Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MacGyver - Herald Sun: Richard Dean Anderson Interview

Source: Herald Sun [follow link for complete interview]


HERALD SUN: MACGYVER: Paperclips, Marge Simpson's sisters, and bringing back the mullet

RICHARD Dean Anderson tells why he loves Oscars host Seth MacFarlane, how he channels his cherished role as TV's MacGyver to fix up bikes at Christmas, and finally answers the question everyone's asking: Patty or Selma?

by Chris Paine
February 27, 2013

"They're a package deal. It's kind of a threesome with them."

It's official. MacGyver, TV's greatest secret agent/innovator - can't romantically split The Simpsons' twins Patty and Selma Bouvier.

Marge Simpson's frumpy, middle-aged, spinster sisters are MacGyver's all-time greatest fans. They watch his show religiously. They have a lock of RDA's hair. And, despite the eventual revelation that Patty is gay, they jointly hold him up as their dream crush.

"I used to be a smoker so neither of them is really making the cut for me," Anderson told ahead of his visit to Australia for Oz Comic Con...

oz_comic_con_2013 photo oz_comic_con_2013_zps2df9d86b-1.jpg

... That's not great news for them, but on the subject of his hair, Anderson has some good news for Australian fans of the famous MacGyver mullet.

"I've gotten requests in real life for a lock of hair when I was young and in shape, but I've never agreed to it - that's just creepy to me," he said.

"I have had gloves taken. But I've never intentionally given someone my hair..."

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