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Ice Quake - Syfy Video: Sneak Peek Airs Dec 11 '10

Source: Syfy

Ice Quake - Sneak Peek : Syfy Original Movie

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Ice Quake." Premieres Saturday December 11 9/8C.

Ice Quake repeats on Syfy on Monday, December 27 at 10:00pm.

Ice Quake was written by David Ray and directed by Paul Ziller, cast includes Brendan Fehr, Holly Dignard, Jodelle Ferland, Ryan Grantham, Victor Garber, and Stargate Atlantis/Riese: Kingdom Falling's Sharon Taylor.

Game of Thrones: Video - Clip Preview

Source: HBO You Tube Channel

Game of Thrones cast includes Sean Bean, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Roy Dotrice, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey, and Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa.

"Game Of Thrones" will be premiering on HBO in 2011. For more information, go to http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones

Fringe - Video: "Entrada" Movie Style Trailer

Source: Entertainment Weekly [follow link for text article.]

Fringe "Entrada" airs Thursday, December 2 at 9pm on FOX.

David Boreanaz - Bones: Video - Preview #1 from "Twisted Bones in The Melted Truck" airing 12/2

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube Channel

BONES - Preview #1 from "Twisted Bones in The Melted Truck" airing 12/2

Catch an all-new BONES on THU at 8/7c!

Doctor Who - Crave Online: Piers Wenger on 'Doctor Who'

Source: Crave Online [follow link for complete interview]

Piers Wenger on 'Doctor Who'


One of the executive producers of "Doctor Who" gives us a glimpse of the Christmas special and the upcoming sixth season!

by Blair Marnell
November 30, 2010

Piers Wenger may not be a house hold name here in America, but as the current Head of Drama at BBC Wales, Wenger has an important role in shaping British television. Earlier this year, Wenger and fellow "Doctor Who" Executive Producer Steven Moffat successfully finished their first season together on the show while introducing a new Doctor (Matt Smith), new companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).

With the fifth season of "Doctor Who" currently out on DVD and an all new Christmas special airing next month on BBC America, Wenger recently spoke with CraveOnline about his earliest experiences with "Doctor Who," his favorite moments of the fifth season and what's coming up in the "Who" Christmas special and the brand new season six starting next spring.

... CraveOnline: What can you tell us about the "Doctor Who" Christmas special coming out in December?

Piers Wenger: It's called "A Christmas Carol" and you know Steven [Moffat's] obsession with timelines to drive a story is very well documented. It's based on the iconic Christmas story that does that. It's very much a "Doctor Who" "Christmas Carol." He meets a character named Kazran Sardick played by Michael Gambon who is similar to Scrooge and the Doctor appears to him as the Ghost of Christmas Past and takes him back to his childhood and tries to show him the error of his ways while trying to save Amy and Rory who are trapped on a [space] train...


Source: BBC America


The Doctor Who Christmas Special airs in the United States on BBC America on Christmas Day, Saturday, December 25 at 9/8C.


Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser, in a festive edition of the time-travelling adventure, written by Steven Moffat. But is Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve?

Matt and Karen return for an all-new Christmas special, along with Arthur Darvill and guest stars Michael Gambon (Harry Potter) and Katherine Jenkins.

Lead Writer and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, confirmed, 'Oh, we're going for broke with this one. It's all your favorite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters. And the Doctor. And a honeymoon. And ... oh, you'll see. I've honestly never been so excited about writing anything!'

It's Doctor Who all Christmas long with a marathon of favorites starting on December 24th at Midnight leading up to the special. BBC AMERICA will also premiere the Doctor Who Prom on Christmas Day, a live concert featuring stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as hosts.

Stargate Universe - 10 Things You Didn't Know About David Blue

Source: MGM

10 Things You Didn't Know About David Blue


Eli Wallace may have the raw talent Dr. Rush never had, but his motivation for anything aside from video games and cereal was at record lows before stepping aboard the Destiny. Now he must push his wunderkid genius to the level of Rush's experience while dishing advice to Chloe, working on his open ended Kino documentary and being the resident sci-fi pop culture guru.

But as it happens, David Blue wanted to be Big Bird before wanting to be Eli Wallace:

1. I'm a trained triple-threat. And as much as I love my acting career, sometimes I miss singing and dancing.

2. My favorite class in college was Humanities. I loved learning about different cultures, religions and histories.

3. I went to Space Camp.

4. The first full song I ever taught myself on piano was Sarah McLachlan's "Angel".

5. I hang up photos of my friends everywhere in my set trailer to make me feel at home.

6. My favorite board game is Stratego.

7. The first thing I ever wanted to be as a kid was Big Bird. I was heartbroken when my parents reminded me I couldn't be him, because there already was one.

8. I used to collect TV Guide's that had my favorite shows on the cover. I had an entire drawer full of them.

9. I was obsessed with LEGOs as a kid. I had a million of them and built entire worlds... then proceeded to destroy them.

10. When I was young, I'd beg my parents every week to let me stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. They eventually got tired of me bugging them and one night said if I "could stay awake until it started, I could watch." I fell asleep at 10PM.

Follow David on Twitter @DavidBlue

Star Trek: Video Clip - "Blending In"

Source: CBS

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever - Blending In

Kirk and Spock are transported through the portal to the 1930s Great Depression era, where they steal clothes to better blend in.

