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Sanctuary - The Province: Amanda Tapping Interview

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THE PROVINCE: Sci-fi actress funnels Sanctuary devotion into kids charity

By Glen Schaefer
May 7, 2013

Science fiction fans are known for being dedicated, and longtime sci-fi star Amanda Tapping has found a way to tap that dedication for charity.

A year and a half after her series Sanctuary ended production in Vancouver, its legacy is continuing worldwide in the fan-supported charity Sanctuary for Kids.

Tapping, who played the immortal head of a shelter for various monsters in the gothic-themed series, joined with Sanctuary creator Damian Kindler and social worker Jill Bodie in 2008 to form the international aid organization.

The impetus, one of the main drivers behind it, was understanding that the fan base is so socially connected and socially aware,” Tapping says...

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... To date, Sanctuary for Kids has raised more than $500,000, and Tapping travels to Britain and Germany later this year for fundraisers. Another online auction will happen this fall at sanctuaryforkids.org.

These days, Tapping has been juggling TV directing jobs on Arctic Air, Primeval: New World, and Continuum (she’s directing her first of that series this week), as well as acting work that includes a recurring role in the eighth season of TV’s Supernatural.

She plays an angel of dubious motives in that show for the U.S. CW network about two brothers (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) caught in a global battle between angels and demons. The role has helped her tap into another group of dedicated fans.

There’s massive debate online as to whether Naomi (her character) is pure evil or whether she’s good,” says Tapping, adding she doesn’t know herself. “It’s nice to play someone people don’t like. After my first episode aired, I was on air for less than a minute, and there were We Hate Naomi clubs on the Internet.

Supernatural castmates, including Misha Collins (the good angel), have helped spread the word about Sanctuary for Kids, she says.

Our last year has been fantastic, due in large part to small fan-run initiatives as well,” she says. “The fans have taken up the mantle.”

Primeval: New World premieres in the US on Syfy on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 10/9C.

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