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Haven - Syfy: 'Love Machine' Audio Podcast

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Love 2a

HAVEN - SYFY: 'Love Machine' Audio Podcast

With the Haven podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by the people behind each episode while you're watching it.

Beware of spoilers! Although the commentary is provided before you watch the episode, it is meant to be listened to while watching the episode. Listening to it beforehand might ruin certain dramatic surprises.

Also, commentary by the cast is presented unedited and uncensored, and may contain adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

'Love Machine' audio podcast includes Jim Dunn (co-creator/executive producer) and writers Lilla and Nora Zuckerman.


'Killer Mountain' - Syfy Video: Movie Trailer Premieres Aug 27 '11

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Killer Mountain

'KILLER MOUNTAIN' - SYFY VIDEO: Movie Trailer Premieres Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 9/8C

Some mountains are forbidden for a reason. Killer Mountain Saturday Aug. 27 at 9/8c.

In "Killer Mountain" – inspired by an ancient Himalayan legend – a team of climbers ("Battlestar Galactica" alums Aaron Douglas and Paul Campbell) is sent to a forbidden mountain to rescue a missing expedition. There, they discover that the mountain is the secret location of Shangri La -- protected by a bloodthirsty alien creature, the Druk.

Cast includes Battlestar Galactica's Aaron Douglas, Paul Campbell, Andrew Airlie, Curtis Caravaggio, Torrance Coombs, Byron Lawson, Crystal Lowe, Mig Macario, Robin Nielsen, Zak Santiago and Dale Wilson.

Alphas - Syfy Video: 'Catch and Release' Episode Trailer Airs Aug 22 '11

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ALPHAS - SYFY VIDEO: 'Catch and Release' Episode Trailer Airs Monday, August 22, 2011 at 10/9C

The team must locate and protect a missing young Alpha who has an affinity for amazing inventions. Guest starring Summer Glau. Alphas Monday at 10/9c.

Dr. Rosen and his team are made official members of the Defense Criminal Investigation Service and are given an assignment to investigate a local high school for the cause of several recent deaths; Rachel's abilities impede her progress on a date.

Guest stars include Summer Glau, Mahershala Ali and Jorge Molina.

Warehouse 13 - Syfy Video: 'Past Imperfect' Sneak Peek Airs Aug 22 '11

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WAREHOUSE 13 - SYFY VIDEO: 'Past Imperfect' Sneak Peek Airs Monday, August 22, 2011 at 9/8C

Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Warehouse 13. Monday at 9/8c.

After Myka encounters the man responsible for the death of her former partner in the Central Intelligence Agency, she recruits her old team and engages in a manhunt for the elusive criminal; Artie gains a four-legged companion.

Guest stars include J. August Richards, Gabriel Hogan and Yancey Arias.

Eureka - Syfy Video: 'Clash of the Titans' Episode Trailer Airs Aug 22 '11

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EUREKA - SYFY VIDEO: 'Clash of the Titans' Episode Trailer Airs Monday, August 22, 2011 at 8/7C

An auditor arrives to assess Jack and Allison's romance but it seems more than just love is in the air as Eureka turns toxic. Eureka Monday at 8/7c.

The town is under threat of contamination after an explosion releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere; Jo volunteers to help Henry and Grace plan their wedding; a relationship auditor arrives in Eureka to examine Carter and Allison.

Guest stars include Felicia Day, Tembi Locke, Kim Poirier and Christina Sicoli.

Chuck - Access Hollywood: Zachary Levi Video Interview

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CHUCK - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Dish Of Salt: Zachary Levi On ‘Chuck’ Coming To An End: It’s ‘Bittersweet’

Zachary Levi chats with AccessHollywood.com’s Laura Saltman at the 2011 Do Something Awards. What does he do to give back? Plus, how does he feel about his show, “Chuck,” coming to an end in its fifth season on NBC?

Terra Nova - Fox Video: First Look Featurette

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TERRA NOVA - FOX VIDEO: First Look Featurette

TERRA NOVA launches MON SEP 26 at 8/7c, on FOX!

Cast includes Jason O'Mara, Stephen Lang, Mido Hamada, Allison Miller, Christine Adams and Shelley Conn. Steven Spielberg is one of the Executive Producers on the series.

Haven - Sea and Be Scene: Vinessa Antoine Video Interview

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Haven season 2

HAVEN - SEA AND BE SCENE: Vinessa Antoine Video Interview

August 15, 2011

'Conan The Barbarian' - Hollywood.com: Exclusive Jason Momoa Video Interview

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'CONAN THE BARBARIAN' - HOLLYWOOD.COM: Exclusive Jason Momoa Video Interview

By Thomas Leupp
Monday, August 15, 2011

Hacking, slashing, goring and gouging its way into theaters this week is Lionsgate’s new fantasy-adventure Conan the Barbarian. Though ostensibly a remake of John Milius’ 1982 film, which helped launch Arnold Schwarzenneger’s blockbuster career, the new Conan hews closer to pulp author Robert E. Howard’s original tales of the wandering Cimmerian warrior than its predecessor. Directed by Marcus Nispel (Pathfinder, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake) and starring Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa, it is a blistering, hard-R epic that gives no quarter to restraint or moderation in its unrelenting pursuit of action-movie immortality.

We recently caught up with the stars of Conan the Barbarian to talk about their bloody new film. Below are the highlights from our exclusive interviews:

Jason Momoa on the awkwardness of choosing his sex-scene partner and seeing himself naked on film:

The Closer - KTLA: Corey Reynolds Video Interview

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Closer 2

THE CLOSER - KTLA: Corey Reynolds Video Interview

Corey Reynolds tells us about his past job in law enforcement.


Doctor Who - BBC America Video Featurette: 'Let's Kill Hitler' Prequel

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Doctor Who 6.5


Return to the TARDIS and watch an exclusive prequel to the new Doctor Who mid-season premiere, "Let's Kill Hitler," written by Executive Producer and Lead Writer Steven Moffat. And don't miss the return of all new episodes *** premiering Saturday August 27 at 9/8c *** on BBC America.

Haven - Syfy Video Featurette: Little Town of Haven - Cast Interviews

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Haven 2a

HAVEN - SYFY VIDEO FEATURETTE: Little Town of Haven - Cast Interviews

The cast (Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Jason Priestly, Lucas Bryant, Vinessa Antione, John Dunsworth and Richard Donat) and creators (Shawn Piller, executive producer) talk about the town of Haven's picturesque setting.

Warehouse 13 - Syfy Video Featurette: 'Something Is Amiss' - Cast Interviews

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Warehouse 13 season 3

WAREHOUSE 13 - SYFY VIDEO FEATURETTE: 'Something Is Amiss' - Cast Interviews

Something is making the cast (Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti, Saul Rubinek and Jamie Murray) and crew (Brett Hershey, on set paramedic; Jack Kenny; show runner/executive producer; and Cookie Guy) sleepy on the Warehouse set. Can it be an artifact's doing?

Haven- Syfy Video: 'Audrey Parker's Day Off' Episode Trailer Airs Aug 19 '11

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HAVEN - SYFY VIDEO: 'Audrey Parker's Day Off' Episode Trailer Airs Friday, August 19, 2011 at 10/9C

Audrey can't shake the affects of a tragic day that threatens the lives of her and her friends. Haven Friday at 10/9c.

Audrey finds herself stuck inside a time loop in which she is forced to constantly repeat a day that ends in tragedy, but she quickly learns that the more she intervenes, the closer a catastrophe comes to claiming her own life.

Guest stars include Jason Priestly.