Friday, November 26, 2010

Sanctuary - Damian Kindler Interview

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Damian Kindler: 'Sanctuary' headed to 'whole new realm'

by Curt Wagner on 11.26.10


So far in Season 3 of "Sanctuary," Helen Magnus and her team have saved the world and a few abnormals, not to mention Will, Kate and Henry. But show runner Damian Kindler says that is only the start of the fun.

"I sound like a broken record, but I just love Season 3," he said during my visit to the Vancouver set in September.

The season kicks into high gear with "Breach," which airs at 9 p.m. Nov. 26 on Syfy. Magnus (Amanda Tapping), Will (Robin Dunne) and Kate (Agam Darshi) respond to an anonymous call for help at an abandoned building. They don't find anything, but when Kate and Will leave the building, Magnus gets trapped inside.

As you can see in the previews, someone wants Magnus all to himself. Kindler offered a clue:

"We introduce a villain who dates back from Victorian England," Kindler said, "who was the inspiration for Jekyll and Hyde."

"Breach" which was written by Kindler and directed by Martin Wood, adds to the story of the mysterious holographic map that was given to Magnus by her father, Gregory. The plotline was the lynchpin that helped Kindler figure out how to create the first 20-episode season of "Sanctuary" (up from 13).

"I'm really gratified where it goes, because it takes us to a whole new realm. It takes us to a whole new kind of idea of where humans came from and where monsters came from," Kindler said. "It takes Season 3 in, I think, a pretty cool direction."

Kindler and I talked more about Season 3 (mild spoiler alert), working with the "Sanctuary" crew and why Robin Dunne will never be allowed to participate in the DVD commentary tracks...

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