Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fairly Legal - TV Drama Watch: Interview with Sarah Shahi

Source: TV Drama Watch [follow link for complete interview]


‘Fairly Legal’: Interview with Sarah Shahi

by Lynn DeVries on January 13, 2011

It was fun to get to take part in a conference call interview with the star of the new USA Network series Fairly Legal. Sarah Shahi answered some questions about the new show, which premieres on January 20th at 10/9c. Here’s how the conversation went...


... Q: Can you talk about working with Richard Dean Anderson this season?

S. Shahi: Richard is interesting. He’s very quiet, gets very excited when he talks about his daughter, but other than that he and I didn’t really engage too much with each other. There was a lot of mystery surrounding our relationship with one another on the show, and I think we kind of kept that for ourselves off screen as well just because it helped on screen.

... Q: What are some of the guest stars we can expect to see this season?

S. Shahi: Well we have Richard Dean Anderson who’s probably the most well-known guest star. Dean Norris from Breaking Bad was another one who’s amazing. Those are kind of the heavy hitters. The rest of them are wonderful actors, but not necessarily any names.

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