Monday, February 28, 2011

Stargate Atlantis - Capsule Computers Video: David Hewlett Interview

Source: Capsule Computers You Tube channel


CAPSULE COMPUTERS VIDEO: David Hewlett Interview

Our staff here at Capsule Computers - talk to David Hewlett about Stargate, Video Games and Dungeons & Dragons.

First part of the Interview is done by our awesome editor, LinkageAX; with even awesomer (if thats even a word) MasterAbbott jumping in when Link suddenly becomes a little too starstruck.

David Hewlett is a Canadian actor who stars in the popular sci-fi series: Stargate Atlantis. The character first appeared as a more minor character in one of the prequel series (Stargate SG1) stories. Above Stargate, he has also guest starred in the TV series 'Sanctuary', written and directed his own film and starred in other cult movies.

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