Stargate Universe - Sky1 Video: Jamil Walker Smith Interview

Source: Sky1

Jamil Walker Smith On Ronald Greer

Jamil Walker Smith tells us why Msgt. Ronald Greer is such an inspirational character.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stargate Universe - SciFi and TV Talk: Alaina Huffman Interview

Source: SciFi and TV Talk [follow link for complete interview]

Stargate Universe's Alaina Huffman - Space Medic


by Steve Eramo

How cool is Stargate Universe‘s Alaina Huffman. Having spent the past few days traveling through hyperspace and saving lives onboard the Ancients starship Destiny as Lt. Tamara “TJ” Johansen, the actress has very kindly come in on her day off to talk about her work on the series. In Universe’s first season two-part cliffhanger finale Incursion, TJ was among those taken hostage when the Lucian Alliance boarded Destiny. It was a tension-filled time for the lieutenant, who was also pregnant, as was Huffman in real life, but happily for the actress, she enjoyed the experience far more than her TV alter ego.

“We started out the first season with [producer] Andy Mikita [who directed Universe’s three-part opener, Air], ended the season with Andy, and had a few of Andy’s episodes in-between, so that was great,” recalls Huffman. “He knows Stargate extremely well, so to have him in control of this big finale was reassuring.

“For me, because TJ was being held captive by the Lucian Alliance, I really didn’t work with my fellow cast mates, but, instead, the actors who were playing members of the Lucian Alliance. We had Rhona Mitra [Kiva, leader of the Lucian Alliance], and it was a pleasure to work with her. When I first read the script, I kind of cornered [series co-creator/execute producer] Rob Cooper and asked, ‘Can she stay?’ However, I think it worked out better for Kiva to have a limited yet strong impact. I just loved that character. We have a lot of Alpha male characters on the show, so it was nice for a change to have a female in power, even if she was on the wrong side..."

The Vampire Diaries - Video: The Sacrifice Preview

Source: The CW You Tube Channel

The Vampire Diaries - The Sacrifice Preview

Don't miss The Vampire Diaries. All new Thursday 8/7c!

Smallville - Video: Luthor Preview

Source: The CW You Tube Channel

Smallville - Luthor Preview

In a parallel reality, Clark Kent is Clark Luthor! Don't miss Smallville all new Friday 8/7c.

Fringe - Video: "Entrada" Sneak Peek

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube Channel

FRINGE - Sneak Peek of "Entrada" airing 12/2

Catch FRINGE on THU at 9/8c!

Human Target - Video: Sneak Peek "Taking Ames"

Source: FOX Broadcasting You Tube Channel

HUMAN TARGET - Sneak Peek of "Taking Ames" airing 12/1

Catch HUMAN TARGET on WED at 8/7c!

Mike Dopud guest stars.

Sanctuary - Syfy Video: "For King and Country" Episode Trailer

Source: Syfy

For King and Country - Next Episode - Sanctuary : Episode 308

Magnus and the Sanctuary team investigate Adam's links to Hollow Earth.

Guest stars include Peter Wingfield, Jonathon Young, Ian Tracey and Vincent Gale.


Peter Wingfield as Dr. James Watson, Christopher Heyerdahl as John Druitt and Amanda Tapping as Helen Magnus


Source: You Tube

Stargate Universe - MGM Video Featurette: Alaina Huffman "We Are Visited"

Source: MGM

Stargate Universe Video Featurette - "We Are Visited"

Alaina Huffman talks about TJ's experiences in the SGU episode "Visitation".

Game of Thrones - Video: In Production

Source: HBO

Making Game of Thrones

Premiering 2011

Game of Thrones: In Production


Game of Thrones star Sean Bean explains why the series is unlike anything he's ever worked on when HBO goes behind the scenes in Belfast.

Stargate Universe - MGM Video Featurette with Director Andy Mikita

Source: MGM

Stargate Universe Video Featurette - "Dialed In"

Director Andy Mikita talks about his favorite scene from SGU episode "Trial and Error".

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Human Target - Bear McCreary Audio Interview

Source: SciFi Pulse

SciFi Pulse - Episode 94 - Bear McCreary


For this episode we feature a new interview with composer Bear McCreary, who talks about his score for Human Target as well as other things he has in the pipeline. We also feature the return of Waynes Comics and our weekly television discussion. So don't miss it.


Bear McCreary's Blog

Mars Needs Moms - Video: Movie Trailer

Mars Needs Moms has a scheduled release date of March 11, 2011. Based on the Berkeley Breathed book, and stars the voice talents of Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Elisabeth Harnois, Mindy Sterling, Kevin Cahoon and Joan Cusack.

Game of Thrones - Video: Inside Game of Thrones Preview

Source: HBO

HBO: Game of Thrones Preview

Premiering in 2011 on HBO, the Game of Thrones cast includes Sean Bean, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Roy Dotrice, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey, and Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa.

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Syfy Video: Episode 10 "Reunion"

Source: Syfy

Episode 10: Reunion : Riese: Kingdom Falling

The fate of Eleysia hangs in the balance as Riese learns of her brother's fate.

Cast includes Christine Chatelain, Ben Cotton, Patrick Gilmore, Ryan Grantham, Richard Harmon, Allison Mack, Ryan Robbins and Sharon Taylor.

Stargate Universe - Sky 1: Ming Na Video Interview

Source: Sky1

Camile Wray on Ming-Na

Camile Wray tells us about the vulnerable side to her character Ming-Na.

