Friday, November 19, 2010

Human Target - Video: "The Wife's Tale" Sneak Peek

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HUMAN TARGET - Sneak Peek of "The Wife's Tale" airing 11/24

Syfy Video: Triassic Attack : Syfy Original Movie

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Triassic Attack : Syfy Original Movie

They're ancient, they're angry and they're out for revenge. Triassic Attack, directed by Eureka's Colin Ferguson premieres Saturday Nov 27 at 9/8C!

Being Human - Syfy Video: I Am Different

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I Am Different - Being Human

This January for three roomates being human is harder than it looks. A new Syfy Original series, "Being Human." Coming in January.

MGM Video: Stargate Universe - "Malice" Featurette with Robert Carlyle

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Stargate Universe Video Featurette - The Younger

Robert Carlyle gives his thoughts on the character Eli Wallace.

Stargate - TV Guide: 90210 Casts Stargate Alum Claudia Black

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Keck's Exclusives: 90210 Casts Stargate Alum Claudia Black

Nov 19, 2010
by William Keck

Aussie actress Claudia Black, who parlayed the role of Aeryn Sun from Farscape to Stargate SG-1, has landed the sexy role of Guru Sona on The CW's 90210.

Beginning in late January, Sona will appear in a three-episode arc as a yoga guru who the West Beverly girls meet on a yoga retreat. But as the mind-body-spirit studies continue, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) will begin to rely on Sona for far more than how to master the downward facing dog position.


Sanctuary - Video: Christopher Heyerdahl & Ryan Robbins guest on Urban Rush

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Christopher Heyerdahl & Ryan Robbins on Urban Rush

From the third season of the groundbreaking sci fi series Sanctuary, actors Christopher Heyerdahl (John Druit, Bigfoot) and Ryan Robbins (Henry Foss) on the UR set with Shaw TV hosts Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes.

Stargate Universe - Sky1: Louis Ferreira Video Interview

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Louis Ferreira Video Interview

Sky1's Superfan paid a visit to the Stargate Universe set for us recently. Here's his interview with Louis Ferreira who plays Colonel Everett Young.

Stargate Universe - Elyse Levesque Interview

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Stargate Universe's Elyse Levesque - Growing Pains

Being the daughter of a U.S. Senator, Chloe Armstrong experienced a world that was slightly elevated from the one that most people around her lived in. As her father’s assistant, she also gained a rare insight into the political arena that the average citizen typically does not have access to. All that changed, though, when she was suddenly thrust into a world that was totally foreign, or alien, to her. As one of dozens trapped onboard the Ancients spaceship Destiny and traveling through the universe, Chloe has had her life turned upside down. At first she was scared, but over the past year, she has proven herself to be a resourceful and dependable member of the team. Daddy’s little girl has truly grown up, as actress Elyse Levesque, who plays Chloe on Stargate Universe, explains.

“She’s matured a great deal, that’s for sure,” says Levesque, taking a breather in-between shooting scenes for the second season Universe story Deliverance. “The girl that we saw at the beginning of last season wouldn’t be able to cope with the situation that she now finds herself in. Chloe has more or less resigned herself to what’s going on in her life and sort of accepted the fact that everything happens for a reason.

“Coming back to work this season I felt a bit different myself and I think that was great because it lent itself to the character. I noticed a big change in how my character spoke and conducted herself. When I read the script for Pathogen, which is the first episode we shot for this year, and then doing the season opener, Intervention, followed by Aftermath, I saw a little of the old Chloe in there, but she wasn’t as na├»ve..."


Stargate Universe - Multichannel News: Frans Fret About SGU

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MY TURN by Kent Gibbons

Fans Fret 'Terriers,' 'SGU'

November 18, 2010

Anxiety exists among fans of Terriers and Stargate: Universe.

I’ve read it, on Alan Sepinwall’s blog about Terriers and on forums about SGU. I feel it, because TV is an expensive business and shows that aren’t runaway hits are vulnerable, no matter how good they are or how much there quality has improved.

... SGU is in its second season on Syfy. It’s the latest series in the Stargate franchise on Syfy and was intended to draw a younger audience than Stargate: Atlantis, which it supplanted. It might be, but it’s a smaller audience. My Nielsen chart has its Nov. 2 episode coming in at 967,000 viewers. More than a half million viewers on average watched the Atlantis fifth season on a live plus same day basis. The show has suffered since moving to Tuesday night this season, as has been pointed out by many fans and by show co-creator Brad Wright.

... So fans of these two shows — whose most recent episodes, SGU’s “Malice” and “Sins Of The Past” on Terriers, hit series highs for quality, in my view — are watching the news tickers for renewals.

And hoping more people watch the shows.