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Doctor Who - Video: Season 6 Trailer

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Doctor Who 2011 Series Trailer

Check out the new trailer for the 2011 series...he wears a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.

Doctor Who season (series) six is tentatively scheduled for a March 2011 premiere in the UK on BBC, and in the US, in spring 2011 on BBC America.

Twilight Zone: Syfy Mega Marathon! - Dec 31 - Jan 2 '2011

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TWILIGHT ZONE Marathon - Friday, December 31, 2010

The December 31, 2011 marathon schedule is located here and the January 1, 2012 marathon schedule here.

08:00 AM Perchance To Dream

A terrified man stumbles into a psychiatrist's office, afraid that if he falls asleep a woman in his dream will murder him.

Cast includes Richard Conte, John Larch, Suzanne Lloyd, Eddie Marr, Ted Stanhope and Russell Trent.

08:30 AM The Four Of Us Are Dying

Arch Hammer can change his face to look exactly like someone else, a talent that he depends on for a living.

Cast includes Harry Townes, Phillip Pine, Ross Martin, Don Gordon and Beverly Garland.

09:00 AM The Fever

An elderly man catches gambling fever from a slot machine that he believes is calling his name.

Cast includes Everett Sloane, Vivi Janiss, William Kendis and Lee Millar.

09:30 AM A Thing About Machines

A bad-tempered writer is convinced the machines in his home are conspiring to destroy him.

Cast includes Richard Haydn, Barbara Stuart, Barney Phillips, Henry Beckman, Jay Overholts and Margarita Cordova.

10:00 AM What's In The Box

A cab driver turns on the television and sees a portent of his wife's death after an argument. When he tries to tell his wife, she won't listen to him — and an argument starts....

Cast includes Joan Blondell, William Demarest, Sterling Holloway, Sandra Gould and Howard Wright.

10:30 AM And When The Sky Was Opened

Three astronauts, returning from man's first space flight, cannot remember the events of their trip. Then they begin to disappear one by one.

Cast includes Jim Hutton, Charles Aidman and Maxine Cooper.

11:00 AM Ring-a-ding Girl

A movie star receives a gift from her hometown fan club that gives her a premonition of the future.

Cast includes Maggie McNamara, Mary Munday, David Macklin, George Mitchell, Bing Russell and Vic Perrin.

11:30 AM Escape Clause

A man makes a pact with the devil for immortality then finds he doesn't get a kick out of living anymore.

Cast includes David Wayne, Thomas Gomez, Virginia Christine and Raymond Bailey.

12:00 PM Mr. Garrity And The Graves

A con man convinces the inhabitants of a Western town that he can raise the dead from the local cemetery.

Cast includes John Dehner, Stanley Adams and J. Pat O'Malley.

12:30 PM In Praise Of Pip

Bookie Max Phillips learn that his soldier son, Pip, has been critically wounded in Vietnam. Remorseful over the way he raised him, Max pleads with God to take his life in place of his son's.

Cast includes Jack Klugman, Connie Gilchrist, Bobby Diamond, Bill Mumy and Ross Elliott.

01:00 PM Queen Of The Nile

A magazine writer is determined to discover the secret of an ageless movie star's everlasting youth.

Cast includes Ann Blyth, Lee Philips, Celia Lovsky and Frank Ferguson.

01:30 PM A Nice Place To Visit

A small-time hoodlum gets killed by the police during a robbery and finds an afterlife where he can have anything he wants.

Cast includes Larry Blyden and Sebastian Cabot.

02:00 PM The Last Flight

Fleeing from a World War One dogfight, a cowardly British pilot lands his 1917 biplane at a modem jet air base in France 1959.

Cast includes Kenneth Haigh, Alexander Scourby, Simon Scott and Robert Warwick.

02:30 PM Mr. Bevis

A happy-go-lucky man loses his job, his car and his home in one morning, then meets his "guardian angel" who tells him they will start the day anew.

Cast includes Orson Bean, Henry Jones, William Schallert and Vito Scotti.

03:00 PM The Old Man In The Cave

A small community has survived the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust by accepting the advice of The Old Man in the Cave.

Cast includes James Coburn, John Anderson and Josie Lloyd.

03:30 PM A Penny For Your Thoughts

Timid bank clerk Victor Pool discovers that a coin that lands on its edge as he pays for a paper leaves him with the power to read minds.

Cast includes Dick York, June Dayton, Dan Tobin, Cyril Delevanti and Hayden Rorke.

04:00 PM The Hunt [One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes]

A hunter and his faithful dog are drowned while chasing a raccoon, and confront a gatekeeper who implies that he is St. Peter and that Heaven lies inside.

Cast includes Arthur Hunnicutt, Jeanette Nolan and Robert Foulk.

04:30 PM Walking Distance

A man's need to escape the pressure of his work is so great that he slips back 30 years into his own childhood.

Cast includes Gig Young, Frank Overton, Irene Tedrow and Ron Howard.

05:00 PM A Hundred Yards Over The Rim

A 19th-century Western settler, desperately searching for water for his sick son, takes a walk that inexplicably leads him into the next century.