Space Precinct - Marathon on Syfy (US) Nov 28 thru Dec 1 '10

1994′s "Space Precinct" (starring Ted Shackelford, Rob Youngblood, Simone Bendix, Jerome Willis, Nick Klein, Megan Olive, Mary Woodvine and Gary Martin), is currently scheduled to air on Syfy (US) as a marathon of all 24 episodes, beginning Nov. 29 ’10. Eight episodes will run from 8am through 4pm on Nov. 29, an additional eight episodes on Nov. 30 and the remaining eight episodes on Dec. 1.

Series synopsis from IMDB:

Space Precinct Opening Titles

The extraterrestrial adventures of former NYPD detective Patrick Brogan, now a lieutenant with the Demeter City police force on the planet Altor. Brogan and his partner Jack Haldane must adjust to living in another solar system, and investigating crimes being committed by aliens as well as humans.

Space Precinct was a Gerry Anderson creation.


Video source: You Tube

This series also became available for sale on DVD on November 23, click here for a press release.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nathan Fillion - Castle: Video - TV Guide On the Set Visit

Source: TV Guide You Tube Channel

TV Guide Specials / Castle On Set with Hollywood 411

TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411 visits the set of the ABC hit Castle! Star Nathan Fillion describes the show's keys to success and fun work environment, while Stana Katic and Tamala Jones verify Fillion's deserved rep as a prankster.

Hollywood Treasure Video Promo - "What Will He Find Next?"

Source: Syfy

What Will He Find Next? - Hollywood Treasure

Joe will stop at nothing to find the pieces of Tinsel Town's past. Wednesdays at 10/9C!

Star Trek: Video Clip - "Jingle Bells"

Source: CBS

Star Trek - Jingle Bells

The crew on the USS Enterprise get a little carried away playing Jingle Bells on the ship's buttons...

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Syfy Video: Episode 9 "Retribution"

Source: Syfy

Episode 9: Retribution : Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese faces the darkest depth of the Sect's insanity.

Cast includes Christine Chatelain, Gina Chiarelli, Patrick Gilmore, Ryan Grantham, Richard Harmon, Alessandro Juliani, Peter Kelamis, Ryan Robbins, Sharon Taylor and Emilie Ullerup.

Triassic Attack - TV Guide: Tonight's TV Hot List: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010

Source: TV Guide [follow link for complete column]

Tonight's TV Hot List: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010

Triassic Attack

9/8c Syfy

If you're looking for a flick that has dinosaurs coexisting with modern humans but eschews the usual route of DNA sequencing to bring the extinct beasties into our realm, look no further. Eureka sheriff Colin Ferguson directs this made-for-TV monster movie about a roadside museum operator who accidentally unleashes three dinosaurs on a small town and a local university.

— Michael Chant


Other news articles:

The Buffalo News Blogs: Killer dino fossils for the holidays

CNN: Saturday night on Syfy: A campy, guilty pleasure

Daemon's TV: Colin Ferguson Talks TRIASSIC ATTACK and EUREKA Holiday Special

IGN: Syfy Unleashes Triassic Attack

Triassic Attack: Syfy Video Sneak Peak Airs Nov 27 at 9pm

Source: Syfy

You Better Get Going - Triassic Attack

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Triassic Attack." Premieres Saturday November 27 9/8C. Directed by Eureka's Colin Ferguson. Cast includes Steven Brand, Kirsty Mitchell, Raoul Trujillo, Nathalie Buscombe, Emilia Clarke and Michael Sterward.

Sanctuary - Syfy Video: "For King and Country" Sneak Peek

Source: Syfy

For King and Country - Sneak Peek - Sanctuary

Watch a sneak peek from the next all-new episode of Sanctuary! Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!

Guest stars include Jonathon Young as Tesla and Margot Berner - and Christopher Heyerdahl's John Druitt returns!

Source: You Tube

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stargate Universe - Sky1: Brian J. Smith Video Interview

Source: Sky1

Stargate Universe: Brian J. Smith Interview

Sky1 Superfan meets Brian J. Smith who plays Matthew Scott in Stargate Universe.

PaleyFest TV Serminars - NEW Paley Center DVDS Available

Source: The Paley Center for Media [follow link for more info]

New Paley Center DVDs

TV superfans rejoice! Just in time for the holidays, this is what you've been waiting for... 44 of the Paley Center's most popular panel events are available on DVD on Amazon.com! (Downloads available December 2.)



- Bones (4/9/2008)
- Castle (3/16/10)
- ER: 300th Episode Celebration (12/3/2007)
- Inside Project Runway (12/4/2007)
- Saving Grace (6/13/2009)
- Saving Grace: Holly Hunter (12/3/2007)
- Scrubs (11/10/2007)
- Sex and the City (10/1/2003)
- The Who: Amazing Journey: Roger Daltrey (10/30/2007)
- The Young and the Restless 35th Anniversary (4/10/2008)
- 30 Days (6/19/2007)
- 30 Rock (10/30/2006)


- American Idol (3/1/2007)
- Battlestar Galactica (3/3/2006)
- Brothers & Sisters (3/5/2007)
- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (3/1/2001)
- Dancing With The Stars (3/21/2008)
- Desperate Housewives (3/8/2005)
- Dexter (3/7/2007)
- Dollhouse (4/15/2009)
- Entourage (3/1/2006)
- Family Guy (3/9/2006)
- Friends (10/4/1996)
- Fringe (4/23/2009)
- Gossip Girl (3/22/2008)
- Grey's Anatomy (2/28/2006)
- Heroes (3/10/2007)
- House (3/8/2006)
- How I Met Your Mother (3/13/2006)
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (4/10/2009)
- Mad Men (3/27/2008)
- Monk (3/7/2003)
- My Name is Earl (3/7/2006)
- Nip/Tuck (3/8/2007)
- Prison Break (3/9/2007)
- Pushing Daisies (3/15/2008)
- The Closer (3/6/2007)
- The Hills (4/21/2009)
- The Mentalist (4/17/2009)
- The Office (3/2/2007)
- The Simpsons (3/15/2007)
- The X-Files (3/26/2008)
- Ugly Betty (3/12/2007)
- Weeds (3/15/2006)

To view clips of these programs, visit our Screening Room.

