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Mark Harmon - NCIS - USA: Boys of Summer Memorial Day Marathon May 30 '11

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NCIS - USA NETWORK: Boys of Summer Memorial Day Marathon Monday, May 30, 2011

This Memorial Day there's one place you'll find hot guys. And there's nothing cooler than hot guys solving crimes! Tune in to the NCIS Boys of Summer Marathon all day Monday, May 30 on USA!

NCIS cast includes Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, Sean Murray, Cote de Pablo, Brian Dietzen, Rocky Carroll, Lauren Holly and Sasha Alexander.


The discovery of a leg with a Marine tattoo on the calf leads the team to a small town where they uncover a murder scheme involving deception and greed.

Guest stars include Stacy Haiduk, Bonnie Bartlett, Terry Rhoads, Dean Norris, Tom McCleister and Lost's Josh Holloway.

07:00 AM CALL OF SILENCE ** An excellent, superb, marvelous episode **

Charles Durning guest stars as a World War II Medal of Honor recipient who turns himself in to Gibbs, claiming that he murdered his best friend on Iwo Jima nearly 60 years ago.

Guest stars include Charles Durning, Alicia Coppola, Garette Ratliff Henson, Lloyd Kino, Bennet Guillory, Hugh B. Holub, Jason Alan Smith, Scott Miles and Marc Senter.


A petty officer (Hilary Salvatore) with psychological problems claims monsters are after her, and Gibbs' gut tells him she's in real trouble, especially when his investigation is stonewalled by the FBI.

Guest stars include Brigid Brannagh, Dan Ziskie, Jennifer Dundas, Hilary Angelo and Molly Hagan.


09:00 AM BAIT

The team rushes to a high school where the son of a military officer is holding a classroom of students hostage, threatening to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest. Gibbs seizes an opportunity to enter the room and becomes a hostage, and Tony takes command in his absence.

Guest stars include Paul Schulze, Michael Welch, Jade Carter and Mauricio Mendoza.


Gibbs' search for a marine's killer leads to an encounter with FBI agent Fornell (Joe Spano).

Guest stars include Ray Abruzzo, Castle's Jon Huertas, Mercedes Renard, Mark Allan Stewart and Joe Spano.


A prominent senator (Tim DeKay) asks Gibbs to solve the murder of a female Navy officer.

Guest stars include Tim DeKay, Susan Floyd, Marcus Chait, William Bumiller, Bill Sage and Sara Sanderson.


The team investigates the death of a petty officer, who was killed in a car accident, but the agents suspect foul play.

Guest stars include Tracy Scoggins, Antonio Sabato Jr., Brian Letscher, Kai Lennox and Andrew Rothenberg.


01:00 PM CAGED

McGee becomes trapped in a women's prison after inmates riot and take over as the team investigates a guard's murder.

Guest stars include Robert Wisdom, Martha Hackett, Stephanie Niznik, Michael Hyatt, Janina Gavankar and Lisa Rieffel.

02:00 PM LEGEND (1)

Gibbs and McGee work with the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles to solve the murder of a marine, and the investigation turns into a national-security case.

Guest stars include Barrett Foa, LL Cool J, Louise Lombard, Chris O'Donnell, Daniela Ruah, Brian Avers and Michael Peter Bolus.

03:00 PM LEGEND (2)

Gibbs and McGee continue their hunt for the terrorist in Los Angeles; and Tony questions Ziva regarding her relationship with Rivkin.

Guest stars include Chris O'Donnell, Nick Tarabay, Peter Cambor, Merik Tadros, Brian Avers, Barrett Foa, LL Cool J, Joseph Eid, Jill Czarnowski, Liisa Evastina, Louise Lombard and Daniela Ruah.


In the sixth-season finale, the team travels to Israel, where Ziva has an uneasy reunion with her father (Michael Nouri); Tony has a confrontation with Rivkin; and Gibbs makes an important decision that reverberates throughout NCIS.

