Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kevin Sorbo - Legendary Journeys of Hercules (movies) on Encore

Source: Encore

Kevin Sorbo's 1994 made-for-TV movies, The Legendary Journeys of Hercules, are being shown on the Encore Action and MoviePlex channels.

NOTE: Schedule updated on January 2, 2012.


Hercules and the Amazon Women -

Airing on Encore Action on February 18 at 1:35pm.

Hercules and Iolaus take time out from Iolaus' wedding preparations, to help a distant village under attack from "monsters". When they reach their destination, they find the monsters are in fact Amazonian women who are controlled by Hera.

Cast includes Anthony Quinn, Roma Downey, Michael Hurst and Lucy Lawless.


Hercules And The Lost Kingdom -

Airs on Movieplex January 9 at 7:15AM and 4:15PM; January 10 at 1:15AM; January 17 at 11:10PM, January 20 at 8:00PM and January 21 at 2:35AM and 11:40AM.

The son of Zeus saves a princess and the city of Troy from a blue monk and his cult.

Cast includes Anthony Quinn, Renee O'Connor, Nathaniel Lees, Onno Boelee, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Robert Trebor, Eric Close and Barry Hill.


Hercules And The Circle Of Fire -

Airs on Encore Action on February 17 at 7:15AM and 6:45PM; February 26 at 5:05PM and February 27 and 9:20AM.

The son of Zeus and his dream woman Deianeira must save mankind from a fate without fire.

Cast includes Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Christopher Brougham, Kevin Atkinson, Mark Ferguson, Stephanie Barrett and Mark Newnham.


Hercules In The Underworld -

Airs on Encore Action on February 5 at 11:05AM and 5:10PM; February 10 at 8:50AM and 6:45PM; February 11 at 7:15AM; February 16 at 10:45AM and February 28 at 6:00AM and 2:10PM.

In this adventure, Hercules is compelled to help the people of a village that are being threatened by a split in the Earth that reveals the mouth of hell.

Cast includes Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Marlee Shelton, Cliff Curtis, Timothy Balme, Michael Hurst and Mark Ferguson.


Hercules In The Maze Of The Minotaur -

Airs on Movieplex on February 3 at 10:40AM and 11:35PM and February 25 at 6:45AM, 4:45PM and 11:15PM.

Hercules has settled down, but misses travelling around having exciting adventures. Then one day he is persuaded out of his farming "retirement" to help a distant village which is being attacked by an unforseen monster.

Cast includes Anthony Quinn, Tawny Kitaen, Michael Hurst, Anthony Ray Parker, Nic Fay, Andrew Thurtell, Terry Batchelor, Geoff Allen and Sydney Jackson.