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Warehouse 13 - SciFi Pulse: Eddie McClintock & Saul Rubinek Celebrate A Warehouse 13 Christmas

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Eddie McClintock & Saul Rubinek Celebrate A Warehouse 13 Christmas


Last week we here at SciFiPulse were lucky enough to attend a very special Christmas Party, which was in the form of a conference call with Warehouse 13 stars Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek who were on hand to answer questions about tomorrows Warehouse 13 Christmas special.

It’s no secret that Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek are two of the hardest working actors, and they get around a fair bit too. Eddie McClintock was in Bulgaria during this call doing some work on a Syfy Channel movie called Boogeyman. Which was something Eddie seemed somewhat proud off judging by the amount of plugs he got in for the project during the course of the conference call…

When asked about the Christmas episode, and what their favorite things were about doing it. McClintock described it as being what they have always tried to do with the series, and a fun exchange started between the two actors as a result of this.

Eddie McClintock: I think the Christmas episode is it’s right in line with what we’ve always tried to do with the Warehouse 13 episodes. They’re a lot of fun and there’s some tense moments but again at its heart it’s a nice family show about this family of people that have come together at this strange warehouse out in South Dakota and I think it just stays true to the series and it’s fun.

And Paul Blackthorne who is our guest star does an amazing job and I guess my favorite part was when the nutcracker…

Saul Rubinek: I could’ve told you that that was his favorite part just because he gets to say the word nutcracker.

Eddie McClintock: And I get to say nuts.

Saul Rubinek: Yeah. I could’ve told you that. I have three favorite things that happened to me.

Eddie McClintock: That’s news.

Saul Rubinek: Yeah you’ve talked long enough. I have three favorite things. One is that I got to work with Judd Hirsch who I’d never met but had been such a fan of for so many years and we’d never even meet before, and that was a huge thrill, he’s a wonderful performer, great actor and was just a pleasure to have him on the show, and they had to age him up a little bit to make him old enough to be my dad, but that was a joy.

And the second thing was that for the first time Jack Kenny, our head writer and show runner directed an episode and he was wonderful to work with and it was great to have him as the director of the show, and he wrote the script as well, so that was a pleasure, a real pleasure.

And then I got to perform this little nocturne, or at least part of it, that I had been writing myself on the piano, which took the place of the nocturne that Artie has been working on for years that his father is so happy that he finished it. So I got to do that, so those were three great things for me...

Smallville - Video: "Icarus" Episode Trailer

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Smallville - Icarus Preview

A force will rise to combat the darkness. All new Friday 8/7c.

Guest stars include:

Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan


Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks



Stargate Universe's Alaina Huffman


David Boreanaz - Bones: Video - ""The Doctor In The Photo" Sneak Peek #2

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube Channel

BONES - Preview #2 from "The Doctor In The Photo" airing 12/9!

Catch an all-new BONES on THU at 8/7c!

Guest stars include Francis Capra, Enrico Colantoni, Brian Goodman, Shishir Kurup and Gonzalo Menendez.

Supernatural - Video: The Cover Of TV Guide

Source: The CW You Tube Channel

Supernatural - The Cover Of TV Guide

The cast of Supernatural thanks the fans for voting the show on to the cover of TV Guide!

The Simpsons - Video: Katy Perry sings with The Simpsons!

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THE SIMPSONS - Katy Perry sings with The Simpsons!

Re-watch guest-star Katy Perry on THE SIMPSONS!

Smallville - Video: "Icarus" Sneak Peek

Source: The CW You Tube channel

Smallville - Icarus Preview Clip

Lois finds herself in a tense situation. Catch an all new Smallville this Friday 8/7c!

Guest stars include Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan, Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks and Stargate Universe's Alaina Huffman.

Ice Quake - Syfy Video: "Unprecedented" Sneak Peek - Premieres Dec 11 '10

Source: Syfy

Unprecedented - Ice Quake

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Ice Quake." Premieres Saturday December 11 9/8C.

