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Leverage - Starpulse: Timothy Hutton And Beth Riesgraf Talk 'Leverage'

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Interview: Timothy Hutton And Beth Riesgraf Talk 'Leverage'

December 3rd, 2010
by Brittany Frederick

TNT is giving us one heck of a Christmas present: the return of Leverage. The series returns to finish out its third season with a two-week event - first with its Christmas episode on December 12, and then with a two-hour season finale the following week. To get you ready to get even, I sat down on Wednesday with series stars Timothy Hutton (Nate Ford) and Beth Riesgraf (Parker) to dish about what's happened over the season and what fans are about to dig into.

... Celebrating the holidays has to be interesting for both your characters because of those things, I would assume.

Beth Riesgraf: She loves the holidays. That’s one of the great things, I think, about Parker is that at any moment she gets really excited about things, and in [the] holiday episode you get to see that side of her. With Christmas and her enthusiasm about Santa Claus and all that stuff, there’s some pretty great stuff in that episode.

Timothy Hutton
: I think he’s miserable when it comes to the Christmas season and everything, because of the loss of his son and the break-up of his marriage with Maggie. The whole idea of people celebrating and joy and all this sort of stuff just makes him absolutely miserable, and he wants to just be alone.

The episode starts in one of my favorite ways. I always love it when Beth and I have scenes together. It just becomes kind of fun and it’s so easy to make her laugh in the middle of a scene. Whenever we’re with Beth in a scene and the camera is on her, any little thing can get her going.

Anyway, the episode starts off with this really nice moment with Parker and Nate where Parker is just so into it being Christmas and the holidays and everything, and Nate is just not. He wants to be left alone and Parker is just bugging him, you know, with the Christmas spirit and everything. It was one of my favorite things that I read, this little scene that we get to do in the beginning of it. In those situations Nate would rather just, you know, be somewhere else but around a lot of people.

My thanks to Timothy Hutton and Beth Riesgraf for this interview. Leverage returns December 12 on TNT.


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