Sanctuary - Damian Kindler Interview

Source: Show Patrol [follow link for complete interview]

Damian Kindler: 'Sanctuary' headed to 'whole new realm'

by Curt Wagner on 11.26.10


So far in Season 3 of "Sanctuary," Helen Magnus and her team have saved the world and a few abnormals, not to mention Will, Kate and Henry. But show runner Damian Kindler says that is only the start of the fun.

"I sound like a broken record, but I just love Season 3," he said during my visit to the Vancouver set in September.

The season kicks into high gear with "Breach," which airs at 9 p.m. Nov. 26 on Syfy. Magnus (Amanda Tapping), Will (Robin Dunne) and Kate (Agam Darshi) respond to an anonymous call for help at an abandoned building. They don't find anything, but when Kate and Will leave the building, Magnus gets trapped inside.

As you can see in the previews, someone wants Magnus all to himself. Kindler offered a clue:

"We introduce a villain who dates back from Victorian England," Kindler said, "who was the inspiration for Jekyll and Hyde."

"Breach" which was written by Kindler and directed by Martin Wood, adds to the story of the mysterious holographic map that was given to Magnus by her father, Gregory. The plotline was the lynchpin that helped Kindler figure out how to create the first 20-episode season of "Sanctuary" (up from 13).

"I'm really gratified where it goes, because it takes us to a whole new realm. It takes us to a whole new kind of idea of where humans came from and where monsters came from," Kindler said. "It takes Season 3 in, I think, a pretty cool direction."

Kindler and I talked more about Season 3 (mild spoiler alert), working with the "Sanctuary" crew and why Robin Dunne will never be allowed to participate in the DVD commentary tracks...

Fringe - SciFi Now: Anna Torv Interview

Source: SciFi Now Magazine [follow link for complete interview]

Anna Torv interview

November 25, 2010
by Steve Nash

We caught up with the Fringe actress a little while back...


As an audience, we want to know what makes B-Olivia tick.

So do I. She is completely the same person as Olivia genetically and when we first went over there I would have liked to have put her as a completely different character but essentially they are in exactly the same job, they are so much alike that they have ended up with the same partner in Charlie, and the same boss, so they are pretty, pretty close, and that’s not giving anything away because at the end of the second season you find out that Faux-livia is in our world and Olivia is over here so I still really haven’t had any time with Faux-livia in her real environment so I don’t know. I’d really like to find out more about her because I think she will be a bit of a different person when she ends up going back. I don’t know what they are planning, but if we end up keeping this parallel universe, Olivia is going to end up getting back there but if we do stick on this other side for a bit I think it will be fun to watch them fight it out, that would be cool.

Melora Hardin Audio Interview

Source: Demon FM

Demon FM's exclusive interview with Melora Hardin (The Office and Outlaw)



Riese: Kingdom Falling - Syfy Video: Episode 8 - "Indoctrination"

Source: Syfy

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Episode 8: Indoctrination

Cast includes Christine Chatelain, Gina Chiarelli, Ben Cotton, Patrick Gilmore, Richard Harmon, Peter Kelamis, Allison Mack and Sharon Taylor.

Stargate Universe - MGM Video: "Malice" Featurette "Found Someone" with David Blue

Source: MGM

Stargate Universe Video Featurette - "Found Someone"

David Blue talks about the loss of Ginn and how that will affect Eli.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Supernatural - Video: "Caged Heat" Sneak Peek

Source: CW Television You Tube

Supernatural - Caged Heat Preview Clip

Dean questions whether or not Sam even wants his soul back. All new Friday, Dec. 3 9/8c.

Guest stars include Mark Sheppard, Rachel Miner and Laura Mennell.

Zachary Levi Audio Interview - Chuck and Tangled

Source: Hollywood Outbreak



Zachary Levi, star of NBC's "Chuck," stars in the new animated theatrical film, "Tangled," that opened in theaters on November 24, 2010.

Hollywood Outbreak recently interviewed Zachary and the audio file is available for:



MGM Video: Stargate Universe - Alaina Huffman "Another Layer"

Source: MGM

Stargate Universe Video Featurette - "Another Layer"

Alaina Huffman discusses the relationship between Col. Young and TJ.

Sanctuary - Video: Robin Dunne at Syfy Digital Press Panel

Source: Crave Online

'Sanctuary' Syfy Digital Press Panel

Actor Robin Dunne talks about the hit series from this year's Syfy Digital Press Tour.

by Blair Marnell
Nov 23, 2010

Syfy Video: Riese: Kingdom Falling Episode 7 "Beast"

Source: Syfy

Episode 7: Beast : Riese: Kingdom Falling

Amara realizes the Sect's deception while Riese uncovers the dark secrets of Vidar.

Cast includes Christine Chatelain, Patrick Gilmore, Alessandro Juliani, Robin Nielsen, Ryan Robbins, Sharon Taylor and Emilie Ullerup.

Stargate Universe - Video: Jennifer Spence on Urban Rush

Source: Urban Rush You Tube Channel

Jennifer Spence on Urban Rush

Actor Jennifer Spence (Dr. Lisa Park) from the sci-fi series Stargate Universe on the UR set with Shaw TV hosts Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes.

