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SciFi Daily - BBC America Schedule Week June 27 '11 - Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who

Source: BBC America

SciFi Daily schedule for week of June 27, 2011:


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton.

Mon Jun 27 4:00 PM Conundrum

The crew of the Enterprise experiences memory loss and becomes engaged in a baffling battle with the Lysians.

Guest cast includes Erich Anderson, Michelle Forbes, Liz Vassey and Erick Weiss.

Tue Jun 28 4:00 PM Power Play

Troi, Data and O'Brien stage a mutiny on board the Enterprise after investigating a distress signal originating from an apparently uninhabited moon.

Guest stars include Rosalind Chao, Colm Meaney, The Killing's Michelle Forbes and Ryan Reid.

Wed Jun 29 4:00 PM Ethics

After Worf (Michael Dorn) is paralyzed in an accident, he is forced to choose between ritual suicide or experimental surgery.

Guest stars include Caroline Kava, Brian Bonsall and Patti Yasutake.

Thur Jun 30 4:00 PM The Outcast

Riker becomes romantically involved with a member (Melinda Culea) of the J'naii---an androgynous race that prohibits male-female relationships.

Guest stars include Melinda Culea, Callan White and Megan Cole.


8:00 AM The Bonding

During a survey of a deserted planet, an archaeologist is killed in an explosion, and the crew tries to comfort her 12-year-old son (Gabriel Damon).

Guest stars include Susan Powell, Gabriel Damon and Colm Meaney.

9:00 AM Booby Trap

While the Away Team investigates an ancient warship, the Enterprise is bombarded by deadly waves of radiation and is crippled by a sudden power loss.

Guest stars include Susan Gibney, Colm Meaney, Whoopi Goldberg, Albert Hall and Julie Warner.

10:00 AM The Enemy

Geordi is stranded on a planet where a Romulan ship has crashed, while Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) tries to save an injured officer from the downed craft.

Guest stars include John Snyder, Andreas Katsulas, Colm Meaney and Steve Rankin.

11:00 AM The Price

The Enterprise hosts a delegation that's negotiating for the rights to a wormhole, a shortcut across the galaxy. Meanwhile, Troi becomes romantically involved with one of the delegates.

Guest stars include Matt McCoy, Elizabeth Hoffman, Castulo Guerra, Scott Thomson, Dan Shor, Kevin Peter Hall and Colm Meaney.

12:00 PM Evolution

En route to the site of a stellar phenomenon, the computers malfunction, and the ship is drawn toward the fiery remains of an exploding star.

Guest stars include Ken Jenkins, Whoopi Goldberg and Mary McCusker.

1:00 PM The Ensigns of Command

The Enterprise races against time when aliens demand that all humans living on their planet be evacuated within four days, or the entire population will be annihilated.

Guest stars include Eileen Seeley, Mark L. Taylor, Richard Allen, Colm Meaney and Mart McChesney.

2:00 PM The Survivors

Responding to a distress call from a planet, the Away Team finds that the inhabitants have been killed except for an elderly couple.

Guest stars include John Anderson and Anne Haney.

3:00 PM Who Watches the Watchers

Anthropologists who are studying the primitive inhabitants of Mintaka Three are injured in an explosion.

Guest stars include Kathryn Leigh Scott, Ray Wise, James Greene, Pamela Adlon, John McLiam, James McIntire and Lois Hall.

4:00 PM The Bonding
5:00 PM Booby Trap
6:00 PM The Enemy
7:00 PM The Price

8:00 PM The Vengeance Factor

The crew tries to mediate between the Acamarians and the Gatherers, a renegade group that split from the Acamarians a century before.

Guest stars include Lisa Wilcox, Joey Aresco, Nancy Parsons, Stephen Lee, Marc Lawrence and Elkanah Burns.

9:00 PM The Defector

A Romulan defector seeking refuge warns Picard that a major offensive to regain the Neutral Zone will be launched in 48 hours.

Guest stars include James Sloyan, Andreas Katsulas, John Hancock and Simon Templeman.

10:00 PM The Hunted

On the planet Angosia, the crew aids in the capture of a prison escapee, whose reputation is belied when Troi interviews him.

Guest stars include Jeff McCarthy, James Cromwell, Colm Meaney, J. Michael Flynn and Andrew Bicknell.

11:00 PM The High Ground

Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and the leader of the Rutian police (Kerrie Keane) is determined not to negotiate for her release.

Guest stars include Kerrie Keane, Richard Cox, Marc Buckland, Fred G. Smith and Christopher Pettiet.


12:00 AM Deja Q

Q, once all-powerful mischief-maker of the universe, is condemned to life as a mortal and seeks sanctuary aboard the Enterprise.

Guest stars include John de Lancie, Whoopi Goldberg and Richard Cansino.

1:00 AM A Matter of Perspective

Riker is accused of murdering a research scientist (Mark Margolis), and the Enterprise holodeck is programmed to re-create the events according to each witness's testimony.

Guest stars include Craig Richard Nelson, Gina Hecht, Mark Margolis, Colm Meaney and Juliana Donald.

2:00 AM The Vengeance Factor
3:00 AM The Defector
4:00 AM The Hunted
5:00 AM The High Ground
6:00 AM Deja Q

Doctor Who May 22

Doctor Who

Doctor Who season one cast includes Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.

Mon Jun 27 5:00 PM Father's Day

Rose and The Doctor travel back to the day her father was killed in a car accident. When Rose ignores the Doctor's warnings not to interfere with the past, she puts the entire human race in peril.

Guest stars include Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall, Robert Barton, Julia Joyce, Christopher Llewellyn and Frank Rozelaar-Green.

Tue Jun 28 5:00 PM The Empty Child

It's London during the Blitz, but Nazi bombs aren't the only things falling from the skies, and Rose and The Doctor aren't the only time travelers in town. Part 1 of 2.

Guest stars include Kate Harvey, Albert Valentine, Florence Hoath, Cheryl Fergison, Damian Samuels and John Barrowman.

Wed Jun 29 5:00 PM The Doctor Dances

Rose, The Doctor, and Captain Jack join forces to try and save London and all of mankind from the ever-growing zombie army. Part 2 of 2.

Guest stars include Albert Valentine, Florence Hoath, John Barrowman, Luke Perry, Damian Samuels and Cheryl Fergison.

Thur Jun 30 5:00 PM Boom Town

At a refueling stop in modern-day Wales, Rose, The Doctor, and Captain Jack run into an old foe up to her old tricks.

Guest stars include William Thomas, Annette Badland, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke, Mali Harries, Aled Pedrick and Alan Ruscoe.

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