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Warehouse 13 - Women Talk SciFi: Eddie McClintock Audio Interview

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Podcast 73 - The Geek From Warehouse 13 - Eddie McClintock

May 08, 2013

In this episode Gerri and Eugenia discuss Warehouse 13 and the world of Pete, Myka, Claudia and Arnie! The writers of this series have come up with a winning formula allowing them to take an object from any time, any place and any person in history and do a story about them. It is a cross between Indiana Jones, cop shows, and a "who-dun it", with the odd supernatural mix. It has wizards, secret societies, mythology, government secrets, inventions and the world of art to name a few! But is it fun? Heck yeah! This series is aimed fairly and squarely at the geek, the history buff (well they bend it a little), mythology lovers, and lovers of Twilight Zone. The show never takes itself too seriously and Pete who represents the "everyman" gives all of us those pop culture references that shows he is just like you and me and he shows that he loves all of it as well! Gerri and Eugenia think that he really is a geek too! To their delight that is who they interview in this podcast the funny and whacky Eddie McClintock. Not only is he a great actor but he is also a graphic designer and he sells his art on is website Have a look. Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Oz Comic Con and Blue Planet PR for the chance to spend some time with the wonderful funny "Pete" from Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13 airs Monday at 10/9C on Syfy in the US. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPISODE TRAILER FOR 'THE BIG SNAG,' AIRING MAY 13, 2013.

Women Talk SciFi


Source: Women Talk SciFi [follow link for additional listening options]

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