Sanctuary - Video: Robin Dunne on Urban Rush

Source: Urban Rush You Tube Channel

Robin Dunne on Urban Rush

Actor Robin Dunne (Dr. Will Zimmerman in Sanctuary) on the Shaw TV Vancouver, Urban Rush set with hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Human Target - Video: Sneak Peek "The Wife's Tale"

Source: FOXBroadcasting You Tube Channel

Human Target - "The Wife's Tale"

Don't miss this all-new episode of HUMAN TARGET, TONIGHT at 8/7c, on FOX!

Syfy Video: Triassic Attack Sneak Peek "You Better Get Going"

Source: Syfy

You Better Get Going - Triassic Attack

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Triassic Attack." Premieres Saturday November 27 9/8C.

Directed by Eureka's Colin Ferguson.

Stargate Universe - Syfy Video - "Resurgence" Sneak Peek - LAST 2010 New Episode

Source: Syfy

Resurgence - Sneak Peek - Stargate Universe

Watch a sneak peek from the next all-new episode of Stargate Universe! Tuesday at 9/8C!

Source: You Tube

MGM Video: Stargate Universe - "Visitation" Featurette - Just How Powerful

Source: MGM

Stargate Universe Video Featurette - Visitation - Just How Powerful

Executive producer Brad Wright discusses why he wanted to do the SGU episode "Visitation".

Syfy Video: Riese: Kingdom Falling Episode 6 "Prey"

Source: Syfy

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Episode 6: Prey

Riese tracks the Sect's shipments...and finds a deeper mystery.

Cast includes Christine Chatelain, Patrick Gilmore, Ryan Grantham, Richard Harmon, Allison Mack and Sharon Taylor.

Syfy Video: Stargate Universe - Robert Carlyle - Season 2 Q&A: Part 2

Source: Syfy

Robert Carlyle - Season 2 Q&A: Part 2 : Stargate Universe

Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) answers season 2 fan questions in this exclusive Q&A series.

Syfy Video: Stargate Universe - "Resurgence" Trailer - LAST 2010 New Episode

Source: Syfy

Resurgence - Next Episode - Stargate Universe : Episode 210

The Destiny crew happens on a field of ship debris that is not what it seems.

Source: You Tube

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tron: Legacy - Video - Movie Trailer

Tron: Legacy is scheduled to open December 17, 2010 in the US. Cast includes Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, Bruce Boxleitner, Serinda Swan and James Frain.

Stargate Universe - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer Spence

Source: MGM

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer Spence


Dr. Lisa Park's composure and sensibilities might be the perfect antidote to Dr. Rush's mad scientist impulses. These qualities, paired with her charm and quiet confidence, have resulted in a few under the radar, intimate moments with some of Destiny's male crewmembers.

Now you can find out a little about the beauty behind the brains:

1. The first steps I ever took were in a sideways direction.

2. My first crush was Atreyu in Neverending Story.

3. I don't have any tattoos.

4. I don't like mushrooms.

5. I'm happy to sleep til 2pm if left to my own devices.

6. I talk in my sleep.

7. I'm a terrible dancer.

8. I can speak a bit of French.

9. I love telling and hearing filthy jokes.

10. I love karaoke.

Follow Jennifer on Twitter @SpenceJen

Stargate Universe - Elyse Levesque Video Interview

Source: Sky1

Stargate Universe: Elyse Levesque Interview

Sky1's Superfan, Nidai, was lucky enough to grab an interview with Stargate Universe's Elyse Levesque.

Supernatural - Video: "Caged Heat" Episode Trailer

Source: CW Television You Tube Channel

Supernatural - Caged Heat Preview

There's no escape from Hell's prison. All new Friday, Dec. 3 9/8c.

NCIS: Video - Whose Side Is Liat On?

Source: TV Guide

NCIS: Whose Side Is Liat On?

NCIS' "Enemies Domestic" airs Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 8pm on CBS. Sarai Givaty (Mossad Officer Liat Tuvia) shares her theories on whose side Liat is on.

Syfy Video: Riese: Kingdom Falling Episode 5 "Dawn"

Source: Syfy

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Episode 5: Dawn

Herrick's actions in Helmkin set the rebellion and Riese in motion.

Cast includes Christine Chatelain, Patrick Gilmore, Alessandro Juliani, Robin Nielsen, Ryan Robbins, Sharon Taylor and Emilie Ullerup.

Riese: Kingdom Falling - Ryan Robbins Audio Interview

Source: Film Festival Radio

Ryan Robbins from Sy Fy's "Riese Kingdom Falling"

10/26/2010 - 34 min

Ryan Robbins stars as "Rand" on RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING,the critically acclaimed,award-winning steampunk, digital series that airs on SyFy.com Second guest is Chef Lorena Garcia,who is a celebrity guest chef on The Biggest Loser show.



Stargate Universe - Brad Wright Interview

Source: SciFi and TV Talk [follow link for complete interview]

Stargate Universe's Brad Wright - It's A Wonderful Life

by Steve Eramo

It seems like only yesterday, but it was, in fact, way back in 1997 that Brad Wright along with fellow Stargate SG-1 co-creator/executive producer/writer Jonathan Glassner sent the SG-1 team on its first mission through the Stargate. An expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy eventually followed, when Wright and Robert C. Cooper co-created and executive produced Stargate Atlantis.

