Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fringe - What's On TV (UK): Anna Torv Interview

Source: What's On TV (UK) [follow link for complete interview]


FRINGE - WHAT'S ON TV (UK): Anna Torv: 'I'd love to work in the UK again'

Jun 13, 2011

As the third series of Fringe reaches its climax (Sky1, Wednesday June 15), TV&Satellite Week magazine caught up with actress Anna Torv, aka ice cool FBI agent Olivia Dunham, to find out what’s in store for the cult sci-fi drama...


... Sci-fi has not been going through the best of periods on American TV. Why do you think Fringe has managed to survive?

Anna Torv: “I think with sci-fi, the further out there you go, the more you have to ground your characters and their relationships in reality. From the start of Fringe, the heart of the show has been a father and son trying to come to grips with each other. Providing you have something like that, you can take the show anywhere. Of course it’s a genre show, but it goes beyond that. Women who don’t want to watch monsters and ghosts are happy to sit and watch the relationships.

Would you do another sci-fi show ever? Would you for example come over here and do Doctor Who?

Anna Torv: “I haven’t seen the new Doctor Who yet. I’m too committed to Fringe at the moment to do anything else. But I’d certainly do more sci-fi. Sci-fi has been good to me...

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