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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary : Tapping Tuesday Twitter Feb 22 '11

Source: Amanda Tapping Twitter


On Tuesdays, Amanda Tapping responds to questions asked by Sanctuary fans on twitter.


Thanks everyone for being so patient. It's great to be back! Xo

#TappingTuesday Q1 - @Madison Uhlenhoff - What is it like working with Jonathan Young? And is there any chance he ever becomes a regular?

A1-He is a phenomenal actor and an amazing man. It is an absolute treat to play with him He is what we would consider a regular in season 3


Jonathan Young as Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary's King and County

Q2 pt 1 - @Joe Mannes - The British accent you use for Helen has a tinge of aristocratic in it

Q2 pt 2 - Do you think Helen and Gregory actually descend from the monarchy somewhere?

A2 - I'm sure she would like to think so. But no. She just loves being posh. :)


Q3 - @nocleversig - What can you tell us about "Out of the Blue" coming up?

A3 - It's a very cool mind trick. You see Will and Magnus like you'd never expect. Do I smell coffee??? Aaahhhhh!


Q4 - @Alison Riehl Waller - Hello, Amanda! Is there a US counterpart for your Sanctuary for Kids, or is it just a Canadian organization?

A4 - It is a Canadian non for profit organization but we do work around the world.


Q5 - @AndreaKoeln - You've spent a lot of time on planes those last few months. What do you do on long flights? Sleep? Read? Music? Work?

A5 - Long flights are hard! I attempt to sleep. I watch movies. I read. I people watch and make up stories about everyone. :)

Thank you and have a great week!!!! Xoxo

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