follow link for complete interview - interview also available in German]


SUPERNATURAL - MY FANBASE: Exclusive Interview with Matt Cohen

As a man in his mid 20s Matt Cohen played the father of the Winchester boys, John Winchester no less, on "Supernatural". Together with Amy Gumenick he portrayed the Winchester parents at young age. Here Matt talks about the good chemistry between the "Supernatural" actors and also tells us a little bit his other projects at one of which he met his wife...


... Q: You played the young John Winchester on "Supernatural". Did you study the way Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the older version of the character before shooting your scenes?

Matt Cohen: "I did study and watch Jeffrey's work on "Supernatural" before playing the role. Even more importantly I studied his portrayal of Denny on "Grey's Anatomy". The reason for this, is I play John before is really thrust into the dark side of demon hunting and I wanted him to have a naive innocence about him. I wanted him to be a real guy, that was experiencing the demon world for the first time..."

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