In 2009, the two joined forces again to bring Stargate Universe to the small screen. Unlike the previous two Stargate incarnations, this series follows a group of military personnel, scientists and civilians who become the unwilling crew of the Ancients starship Destiny. While Colonel Everett Young fights to get everyone home safely, scientist Dr. Nicholas Rush would like nothing more than for them to continue on their outer space odyssey. At the end of the show’s first season, the Lucian Alliance elbowed its way onto Destiny, resulting in gunfire, bloodshed and general mayhem. Luckily for our heroes, Wright and the rest of the show’s writers had the situation under control going into season two.


... This past summer, Robert Cooper decided to step down from his active role as executive producer/writer/director on Universe in order to spend more time with his family as well as pursue other projects. How does Wright feel about no longer having his good friend and longtime creative partner around on a daily basis?

“Rob and I worked together for such a long time, but we’ve also worked separately,” he says. “I make my shows and he makes his, but what I will miss the most is his voice in the writers’ room, because I’ve always been very good at coming up with ideas, and Rob has always been very good at focusing them, like throwing out a thought, and we did it for each other. If either one of us hit a stumbling block at any point, we would just walk across the hall and say, ‘I have this issue, what do you think?’ and within a few minutes, one of us would say, ‘How about this?’ and the other person would say, ‘Thank you,’ and we’d move on...


MGM Video: Stargate Universe - "Source of Hope" Featurette with Alaina Huffman

Source: MGM

Stargate Universe Video Featurette - Source of Hope

Alaina Huffman talks about the TJ / baby storyline on SGU.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sanctuary - Video: Martin Wood, Ryan Robbins and Robin Dunne at Leo Awards 2009

Source: Blip TV [follow the link for complete event video]

Leftcoast TV at the 2009 Leo Awards (Vancouver, Canada)

Note: Ryan Robbins won a Leo for Best Guest Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for Sanctuary - Edward [Sanctuary won four Leo Awards in 2009.]

Sanctuary - Video: Ryan Robbins and Robert Lawrenson at VIFF 2010

Source: BLIP TV [please follow link for complete video]

Vancouver International Film Festival 2010 Leftcoast TV

VIFF Red Carpet 2010 with Laurie Belle

Laurie Belle interviews Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins and Robert Lawrenson.

Space Channel: Sanctuary - Robin Dunne Interview Video

At Canada's Space Channel's InnerSpace [NOT geo-locked]:

Sanctuary's Robin Dunne answers YOUR questions

Sanctuary's loveable Robin Dunne was here last week, and we had a blast. We celebrated his birthday, he co-hosted an episode of InnerSPACE, and he even answered fan questions! We asked you which questions you've been dying to ask the man who plays Dr. Will Zimmerman, and he gave some solid answers. Watch this web-exclusive interview of Robin Dunne [at the link above] responding to YOUR queries!


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Video Trailer

Source: Yahoo Movies

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader opens in 3D and 2D theaters on December 10. Directed by Michael Apted, the third installment stars Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes, Will Poulter, Gary Sweet, Bruce Spence, Arthur Angel, Shane Rangi and Liam Neeson.

Syfy: Press Release - New Series, New Movies, Returning Series

Source: NBCUMV

November 22, 2010




NEW YORK – November 22, 2010 – Syfy will ring in the New Year with a cavalcade of original programming, from the new series Being Human (Monday, January 17, at 9PM), Face Off (Wednesday, January 26, at 10PM) and Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen and returning powerhouses Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters International (Wednesday, January 5, at 9PM), to Saturday Original Movies led by the highly anticipated clash of pop princess rivals Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in Mega Python Vs Gatoroid on Saturday, January 31, at 9PM (ET/PT).

Merlin, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Anthony Head, will rejoin the prime time lineup beginning Friday, January 7, at 10PM (ET/PT) following WWE Friday Night SmackDown®.

Following are highlights of Syfy’s 2011 Winter Programming:



Being Human – Premieres Monday, January 17, at 9PM (ET/PT) – In Syfy’s new original series Being Human, leading normal lives is a lot harder than it looks for three paranormal roommates – vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) and werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) – who share their secrets and a Boston brownstone. Together they try their best to be human while navigating the complexities of living double lives. Mark Pellegrino (Lost) co-stars as Bishop, Aidan’s charismatic but menacing vampire mentor.

Executive Producers are Michael Prupas (The Kennedys, Pillars of the Earth), Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) and Anna Fricke (Men in Trees, Everwood) who are both writers/showrunners, and Rob Pursey and Toby Whithouse. Irene Litinsky is series Producer and Adam Kane (The Mentalist, Heroes) is Co-Executive Producer. Muse Entertainment is producing the show’s 13 one-hour episodes, which is based on the acclaimed UK series created by Toby Whithouse.


Face Off -- Premieres Wednesday, January 26, at 10PM (ET/PT-- Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create amazing works of living art. The contestants are tasked with elaborate feature challenges including executing full body paint make up on models and creating their own horror villain. Not only will the show incorporate effects make-up, it will include a wide range of skill sets including prosthetics, 3-D design, sculpting, eye enhancers, casting and molding. Each episode involves incredible reveals of the competitors’ finished work, and the drama of one contestant being sent home by the panel of expert and celebrity judges. It all culminates in one winner and one grand prize that will launch a career.

Face Off is a production of Mission Control Media with Michael Agbabian and Dwight Smith serving as executive producers.