Ice Quake repeats on Syfy on Monday, December 27 at 10:00pm.

Ice Quake was written by David Ray and directed by Paul Ziller, cast includes Brendan Fehr, Holly Dignard, Jodelle Ferland, Ryan Grantham, Victor Garber, and Stargate Atlantis/Riese: Kingdom Falling's Sharon Taylor.

Being Human - Syfy Video: Meet the Cast

Source: Syfy

Being Human - Meet the Cast

Go behind the scenes of Being Human, premiering January 17 at 9/8C!

Sanctuary: Video - "Vigilante" Episode Trailer

Source: Syfy

Vigilante - Next Episode - Sanctuary : Episode 309

Will releases Adam in an effort to cure Magnus...and find the hidden city

Guest stars include Ian Tracey and Jonathon Young.

Eureka - SFX Magazine: Colin Ferguson & Jordan Hinson Interview

Source: SFX Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Eureka: Colin Ferguson & Jordan Hinson Interview


The actors who play Sheriff Jack Carter and his daughter Zoe talk season four, season five, the Christmas episode and Twitter-mania

... Eureka set the tone for a whole bunch of other Syfy shows. Did you feel like the show was pioneering for the network?

Colin: “When the network set out to create Eureka, they wanted no space, no aliens. They wanted something more mainstream, a version of sci-fi that would appeal to more people. So we were the guinea pig on that, and we definitely took it on the teeth on a couple of fronts, as we all tried to find out what that was going to be. ‘Oh, it’s going to be darker. Oh no, it’s going to be more comedic.”

Jordan: “It took a long time to find out what the tone of it was going to be. It was a process to be sure. And I don’t think we really found it until the second season.”

Colin: “Even through the first year, all the directors that come on to do the show, they would be told outright in the tonal meeting, ‘This is not a comedy, so get that out of your head.’ That was the first thing they were told.”

Emily Deschanel - Bones: TV Tango: Q&A Interview

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Q&A Interview with Emily Deschanel of BONES


TV Tango recently participated in a conference call with Emily Deschanel of BONES. She dished about the Brennan-Booth-Hannah triangle, future storylines, and Thursday's episode. Plus, she talked about her upcoming directorial debut. BONES currently airs Thursdays at 8pm ET on FOX.

... Question: In the next episode ["The Doctor in the Photo," airing Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 at 8PM on FOX] Brennan feels a strong connection to the victim. How did it feel?

Emily Deschanel: "It's hard because you have to go through all of the emtions that she's going through. At the same time it's refreshing because it's a very different episode than most episodes of the show. It's kind of strange. It's a different episode. It's one of my favorite scripts. I haven't seen the final cut yet, but hopefully it's one of my favorite episodes. It's very unique.

It's very personal to Brennan. She's facing her own mortality and also looking at her life, seeing what she would be leaving behind when she dies. You don't see that side of Brennan very often. She becomes very vulnerable trying to solve this case.

There is a woman who is killed and she's a doctor. When they started listing the qualities of this person, Brennan thinks they sound very familiar -- whether they're physical or personal qualities. And then even looking at the photograph of the person who died, it looks like Brennan when she looks at it. It's from Brennan's perspective, this episode. It's very interesting, but very terrifying for Brennan. Confusing.

Then she's visited by a night watchman, who we're not really sure if he exists or not in real life. Enrico Colantoni plays that part, who I've always loved as an actor; so it was fun to work with him.

It was definitely hard to go through that. I was in every single scene of this episode. There were absolutely no breaks whatsoever..."

Supernatural - Video: TV Guide Reveals First Fan Favorite Cover

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TV Guide Reveals First Fan Favorite Cover

Debra Birnbaum, editor in chief of TV Guide Magazine, announced the winner of TV Guide's fan favorite poll which put the readers in control of who graces the magazine's cover.


The six contenders were Bones, Castle, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville and Supernatural.

