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Haven - Sea and Be Scene: Lucas Bryant Interview

Source: Sea and Be Scene [follow link for complete interview]

Haven July 15

HAVEN - SEA AND BE SCENE: HAVEN Star Lucas Bryant – “Past, Present, Future & Fate”

June 13, 2011

To say that Nathan Wuornos is a 'troubled' character - might be a bit of an understatement. HAVEN’s hunky lawman spent season one fighting off every kind of trouble, all the while dealing with the inner torment of feeling nothing and knowing there are a million mysteries to be solved in his seemingly possessed jurisdiction, not the least of which is the heritage of his lovely partner FBI Agent Audrey Parker.

Yes, we’re simplifying, but suffice it to say the first season of HAVEN had us on the edge of our seat from the get go and, in the end, left us dangling in mystery… AND definitely wanting for more!

Good thing then that the series was renewed – and great for us that series star Lucas Bryant took a break from the action packed schedule of shooting to chat about his character Nathan, discuss what’s up with Emily Rose’s character Audrey and so much more.

What follows is our Q & A, as they say, conducted via telephone with the truly charming and infinitely warmer than the character he plays – Lucas Bryant...


... SABS: At Sea and be Scene we celebrate the 4 Atlantic Provinces and we’re so thrilled to have you back for a second season – how do you find working here in Nova Scotia?

Lucas Bryant: "Totally brilliant – I love it. It’s right up my alley. I’m from a small town in Ontario – so I can get down with the slow pace of Chester. The people are hugely friendly. Especially this year – they’ve made it really clear that they welcome us and love having us here. So that’s been amazing to feel embraced by the community..."

Season two of Haven premieres on Syfy Friday, July 15, 2011 at 10/9C.

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