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen -- Premieres February -- Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen features molecular gastronomist Marcel Vigneron, one of America’s most notorious chefs on the cutting edge of the culinary field. At just 30 years old, Marcel has already made a name for himself with his polarizing turn as the season two runner-up on Bravo’s Emmy-winning Top Chef. Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen follows Marcel as he begins to explore the potential next phase of his career. In each episode, Marcel will be hired by a demanding client to produce and pull off extraordinary events and celebrations. Based on the clients’ requests, Marcel will have to dream up a menu for the event, from a dinner party for extreme sports enthusiasts to a multi-room extravaganza featuring live exotic animals. He and his team of chefs will work alongside A-list party planners to create a transformative experience for guests through both immersive decor and innovative menus that emphasizes Marcel’s unparalleled brand of molecular gastronomy. Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen is produced by Mission Control Media. Dwight Smith, Michael Agbabian, Andy Scheer and Dana Leiken Richards are executive producers.



Ghost Hunters International -- Premieres Wednesday, January 5, at 9PM (ET/PT)-- Ghost Hunters International features a squad of paranormal investigators who use their principles of scientific techniques to explore some of the most legendary haunted spots around the world. Each week the team travels to the far corners of the globe, searching for answers to bizarre supernatural mysteries. New investigations include Hamlet's Castle in Denmark, the Castle of Nuremberg, the Huissen House of Horror in the Netherlands and the Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia. Barry FitzGerald leads the team of investigators, which includes newest member, Ghost Hunters' Kris Williams from TAPS.

Ghost Hunters International is produced in association with Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Films and Television (Dirty Jobs, The Ultimate Fighter, My Fair Wedding). Piligian and Thomas Thayer, along with Rob Katz and Alan David, serve as executive producers.


Ghost Hunters – Premieres February – Ghost Hunters, Syfy’s hugely successful reality series, returns for a seventh season. After inspiring two spin-offs, creating the hottest paranormal franchise in cable, Ghost Hunters has set the standard for paranormal investigating and has cemented its place as a destination for spine-tingling entertainment! Its reign will continue with 25 all-new episodes, slated to premiere in 2011.

Since the series debuted in 2004, viewers have flocked to Syfy on Wednesday nights to catch the latest hair-raising cases from the files of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), led by Rhode Island plumbers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Ghost Hunters is produced in association with Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Films and Television (Dirty Jobs, The Ultimate Fighter, My Fair Wedding). Piligian and Thomas Thayer, along with Rob Katz and Alan David, serve as executive producers.


Destination Truth – Premieres March -- In the second half of season four, the daring Josh Gates and his team will once again travel to the farthest corners of the earth in search of answers behind some of the world’s most intriguing unanswered mysteries. This time, they’ll tackle claims of spirits in Namibia, a sea monster in Cyprus, and mysterious creatures in Panama and Argentina - plus much more!

The team’s biggest challenge this season will be a trek to Antarctica, where strange phenomena occurring around abandoned research stations has stumped scientists. Now, the Destination Truth crew will brave the elements to conduct the world’s first paranormal investigation on the frozen continent, giving viewers a rare and unique glimpse at this rarely visited landscape as well as, perhaps, a look into its past.

Destination Truth is executive produced by Brad Kuhlman for Ping Pong Productions (1000 Places to See Before You Die, Celebrity Rehab, FM Nation). Josh Gates, Erin Ryder and Christopher Lore will serve as co-executive producers.


Behemoth – Premieres Saturday, January 15, at 9PM (ET/PT)-- Scientists discover a giant creature under the Earth that is wrapped around the entire planet. When the creature wakes all grumpy, it causes worldwide destruction. Stars Ed Quinn (Eureka). The movie is a production of Cinetel.

Mega Python Vs Gatoroid – Premieres Saturday, January 29, at 9PM (ET/PT) – The long wait is over! 1980s pop singing sensations Debbie Gibson and Tiffany will bury their pop princess rivalry to co-star in the new ripped-from-the-headlines Mega Python Vs Gatoroid. There’s a crisis in the Florida Everglades as giant pythons are threatening the alligator population. Gibson portrays a fanatical animal rights advocate who frees illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores, while Tiffany plays an over-zealous park ranger worried about the growing ecological damage. Mega Python Vs Gatoroid is a production of The Asylum. Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary) is director – the first time a woman has directed a Syfy Saturday Original Movie.

Metal Monster (working title) – Premieres 1Q – Alien bacteria arrives on a meteorite and infects metal, animating a giant iron statue that goes on a killing rampage in a small town. Stars Kavan Smith (Stargate: Atlantis), Chris Gauthier (Watchmen), Nicole DeBoer (Haven), Paul McGillion (Star Trek) and Donnelly Rhodes (Battlestar Galactica). The movie is a production of Cinetel.

Sinbad and the Minotaur – Premieres 1Q -- In this re-imagining of Greek and Arabic folk tales, starring Manu Bennett (Spartacus: Blood and Sand), the legendary voyager and his hearty crew of sailors and adventurers seek a long lost treasure. Sinbad, armed with rumors of ancient gold, finds himself sneaking into the desert camp of the evil sorcerer Al-Jibar. Hidden among the many relics is an ivory scroll case containing the logs of the pirate Captain Minos, which will lead Sinbad to the golden head of the Colossus of Rhodes. The movie is a production of American World Pictures.

Scream of the Banshee – Premieres 1Q -- Starring Lauren Holly (NCIS) and Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Scream of the Banshee is directed by Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion). Holly plays an archeology professor who unearths a dangerous artifact, unwittingly releasing a creature that is able to kill with the power of its bone-splitting scream. The movie is a production of After Dark Films.