Cast includes Cliff Robertson, John Crawford, Edward Platt and John Astin.

05:30 PM A Most Unusual Camera

A pair of petty thieves find that a camera they have just stolen can predict the future by the pictures it takes.

Cast includes Fred Clark, Jean Carson, Adam Williams and Marcel Hillaire.

06:00 PM I Sing The Body Electric

A widowed father buys his three young children an electronic grandmother to the delight of all but one of them.

Cast includes Josephine Hutchinson, David White and Veronica Cartwright.

06:30 PM It's A Good Life

A six-year-old boy holds a town in terror with his powers to change or destroy anyone or anything at will.

Cast includes John Larch, Cloris Leachman, Don Keefer, Bill Mumy and Alice Frost.

07:00 PM Eye Of The Beholder

In a hospital room, her face completely covered by medical wrappings, a woman waits to see if a last-chance operation on her face has fixed the freakishness that will have her sent to a reservation of outcasts.

Cast includes Maxine Stuart, William D. Gordon, Jennifer Howard and Donna Douglas.

07:30 PM The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

A mysterious power failure causes paranoid suburban residents to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space.

Cast includes Claude Akins, Barry Atwater and Jack Weston.

[Time out for Wrestling]

10:00 PM The Hitch-hiker

Driving cross-country, a girl keeps seeing the same hitch-hiker on the road ahead, beckoning her toward a fatal accident.

Cast includes Inger Stevens, Adam Williams and Lew Gallo.

10:30 PM Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up

On the night of a UFO sighting, seven people at a diner claim to be of Earth, though one of them is not.

Cast includes John Hoyt, Jack Elam, Barney Phillips and Bill Erwin.

11:00 PM The Howling Man

Taking refuge in a European monastery during a storm, a man hears someone howling and is told it's the Devil who is being held prisoner.

Cast includes John Carradine, H.M. Wynant, Robin Hughes and Friedrich von Ledebur.

11:30 PM The Masks

A wealthy old man compels his hateful family to wear masks they think are the opposite of their personalities. When they remove the masks a frightening change has taken place.

Cast includes Robert Keith, Milton Selzer, Virginia Gregg and Alan Sues.

TWILIGHT ZONE Marathon - Saturday, January 1, 2011

12:00 AM The Midnight Sun

The Earth has fallen out of its orbit and is drawing closer to the Sun, inflicting ever-increasing heat on the planet.

Cast includes Lois Nettleton, Betty Garde and Tom Reese.

12:30 AM Third From The Sun

Two families steal a rocket ship and flee to another world before atomic war devastates their own.

Cast includes Fritz Weaver, Edward Andrews, Joe Maross and Denise Alexander.

01:00 AM Long Distance Call

A young boy keeps in touch with his dead grandmother via the toy telephone she once gave him.

Cast includes Philip Abbott, Lili Darvas, Patricia Smith and Bill Mumy.

01:30 AM One For The Angels

Informed that his time on Earth is about up, a gentle sidewalk salesman named Bookman talks Mr. Death into letting him make one really big pitch.

Cast includes Ed Wynn, Murray Hamilton, Dana Dillaway and Jay Overholts.

02:00 AM Night Of The Meek

After a derelict Santa Claus is fired on Christmas Eve, he finds a mysterious bag that gives out presents. With this bag he sets out to fulfill his one wish - to see the less fortunate inherit the bounties of Christmas.

Cast includes Art Carney and John Fiedler.

02:30 AM Nightmare As A Child

A teacher's encounter with herself as a child unlocks her memory of witnessing her mother's murder.

Cast includes Janice Rule, Shepperd Strudwick and Morgan Brittany.

03:00 AM Night Call

A bedridden spinster receives mysterious phone calls from her long-dead fiancé.

Cast includes Gladys Cooper, Nora Marlowe and Martine Bartlett.

03:30 AM Probe 7 Over And Out

The lone survivors of two devastated planets meet on a new world.b>

Cast includes Richard Basehart, Antoinette Bower, Harold Gould and Barton Heyman.

04:00 AM The Rip Van Winkle Caper

Four thieves plot to hide out with their loot for 100 years in a state of suspended animation.

Cast includes Simon Oakland, Oscar Beregi Jr., Lew Gallo and John Mitchum.

04:30 AM I Am The Night - Color Me Black

The sun fails to rise on the morning that a town's "idealist" is due to be executed for killing one of his bigoted neighbors, and the community finds itself locked in the darkness of hate.

Cast includes Michael Constantine, Paul Fix, George Lindsey and Ivan Dixon.

05:00 AM The Grave

A hired gunman defies a Western outlaw's warning that if he ever came near his grave he'd reach up and snatch away his life.

Cast includes Lee Marvin, James Best, Strother Martin, Elen Willard and Lee Van Cleef.

05:30 AM The Fear

A state trooper and an unstable woman both think they have found traces of a giant visitor from outer space.

Cast includes Peter Mark Richman and Hazel Court.

