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Sanctuary - Fanbolt: Robin Dunne Interview

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Interview: Robin Dunne From 'Sanctuary'


... What would you say is kind of the most exciting thing for you this year?

ROBIN DUNNE: A lot. "Sanctuary" has gone -- is continuing on the path of being very innovative. The writing is amazing, as always. I think the change from 13 episodes to 20 episodes is really amazing this year because there's these really beautiful story arcs that go in and out of the series. And you're going to see things that happen to the characters that sort of have impact throughout the entire series. Twenty episodes is kind of like -- it feels more of a puzzle this year, like a jigsaw puzzle. We're going to go to -- there's a new Abnormal this year, and it's not the type of Abnormal that you're expecting. It's more of a place. But it's really, really a cool thing. And it kind of brought me back to the first days of "Sanctuary," getting used to the green screen, because the way we're shooting this new place takes the sort of visual effects to a new level literally. So yeah, I mean, it's cool. There's some new characters this year. There's some returning faces. There's -- as you mentioned, Polly Walker is on the show this year, which is really exciting. There's some romance, some breakups, some hookups. It's not going to be "Melrose Place" or anything, but a little romance never hurt anybody. So yeah, it's exciting. Another thing that I just -- I'm constantly amazed by with "Sanctuary" is -- the visual effects get a lot of talk. We talk about the visual effects on the show a lot, and rightfully so. I mean, Anthem does an amazing job. But I'm always blown away by what the practical sets are on the show, the set dec people, what they do. You saw it last season with turning our tiny little parking lot at our studio into the slums of Mumbai. And this year, it's -- I mean, right now we're working on that new set, and it's amazing. What they do, what they can turn a small little parking lot into and different places, it's amazing. So, it's an exciting year for "Sanctuary." Yeah...

Warehouse 13 - Media Blvd. Magazine: Eddie McClintock & Saul Rubinek Interview

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The Boys of 'Warehouse 13' Talk About the Holiday Special

Tuesday, 07 December 2010
By Jamie Ruby


The boys of Warehouse 13, Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek return for a discussion about their upcoming holiday special, and their upcoming films. Eddie actually called in from the Bulgarian set of his latest film, Legend of The Boogeyman. The Warehouse 13 airs tonight, along with the Eureka holiday special on SyFy.

... Question> Awesome. So I don’t know this may I guess be revealed in the episode but I haven’t seen it yet, what do you two think would be what your characters would most want for Christmas thinking of anything?

Saul Rubinek>
You meant Hanukkah for me didn’t you?

Question> Yes. Hanukkah I’m sorry.

Eddie McClintock> Pete would like to get all of his CD collection back because apparently it was lost in the mail from Washington, D.C. to South Dakota. He’s kind of stuck out there at Leena’s with no tunes, because Leena has Justin Bieber and she plays the same CD all day.

Saul Rubinek> That’s funny.

Eddie McClintock> I know.

Saul Rubinek> I think it actually happens for Artie. I think Artie is kind of like a Christmas and Hanukkah grump and he’s kind of not really into all of that stuff and really would prefer it all to go away, and partly because it would remind him of the family that he doesn’t have and he’s reminded that he does already have a family, which are these people, in fact we’re all reminded of that in this episode. And Artie’s life has been so solitary and so removed from ordinary family life and he has to deal with so many dark things that holiday season for many people around the world brings up what they don’t have and what they can’t have, and that’s certainly true for Artie and it’s brought home to him in a very real way by having his estranged father as part of the episode...

Warehouse 13 - Starry Constellation Magazine: Eddie McClintock & Saul Rubinek Interview

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by: Lisa Steinberg


... Q) So can you both talk about the Christmas episode and also like what was your favorite part filming it?

Eddie McClintock: I think the Christmas episode is it’s right in line with what we’ve always tried to do with the Warehouse 13 episodes. They’re a lot of fun and there’s some tense moments but again at its heart it’s a nice family show about this family of people that have come together at this strange warehouse out in South Dakota and I think it just stays true to the series and it’s fun. And Paul Blackthorne who is our guest star does an amazing job and I guess my favorite part was when the nutcracker...