Fringe - The SciFi Guys: Jasika Nicole Audio Interview

Source: The SciFi Guys

The SciFi Guys - Jasika Nicole Audio Interview


Featuring a special interview, recorded exclusively for the show with a star from the hit Fox TV series Fringe, Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth). In this interview, Jasika talks to Stuart amongst other things, about how she got started on Fringe but also how she got started into acting and she also reveals a special connection with the alternate version of her from the series.



Eureka | Warehouse 13 - Holiday Episodes Photo Previews

Source: SciFi and TV Talk [follow links for each series for photos]

Eureka's O Little Town - A Photo Preview


Dr. Noah Drummer (Chris Parnell) tries to steal a dangerous experiment while a holiday party is underway at Global Dynamics, and an unstable hydrogen crystal threatens the safety of the town.

Warehouse 13's Secret Santa - A Photo Preview

Pete and Myka investigate robberies linked to a malevolent Santa Claus while Artie reunites with his father (Judd Hirsch) on Hanukkah.


Stargate Universe - Sky 1 : Video: Robert Carlyle Interview

Source: Sky1

Stargate: Robert Carlyle On Dr Rush

Robert Carlyle reveals why he was suprised when asked to play the infamous Dr Rush.

Stargate Universe - Julia Benson: Fitness tips from a beautiful TV show starlet

Source: Edmonton Sun [follow link for complete article]

Fitness tips from a beautiful TV show starlet

By CARY CASTAGNA, Edmonton Sun

Last Updated: December 6, 2010


Sci-fi starlet Julia Benson has a perfect workout partner. Almost.

He’s always ready to exercise and he never complains during particularly grueling training sessions.

But he only does cardio.

He is, of course, a 3½-year-old chocolate lab.

“He definitely keeps me active,” the Winnipeg-born actress says in a phone interview from her Vancouver home.

“We run a lot, which is what I love doing the most for exercise. We’ll go down and run at the beach (Spanish Banks). Or we’ll do some hikes. There’s tons of amazing trails around here.”

Her cardio partner’s name is Bauer.

As in the company that makes hockey gear?

“Yeah … or Jack Bauer from 24,” she laughs.

Most days, their outdoor treks last about 45 minutes.

Benson, aka Lt. Vanessa James on science fiction TV show Stargate Universe, also likes to go inline skating in the summer “when it’s not raining in Vancouver...”

Games of Thrones - HBO: Video - Inside Game of Thrones

Source: HBO You Tube channel

Inside Game Of Thrones (HBO)

Go behind the scenes with George R.R. Martin (the author of "A Game Of Thrones"), the executive producers, the crew and the cast as they talk about what to expect in HBO's new dramatic series "Game Of Thrones." The new series premieres April 2011. For more information, go to

Included in the video are actors Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kit Harrington, Sean Bean, Lena Headey, Harry Lloyd and Emilia Clarke; and D.B. Weiss/David Benioff (executive producer/writer), author/executive producer George R. R. Martin, Gemma Jackson (production designer), Richard Roberts (set decorator), Frank Doelger (producer) and Paul Inglis (supervising art director).

Game of Thrones cast includes Sean Bean, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Roy Dotrice, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey, and Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa.

Eureka | Warehouse 13 - TV Guide: Matt's Picks: December 6-9

Source: TV Guide [follow link for complete column]

Matt's Picks: December 6-9

Dec 5, 2010
by Matt Roush

... Eureka and Warehouse 13 (Tuesday, 9/8c, Syfy)


Summer's breeziest sci-fi/fantasy romps return to spread a little seasonal cheer with stand-alone special holiday episodes. First up: Eureka, featuring Saturday Night Live vet Chris Parnell (aka 30 Rock's Dr. Spaceman) as a scientist who threatens the company holiday party when his unstable hydrogen crystal experiment begins to grow at a dangerously high rate. Following that is a new episode of Warehouse 13 in which Pete and Myka are tasked to find a sticky-fingered thief in Santa Claus drag who's making life a holy terror for a workaholic played by Paul Blackthorne. Meanwhile, Artie has a very Hanukkah reunion with his estranged father (special guest Judd Hirsch) after a 30-year separation.