Guest stars include Arnold Vosloo, Omid Abtahi, Merik Tadros, Michael Nouri and Inger Tudor.


A murder case is reopened when a blogger who accused NCIS of covering up the case is killed.

Guest stars include Jack Conley, Kelly Overton, Erin Cahill, Julian Acosta, H. Richard Greene and Clyde Kusatsu.


While investigating the assassination attempt on a foreign prince, the team learns that Tony's father (Robert Wagner) is connected to the case, and Gibbs is concerned that Tony's effectiveness will be hindered.

Guest stars include Robert Wagner, Alon Aboutboul, Mido Hamada, Amir Arison, Joe Lando and Penny Johnson.


The death of a Navy officer is linked to a prostitute, and the team asks for help from a D.C. madam, Holly Snow (Dina Meyer).

Guest stars include Dina Meyer, Adam Kaufman, Jason London, Taylor Cole and Jillian Bach.


Nathan Fillion - Firefly - Science Channel: Marathon May 29 '11

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FIREFLY - SCIENCE CHANNEL: Marathon Sunday, May 29, 2011

Firefly's cast includes Castle's Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, V's Morena Baccarin, Chuck's Adam Baldwin, Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, The Cape's Summer Glau and Ron Glass.

Sun. May 29 8:00 AM Serenity

Mal's efforts to sell a stash of ill-gotten Alliance materials is derailed by the raiding Reavers and a possible on-board mole in an episode that explains the origins of the Serenity's rag-tag crew

Guest stars include Mark Sheppard, Andy Umberger, Eddie Adams, Colin Patrick, Bonnie Bartlett and Domingo Vara.

Sun. May 29 10:00 AM The Train Job

Mal and Zoe get caught up in a botched cargo robbery, leaving Jayne (Adam Baldwin) to jockey for control of the ship.

Guest stars include Tom Towles, Andrew Bryniarski, Michael Fairman, Gregg Henry and Valerie Red-Horse.

Sun. May 29 11:00 AM Bushwacked

A salvage mission goes from dreary to deadly after the crew members find their site ravaged by the cannibalistic Reavers and targeted by an Alliance ship that could do more damage than anyone imagined.

Guest stars include Doug Savant, Branden R. Morgan, Jared Poe and Lancer Dean Shull.

Sun. May 29 12:00 PM Shindig

There's trouble ahead for Mal (Nathan Fillion) after he gets into a dust-up with one of Inara's less-than-noble clients. Making things worse, there's a warlord with an eye on the Serenity.

Guest stars include Mark Sheppard, Edward Atterton, Larry Drake, Carl Bresk and Larry Pennell.

Sun. May 29 1:00 PM Safe

A battle with cattle dealers leaves Book in dire need of Simon's aid. Too bad the doctor---and his sister---is out of reach, having been abducted by hillbillies looking for a healer.

Guest stars include Isabella Hofmann, William Converse-Roberts, John Thaddeus, Andy Rolfes, Matthew Ferreira, Erica Tazel, Morina Pierce, Skylar Roberge and Zac Efron.

Sun. May 29 2:00 PM Our Mrs. Reynolds

The discovery of a stowaway (Christina Hendricks) leads to an even more shocking find---she's actually Mal's payment for a past job. Meanwhile, the Alliance has its eye on the Serenity. Or at least someone aboard it.

Guest stars include Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, Benito Martinez, Erik Passoja and Bob Fimiani.

Sun. May 29 3:00 PM Jaynestown

Jayne gets a hero's welcome when the ship visits a planet where one of his botched gigs led to good fortune for the residents. But his former partner in crime comes looking for some payback, and Inara steps in to keep the peace, resorting to the only method she knows.

Guest stars include Gregory Itzin, Daniel Bess, Kevin Gage, Zachary Kranzler and Ronald Craig Williams.

Sun. May 29 4:00 PM Out of Gas

Mal flash backs to how it all started on the Serenity after an explosion leaves the ship crippled and running out of oxygen.

