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Stargate Universe - Assignment X: Brian J. Smith Exclusive Interview

Source: Assignment X [follow link for complete interview]


STARGATE UNIVERSE - ASSIGNMENT X: Exclusive Interview: STARGATE UNIVERSE actor Brian J. Smith talks the end of the Syfy series (and the wrap-up movie rumor)

May 9th, 2011

STARGATE UNIVERSE conclude[d] its two-season run Syfy [on May 9, 2011]. With U.S. military and Earth civilians co-existing uneasily on an alien vessel called Destiny, trying to find their way back to our solar system, SGU was markedly darker than its predecessors, STARGATE: SG-1 and STARGATE: ATLANTIS.

Series regular Brian J. Smith, who plays series regular Lt. Matthew Scott, will be seen this summer on the Syfy telefilm/pilot/videogame adaptation RED FACTION: ORIGINS (stay tuned for that interview). Here, the Texas-born actor talks with ASSIGNMENT X about his time aboard the Destiny...


... AX: How would you describe Lt. Scott’s position as a character on the series?

SMITH: Well, his function was really, really important in the beginning, because he was the highest-ranking officer, he had to keep everybody together and deal with Rush [the secretive scientist played by Robert Carlyle], he was the first person who realized that Rush might be a problem. His role is really, really clear there. And then once you have Col. Young [Louis Ferreira], who’s calling the shots, and then you’ve got Telford [Lou Diamond Phillips] in the mix, too, Scott’s role on the ship became sort of a facilitator. He’s the guy who goes out and he’s on the planet, he’s on the away team and he explores. So as far as him making decisions, he’s not really doing much in that department...

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