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Stargate Universe - Robert Carlyle Interview

Source: SciFi Now [follow link for complete interview]

SciFi Now: Interview: Robert Carlyle

November 19, 2010
by Steve Nash

We talk to one of Britain’s finest actors about his role on Stargate Universe.


Interview: Robert CarlyleNow in his second year of playing Dr Nicholas Rush on Syfy’s Stargate Universe, we’re still finding it hard to believe that Robert Carlyle joined the show. Not because we think it’s bad, but because we never expected him to appear on a Stargate series. He has, however, proved to be the strongest card in a solid hand, as we discussed with him.

... What’s the most difficult thing about playing this character for you?

The technical difficulties would be the technical stuff that he has to say; when you’re talking about ‘wormholes’ and ‘solar flares’ and the time stuff, to me I don’t know what I am talking about – it’s like Shakespeare, trying to get that into my head. So that’s a wee bit difficult. But in terms of the acting, it’s very important to walk a particular line with Rush because you don’t want to completely alienate the audience and it’s very, very easy to do that with a character like Rush. They think, “Well, I don’t like this guy, and I don’t like at all what he is up to. It’s dishonest.” All of that. So he has to have good reasons for what he does, and I think that’s the strength in the character that Brad Wright and Robert Cooper have set in place, is that yes, maybe it’s a bit distasteful but he’s right. So that’s makes it okay.

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