51 – Premieres 1Q – Starring Jason London (Monsterwolf), Bruce Boxleitner (Heroes) and Rachel Miner (No Ordinary Family), and directed by Jason Connery (The Devil’s Tomb), 51 chronicles what happens after political pressure from the American public forces the Air Force to provide a few well-known reporters with limited access to the most secretive base on the planet: Area 51. When one of the base's hidden "long term visitors" exploits this unprecedented visit as a chance to liberate himself and his fellow alien captives, Area 51 turns from a secure government base to a horrifying destination of terror. The movie is a production of After Dark Films.

Stargate Universe - TV Guide: Ask Matt (Roush) Nov. 22 '10

Source: TV Guide [follow link for complete column]

Ask Matt: Palins on TV, Mentalist, Fringe, Blue Bloods, and More!

Nov 22, 2010
by Matt Roush


... Question: When Stargate Atlantis was first announced, they said it would be different from SG-1. There would be civilians and military going through the gate knowing they would be cut off with no help from Earth. I was excited about that show because it meant the rules would change. People would be on the brink of death and actually die without a last-minute save. That show lasted less than a season. Now we have Stargate Universe, the show we should have had with Atlantis, and the fans are complaining. I love Universe because it is darker and shows what really happens when you make difficult choices and people die. What are your thoughts about Universe? Do you think it will see a third season? — Traci

Matt Roush: I like Universe for the same reasons you do (although the glut of new season and November sweeps programming has kept me from keeping up with this one lately). I can see why the traditional Stargate fan may not embrace a show this dark and glum, lacking the humorous esprit de corps that characterized the original series. It would be like if an NCIS spin-off started acting more like Rubicon. But I admire Universe for sticking to its more intense premise, if that indeed has been the case. And I'd like to see Syfy support something with a little dramatic meat on its bones (not that I don't appreciate the whimsy of Warehouse 13 and Eureka). As for a third season: Haven't a clue.

Stargate Atlantis - Rachel Luttrell Audio Interview

Source: Demon FM

Demon FM Meets....Rachel Luttrell

Demon FM's Matt Horn managed to acquire an exclusive interview with Stargate: Atlantis cast member Rachel Luttrell. Miss Luttrell talks about her thoughts on the show's reception and conclusion, the state of Atlantis' TV movie, Stargate: Extinction and also about her new romantic album coming out soon. Edited by Matt Horn.



Eureka - Colin Ferguson Audio Interview Nov 23 '10 at 9am

Source: Mr. Media Interviews

Mr Media Interviews

Colin Ferguson, star, Eureka, SyFy

Colin Ferguson stars Sheriff Jack Carter in Syfy’s hit original series Eureka. He is also a producer of the show currently in its 4th season. He recently traveled Bulgaria recently to direct the Syfy original movie Triassic Attack.



UPDATE: Second audio interview at Film Festival Radio Tuesday, November 23 at 7am.

Guests: Colin Ferguson, Ken Paves & Clifton Collins Jr.

Colin Ferguson stars Sheriff Jack Carter in Syfy’s hit original series Eureka. He recently traveled to Bulgaria to direct the Syfy original movie
"Triassic Attack." 2nd guest is celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, chats about his guest appearance on THE BIGGEST LOSER. 3rd guest is Clifton Collins Jr. who stars as "Thomas" on NBC new show THE EVENT.


BBC America: Law & Order: UK Marathon Fri Nov 26 '10 + Video clip

Source: BBC America

BBC America has scheduled a Law & Order: UK season one marathon (and the first two episodes of season two) for Friday, November 26, 2010 from 11am through 8pm. Cast includes Bradley Walsh, Ben Daniels, Harriet Walter, Bill Paterson and Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman and Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber.

Law & Order: UK - Episode 1: "Care"

The legal team works to piece together information in order to build a case for manslaughter.

Star Trek: Video Clip: "The Trouble With Tribbles"

Source: CBS

Star Trek - A New Generation Every Three Hours

The Enterprise crew discovers that the Tribbles are multiplying rapidly but that some are unexplicably dying (The Trouble With Tribbles)

November Christmas - Video: Movie Trailer

Source: CBS and SeaAndBeScene You Tube Channel

Hallmark Hall of Fame

November Christmas

Sunday Nov. 28th, 9/8c

November Christmas is the moving story of two families, a community, and the idea that Christmas doesn't have to come just once a year.

This holiday story tells how neighbors come to help a family trying to cope with their young daughter's illness. The story is narrated by the healthy adult daughter who shares her story with a group of children through a children's book she has written and illustrated.

The father's (John Corbett) unwavering love toward his sick little girl propels him to come up with a plan to move the clock: pushing up all the holidays. His unlikely ally is his neighbor, a quiet but perceptive farmer (Sam Elliott) who figures out the plan.

The two co-conspirators find they have something in common and join forces to bring the little girl and her brother Halloween in August, and Christmas in November, with the farmer enlisting friends in town to join the cause, and by doing so, mending his own old bridges of friendship.

You won't want to miss this inspirational holiday fare on Sunday, November 28 on CBS.

November Christmas also stars Sarah Paulson, Karen Allen, Elizabeth McLaughlin and Emily Alyn Lind.

November Christmas Promo

November Christmas - Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot talks about the people who made a difference in his life. November Christmas airs Sunday, November 28 at 9pm, only on CBS

Syfy Video: Triassic Attack Sneak Peek

Source: Syfy

That's Terrifying - Triassic Attack

Watch a sneak peek from the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Triassic Attack." Premieres Saturday November 27 9/8C. Directed by Eureka's Colin Ferguson.