Guest stars include Steven Flynn, Ilia Volok, Lyle Kanouse, Dax Griffin and Roderick McCarthy.

Sun. May 29 5:00 PM Ariel

The crew helps Simon infiltrate a ritzy planet's hospital for info on the experiments going on at River's school. But as he uncovers the cause of her psychosis, a betrayal by one of the Serenity members puts the Tam siblings back into the hands of the Alliance.

Guest stars include Blake Robbins, Jeff Ricketts, Dennis Cockrum, Tom Virtue and Roma Chugani.

Sun. May 29 6:00 PM War Stories

A vengeful crime lord sets out to derail Wash and Mal's medical-supplies scam as payback for Mal's part in a botched train heist. But the bad guy may have met his match in another member of the Serenity crew, who refuses to see the captain go down without a fight.

Guest stars include Michael Fairman, Katherine Kendall, Rolando Molina, John Dunn and Michael Bentt.

Sun. May 29 7:00 PM Trash

Mal meets up with an old friend and has an unexpected liaison with an old enemy---Saffron, his con-artist wife.

Guest stars include Christina Hendricks, Franc Ross, Dwier Brown and John Eric Bentley.

Sun. May 29 8:00 PM The Message

Mal and Zoe receive the body of a comrade, with a request to return it to his family.

Guest stars include Jonathan M. Woodward, The Sentinel's Richard Burgi, Al Pugliese, Tod Nakamura, Craig Vincent and Morgan Rusler.

Sun. May 29 9:00 PM Heart of Gold

Inara struggles with her growing feelings for Mal when they visit a remote bordello planet to defend her companion colleague (Melinda Clarke) from a brutal land baron.

Guest stars include Melinda Clarke, Kimberly McCullough, Fredric Lehne, Tracy Ryan, Heather Black, Angie Hart, Doan Ly and Sandy Mulvihill.

Sun. May 29 10:00 PM Objects in Space

A bounty hunter (Richard Brooks) is lured into a treacherous game of cat and mouse after he infiltrates the Serenity to deliver the much sought-after River to the Alliance.

Guest stars include Richard Brooks.

Sun. May 29 11:00 PM The Message
Sun. May 29 12:00 AM Heart of Gold
Sun. May 29 1:00 AM Objects in Space
Sun. May 29 2:00 AM War Stories

Deleted Scenes from Firefly

Raiders of the Lost Ark - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks May 28 '11 - USA 8:30pm

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MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Saturday, May 28, 2011

... Raiders of the Lost Ark

8:30 PM, USA

In the snake-riddled 1981 movie that started the Indiana Jones franchise, Harrison Ford plays the romancing, swashbuckling hero who fights the Nazis in an attempt to procure the most important archaeological find in all of history: the Ark of the Covenant. Karen Allen co-stars as the alcohol-swilling love interest.

Alphas - Syfy Video: Stretch the Capabilities - Sneak Peek - Premieres Jul 11 - 11

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ALPHAS - SYFY VIDEO: Stretch the Capabilities - Sneak Peek - Premieres Monday, July 11, 2011 at 10/9C

Stretch the Capabilities - Series Premiere - Alphas

Alphas cast includes David Strathairn, Malik Yoba, Warren Christie, Laura Mennell, Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada.

Sanctuary - Reading Eagle: Amanda Tapping merges Syfy stardom with charity program

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Sanctuary Monday

SANCTUARY - READING EAGLE: Amanda Tapping merges Syfy stardom with charity program

By Ian Spelling
New York Times Syndicate

"Sanctuary" is at once an epic disaster and a huge success story.

No one can attest to that more than Amanda Tapping, who stars on, co-executive produces and occasionally directs the show, which kicked off in 2007 as an eight-episode Web series and will close its third season as a Syfy Channel hit, with a fourth season currently in production...


... Tapping is on the telephone to discuss the final two episodes of Season 3, "Into the Blue" and "Out of the Black," which will air on June 10 and June 17, respectively.

