Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Primeval: New World - Video: Amanda Tapping Video Interview

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Amanda Tapping talks with Canada's Space Channel's InnerSPACE host Ajay Fry about her first time directing Primeval: New World and what we can expect to see in her first episode directing this new series. This is one of three episodes she'll be directing this season.

Primeval: New World premieres in the US on Syfy in 2013. It is currently airing in Canada on the Space Channel on Monday at 10PM.

Primeval: New World cast includes Eureka's Niall Matter, Sara Canning, Danny Rahim, Crystal Lowe, Miranda Frigon and Geoff Gustafson.

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  1. "Multi-talented.. we love you". Fullest of agreement here. Stargate SG-1, then Sanctuary, I hope to see her in front of the camera again.

    Obviously she has no say about the "brutal" mutilation of ALL the corpses in EVERY episode. And why-oh-why so many of them? Okay for the surprise, usually when we really get to know a guest, the regular makes the same old promise "Don't worry. We will all be fine. You will live". And they do.

    Not here, In the airplane they had a letter from the pretty girl to her relatives she left behind. These means our heroes are lying through their teeth, making promises they have no chance to fulfill. Dear oh dear oh me oh my.

    My favorite Star Trek episode was the fuzzly Tribbles, and BBC Primeval the adorable little dodos. Why do they all have to mutilate? I've taken New World off my TV schedule. Life is tough and raw enough, where's the fantasy escape?