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Sanctuary - TV Guide: Ask Matt [Roush] Apr 18 '11

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Sanctuary season 3.5

TV GUIDE: Ask Matt: The Good Wife, The Killing, and More!

Apr 18, 2011
by Matt Roush

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... Question: Your weekend fantasy show list missed the return of Sanctuary on Syfy. Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven and Sanctuary all have intelligent tongue-in-cheek humor & sly (OK — sometimes not so sly) references to fantasy history and situations. The Eureka season 1 moment where the missile is coming up through the street & the sheriff just watches and says, "Oh, that can't be good" has to be a classic moment. This season it rebounded from an uneven stretch and I hope that the upswing will continue. I love Fringe and the other shows you review regularly, but please, some love for the "Syfy 4." — Mary Lu

Matt Roush: You're right, I was remiss in not including Sanctuary in that discussion of Friday night fantasy shows. But I don't really buy this idea of a "Syfy 4," because that would imply all of these shows are created equal. And for me, they're not. When Eureka and Warehouse 13 return this summer — both on July 11, along with the new series Alphas — I'll make critical note of it, because I enjoy both of these series as fanciful escapist larks, especially Eureka. I've tried to warm up to Sanctuary in past seasons to little avail, and admit in the glut of this spring's extremely busy midseason (including a little distraction called Game of Thrones), it got away from me this time. And Haven I did not like at all — although I'll sample it again when it returns this summer, but unless they've changed the entire cast and writing staff, I don't have high hopes of embracing that one. In all genres including fantasy, there's good, bad and indifferent — and excellent (hello, Fringe) — and that applies to Syfy's product as well.

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