Saul Rubenik: I could’ve told you that that was his favorite part just because he gets to say the word nutcracker.

Eddie McClintock: And I get to say nuts.

Saul Rubenik
: Yeah. I could’ve told you that. I have three favorite things that happened to me. Yeah you’ve talked long enough. I have three favorite things. One is that I got to work with Judd Hirsch who I’d never met but had been such a fan of for so many years and we’d never even meet before, and that was a huge thrill, he’s a wonderful performer, great actor and was just a pleasure to have him on the show, and they had to age him up a little bit to make him old enough to be my dad, but that was a joy. And the second thing was that for the first time Jack Kenny, our head writer and show runner directed an episode and he was wonderful to work with and it was great to have him as the director of the show, and he wrote the script as well, so that was a pleasure, a real pleasure. And then I got to perform this little nocturne, or at least part of it, that I had been writing myself on the piano, which took the place of the nocturne that Artie has been working on for years that his father is so happy that he finished it. So I got to do that, so those were three great things for me...

Stargate Universe - Sky 1: Video - David Blue Interview Part 2

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Stargate Universe: Superfan vs. David Blue Part 2!

David Blue talks truth about shooting scenes in the desert (ouch = sunburns) and whether or not Eli will stay lonely forever.

Sanctuary - Rock Bottom: Ryan Robbins Interview

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Rock Bottom Interview: Ryan Robbins

Monday, November 15, 2010
By Tim Nydell


... Season three kicked off last month, what can you tell us about this season?

This season is insane, it’s the first season that we get twenty episodes… in the past we had thirteen. So, for us to have twenty episodes gives us a little more of an opportunity to explore a little deeper into the characters… into the world of Sanctuary and into the sort of connected worlds involved in Sanctuary. We go to some pretty insane places. The thing about Sanctuary is; usually the creatures and the places and the people… we draw a lot from myths and legends and conspiracies… so if you do searches on a lot of the things and places we go, you’ll find that often there is some relevance to those people and places. And that’s really fun for me because we get to learn about different conspiracies when we’re shooting – and season three explores that quite extensively. Also, the characters – we’ve got a chance to sort of mix and match the pairings… we actually have episodes where we mix and match each other and interact with each other in a way we haven’t...

Leverage - Video: "The Ho Ho Ho Job" Episode Trailer

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Leverage - "The Ho Ho Ho Job"

Airs Sunday, December 12 9/8C on TNT.

Goran Visnjic guest stars.

Psych - Video: "We'd Like to Thank the Academy" Episode Trailer

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Psych on USA Network - "We'd Like to Thank the Academy" 12/8 Promo

Airs Wednesday, December 8th at 10/9c on USA Network, guest starring Ralph Macchio! Shawn and Gus help the SBPD solve a case, but are soon reprimanded for their efforts because they did not follow police procedure. As a result, Chief Vick arranges for them to take a three-week crash course at the Police Academy, but in true Shawn and Gus fashion, they end up resorting back to their rogue investigation styles regardless.

David Boreanaz - Bones: Video - "The Doctor In The Photo" Sneak Peek # 4

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BONES - Preview #4 from "The Doctor In The Photo" airing 12/9!

Catch an all-new BONES on THU at 8/7c!

Human Target - TV Guide: TV Hot List: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010


Dec 8, 2010
by TV Guide News

... Human Target

8/7c Fox

The last time we saw Baptiste (Lennie James) in the present tense (not flashbacks), Chance's one-time protégé, and an accomplished assassin in his own right, was being led away in handcuffs by the FBI in Season 1. Whether he escaped from federal custody — and knowing a bit about him, it's a safe bet that he did — he's currently cooling his heels in a Russian prison, which is where Chance finds him when Baptiste may be the only person who can help when Ilsa's friend is kidnapped.

— Joe Friedrich