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The Outer Limits (1963) - Chiller TV: Season One Marathon Jun 16 '11

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THE OUTER LIMITS (1963) - CHILLER TV: Season One Marathon Thursday, June 16, 2011

[NOTE: Confirm times with local listings]

9:00 AM The Galaxy Being

An engineer (Cliff Robertson) smart enough to invent a three-dimensional TV set tunes in a "being" who's a lot smarter---and much more dangerous.

Cast includes Lee Philips, Jacqueline Scott, Cliff Robertson, Burt Metcalfe, William Stevens and William Douglas.

10:00 AM The Hundred Days of the Dragon

Motives are not what they seem as a foreign agent sets about impersonating a presidential candidate.

Cast includes Sidney Blackmer, Phillip Pine, Aki Aleong, Richard Loo, Joan Camden, Bert Remsen and James Hong.

11:00 AM The Man With the Power

Donald Pleasence plays Harold Finley, a mild-mannered professor who has the power to destroy the Earth.

Cast includes Donald Pleasence, Priscilla Morrill, Fred Beir, Frank Maxwell, John Marley, Get Smart's Edward Platt and James McCallion.

12:00 PM The Architects of Fear

Are scientists working together---but for different reasons---to create an alien.

Cast includes Robert Culp, Leonard Stone, Geraldine Brooks, Billy Green Bush, Clay Tanner and Lee Zimmer.

1:00 PM The Sixth Finger

A professor succeeds in speeding up the evolution of a monkey---and is ready to start on a man.

Cast includes NCIS' David McCallum, Jill Haworth, Edward Mulhare, Nora Marlowe and Robert Doyle.

2:00 PM The Man Who Was Never Born

An astronaut, returning from a voyage, finds that the Earth is scorched, populated by humanoids---and the year is 2148.

Cast includes Martin Landau, Shirley Knight, John Considine, Maxine Stuart and Karl Held.

3:00 PM O.B.I.T.

A senator (Peter Breck) discovers the existence of OBIT, a surveillance device that can tune in on the activities of any living person.

Cast includes The Big Valley's Peter Breck, Jeff Corey, Joanne Gilbert, Alan Baxter, Harry Townes and Sammy Reese.

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