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Richard Dean Anderson - MacGyver - Sleuth Channel: Season Six Marathon Mar 19 '11

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MACGYVER - SLEUTH CHANNEL: Season Six Marathon Saturday, March 19, 2011

6:00 AM The Wall

MacGyver seeks to reunite an East German expatriate with his granddaughter (Brigitta Stenberg), who may be in league with exStasi agents who want the old man's gold.

Guest stars include Oliver Becker, Jackson Davies, Vince Deadrick Jr., Bruce Harwood, Milton Selzer and Brigitta Stenberg.

7:00 AM Lesson in Evil

MacGyver's nemesis (W. Morgan Sheppard) escapes after a sanity hearing and leaves a trail of clues intended for MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson).

Guest stars include Jackson Davies, Lynne Moody, Alvin Sanders, William Morgan Sheppard, Kim Zimmer and Garry Chalk.

8:00 AM Harry's Will

Crazy crooks and an ex-con (Abe Vigoda) are in pursuit of a treasure thought to be in a car willed to MacGyver by his grandfather. Cameos by Rich Little, Lyle Alzado and James Doohan.

Guest stars include Henry Winkler, John Anderson, Dick Butkus, Henry Gibson, Marion Ross, Abe Vigoda, Jesse White and Wendy O. Williams.

9:00 AM MacGyver's Women

MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) dreams he's in the Old West, where he defends three frontierwomen (Brigitta Stenberg, Kim Zimmer, Traci Lords) from some ornery outlaws.

Guest stars include Kim Zimmer, Brigitta Stenberg, Traci Lords, Robert Donner, Robin Mossley and Marshall R. Teague.

10:00 AM The Wall
11:00 AM Lesson in Evil
12:00 PM Harry's Will
01:00 PM MacGyver's Women

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