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Colin Morgan - Merlin: Collider - Colin Morgan and Bradley James Interview

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Colin Morgan and Bradley James Interview MERLIN

by Christina Radish
Posted: January 3rd, 2011

An update of the story of the infamous sorcerer of Arthurian legend, Season 3 of the fantasy drama series Merlin returns to SyFy on January 7th. In the mythical city of Camelot, in a time before history began, and in a fantastical realm of legendary beasts and mysterious peoples, there is a dangerous world in which magic has been banned by the ruthless tyrant, Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head). When Merlin (Colin Morgan), a young man gifted with extraordinary magical powers, first arrived in the kingdom, he quickly makes enemies, including the heir to Uther’s crown, Prince Arthur (Bradley James). But, their friendship soon started to develop and now, three seasons in, both Arthur and Merlin know that there are greater things at stake and they must trust each other as equals, if they are to prevail.

During a recent interview to promote the show’s upcoming third season, co-stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James talked about the development of the friendship between Arthur and Merlin, the introduction of certain characters who are important to the Arthurian legend, the return of Morgana (Katie McGrath) and her impact as a villain, and how this season will really ramp things up for Season 4...

... How will the relationship between Merlin and Arthur evolve this season?

JAMES: I think they’ll get to a point where Arthur will no longer see Merlin as a servant, and they will be equals. I don’t think that will happen too soon, but I think that’s where the progression of that relationship goes. That relationship has to be quite steady in its progression and it can’t make any major jumps because it’s quite important to the show. If you suddenly made too much of an adjustment to it, I think the audience would find it a little bit weird. I’d say that there’s that progression to them becoming equals, and the high levels of trust, in these seemingly endlessly lethal situations they keep finding themselves in.

MORGAN: You’ll see Arthur change a lot, but while his father’s still around, there’s an incidence there. In any kid’s relationship with their parents, there’s always an influence there. You always want to do them proud. With magic being such a big thing for Uther, it would be hard for Arthur to change that. Certainly while Uther’s still around, it would be very difficult for Merlin to justify coming out in something so huge.


Season 3 of MERLIN premieres on SyFy on January 7, 2011

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