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Stargate Universe - Total SciFi Online: Brian J. Smith Interview

Please follow the link for the complete interview excerpt at Total SciFi Online (from Stargate: The Official Magazine):

Posted on Tuesday 09 November 2010

Brian J. Smith: Great Scott!


When Stargate Universe began last year, Lt. Matthew Scott was among the military, civilian and scientific personnel to walk through the Icarus Base Stargate and into an unknown future aboard the starship Destiny. Since then, the lieutenant’s mettle has been tested, both personally as well as professionally. Life proves no less complicated in Season Two as Brian J. Smith tells Steven Eramo on the show's Vancouver set...

You and Louis Ferreira shot a very powerful scene together for the episode ‘Trial and Error’. How did you prep for that?

That was one of those scenes that you basically read and went, “Wow, this is something really special.” The dialogue is fantastic and both characters have very specific actions to play, so in one sense it was quite an easy scene because it was so well written.

That said, Louis and I talked a lot about it, and I actually went to his house one day to read over the scene. We even got up on our feet and tried to imagine how it [physically] played out. It’s great when you’re so turned on by a piece of material that you and your buddy set aside a Saturday to work on it!

A lot of times you study your lines, show up on set and it’s like, “OK, here we go.” On SGU, though, there are always things for the entire cast to do. There’s information that has to get out in scenes, and others where it’s about reacting to CGI aliens. We also get to do stunts and shoot guns. But for us, what’s really interesting are the scenes about relationships, where our characters are trying to come to terms with and change each other.

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