"Once again 'Sanctuary' paints itself into what seems to be an impossible corner to get out of," Tapping said, laughing softly. "When we got the pickup for Season 4, we were like, 'Aha, how are we going to get out of this one?' At the end of Season 2, a tidal wave was heading toward Earth, and, at the end of Season 3, we have no idea where we are or what will happen.

"Our story line about Hollow Earth plays very big.

"There's a huge insurgence that happens, which the Sanctuary team has to deal with. The government has become more involved than we've ever wanted them to be, and Magnus finds herself in the most ridiculous and unexpected place.

"So the start of our fourth season has all been about, 'How do we quell this uprising, and how do we get Magnus back?' " Tapping said. "I think the only way you can creatively continue is to scare the crap out of yourself and try to do something that everyone says is impossible. That's how we've always rolled."

A unique byproduct of "Sanctuary" is something called Sanctuary for Kids. Spearheaded by Tapping, it's a not-for-profit organization that raises funds for children in crisis throughout the world. Since 2009 the sale of "Sanctuary" scripts, autographs, set visits, Skype chats and such has raised more than $250,000 for Sanctuary for Kids.

"I'm super-proud of this initiative," the actress said.

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks May 28 '11 - TCM 8/7C

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MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Saturday, Many 28, 2011

... Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

8:00 PM, TCM

World War II was still going on when Hollywood offered up this dramatization of the Doolittle raid, a bold air attack on Japan just a few weeks after Pearl Harbor. Spencer Tracy plays the mission's leader, Lt. Col. James Doolittle, with Van Johnson, Robert Walker and Phyllis Thaxter also in the cast. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy, the 1944 film earned an Oscar nomination for cinematography and a win for special effects.

Fringe - Give Me My Remote TV Video: The producers weigh in on the two universes and fan theories for season 4

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FRINGE - GIVE ME MY REMOTE TV VIDEO: The producers weigh in on the two universes and fan theories for season 4

At Paley Center, FRINGE executive producers J.H. Wyman, Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner talk with's Marisa Roffman about whether there will only be one universe. Plus, they tackle some fan theories about season 4, including one from LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks May 28 11 - Syfy 6:30pm

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MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Saturday, May 28, 2011

... Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

6:30 PM, SYFY

The Enterprise crew journeys back to the 1980s to save a pair of humpback whales, preventing the extinction of the species and saving the Earth. Leonard Nimoy directed this 1986 big-screen "Trek" outing filled with priceless comic moments. Among them: Scotty's (James Doohan) encounter with a 20th-century computer and Kirk's (William Shatner) attempt to explain the oddly behaving Spock (Nimoy) as a burned-out druggie from the '60s. Catherine Hicks also stars.

Click here for a schedule of the Syfy May 28, 2011 Star Trek movie marathon.

Sanctuary - InnerSPACE: Robin Dunne and Damian Kindler Video Interview - Normandy

Source: You Tube

Sanctuary Monday

SANCTUARY - INNERSPACE - Robin Dunne and Damian Kindler Video Interview - Normandy

InnerSpace is on the move! The guys from InnerSpace talk about each episode of Sanctuary after it airs, giving us some really cool things to know about. The InnerSpace guys talk about about how amazing the episode was, things they liked about the episode, how it was very well done in many ways, how the cast and crew felt about it, some little Sanctuary twists on history, and some really cool things that make this episode so outstanding. Robin talks about how this is Sanctuary's biggest episode every in every aspect, why he loved doing it, and how The Five have made an impact on history. And Damian talks about why they did Normandy, what makes this such a great story, and how the events of Normandy connect to the Normandy of today. Oh, and the guys even read fan mail about the episode. ;)

Every week InnerSpace hosts Ajay Fry and Teddy Wilson will follow each episode of Sanctuary after it airs on the Space channel. They'll be chatting about the making of the series, including in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

"Carentan," the next new Sanctuary episodes airs Monday, June 6, 2011 at 10/9C in the USA on Syfy.