06:00 AM Judgment Night

A passenger on board a wartime freighter has a premonition that the ship will be sunk by a Nazi submarine at 1:15 a.m., but no one believes him.

Cast includes Nehemiah Persoff, Deirdre Owens, Patrick Macnee and Ben Wright.

06:30 AM Long Live Walter Jameson

A college professor is startled to learn that his young colleague and prospective son-in-law was born 2000 years ago with the gift of eternal life.

Cast includes Kevin McCarthy, Edgar Stehli, Estelle Winwood and Dodie Heath.

07:00 AM The Arrival

Federal aviation investigator Grant Sheckly must deal with a mystery when a plane lands at an airport without pilots, passengers or luggage.

Cast includes Harold J. Stone, Fredd Wayne, Noah Keen and Bing Russell.

07:30 AM A Quality Of Mercy

During a battle, a fanatical and racist World War II soldier mysteriously experiences the situation in the body of a Japanese counterpart.

Cast includes Dean Stockwell, Albert Salmi and Leonard Nimoy.

08:00 AM The Fugitive

A magical old man delights the local children with his power to change his appearance.

Cast includes Susan Gordon, J. Pat O'Malley and Nancy Kulp.

08:30 AM The Gift

A crashed space traveler is hounded to death by mistrustful villagers.

Cast includes Vitto Scotti, Geoffrey Horne, Nico Minardos and Cliff Osmond.

09:00 AM Black Leather Jackets

An advance party of an alien invasion force arrive in a quiet residential neighborhood disguised as leather-jacketed motorcycle youths.

Cast includes Lee Kinsolving, Shelley Fabares, Michael Forest, Denver Pyle and Michael Conrad.

09:30 AM A Piano In The House

A strange piano allows the listener's hidden character to be suddenly revealed.

Cast includes Barry Morse, Joan Hackett and Don Durant.

10:00 AM The Shelter

A group of neighbors turns into a hostile mob when they try to invade one family's bomb shelter, believing a nuclear attack is imminent.

Cast includes Larry Gates, Joseph Bernard, Jack Albertson, Peggy Stewart, Sandy Kenyon and Michael Burns.

10:30 AM A World Of His Own

A playwright describes characters into his tape recorder and they materialize before his eyes.

Cast includes Keenan Wynn, Phyllis Kirk and Mary LaRoche.

11:00 AM A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain

A wealthy old man begs his doctor-brother to inject him with an experimental youth serum.

Cast includes Patrick O'Neal, Ruta Lee and Walter Brooke.

11:30 AM Mr. Denton On Doomsday

A broken-down gunslinger finds a magic potion that restores his shooting skill, but brings an end to his fast-draw career.

Cast includes Dan Duryea, Martin Landau, Jeanne Cooper, Malcolm Atterbury, Ken Lynch, Bill Erwin and Doug McClure.

12:00 PM I Shot An Arrow Into The Air

A panicky astronaut traveler, believing his ship has crashed on a deserted asteroid, kills his two companions to save water, then discovers his shocking true location.

Cast includes Dewey Martin, Edward Binns, Ted Otis, Harry Bartell and Leslie Barrett.

12:30 PM The Little People

On a desolate planet, two astronauts discover an entire society populated by beings only 1/100th their size. One of them decides to rule the society as god.

Cast includes Joe Maross, Claude Akins, Michael Ford and Robert Eaton.

01:00 PM A Kind Of Stopwatch

A talkative man acquires a stopwatch with the power to halt all other action in the world.

Cast includes Richard Erdman, Herbie Faye, Doris Singleton and Roy Roberts.

01:30 PM The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms

During maneuvers near the site of Custer's Last Stand, three national guardsmen find themselves plunged into the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Cast includes Ron Foster, Warren Oates, Randy Boone, Greg Morris and Robert Bray.

02:00 PM Mr. Dingle, The Strong

A timid little man is experimentally endowed with superhuman strength by a visiting Martian scientist.

Cast includes Don Rickles, Burgess Meredith, James Westerfield, Eddie Ryder, Douglas Spencer and Michael Fox.


Roddy McDowall and Susan Oliver in People Are Alike All Over

02:30 PM People Are Alike All Over

Sam Conrad, the first human to visit Mars, is relieved to find that the Martians treat him kindly and even build him a house like his home on Earth — but with one big difference.

Cast includes Roddy McDowall, Susan Oliver, Paul Comi, Byron Morrow and Vic Perrin.

03:00 PM Stopover In A Quiet Town

The day after a drunken party, a married couple awakens in an unfamiliar house with no idea how they got there.

Cast includes Barry Nelson and Nancy Malone.


Jonathan Winters and Jack Klugman in A Game Of Pool

03:30 PM A Game Of Pool

A frustrated pool champ has beaten everyone. Everyone except one man; the legend, Fat's Brown. Brown is dead, and the champ can only curse his name. But guess who just walked in.

Cast includes Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters.

04:00 PM Number Twelve Looks Just Like You

A young woman resists pressure to be transformed into a state-controlled image of flawless beauty.

Cast includes Collin Wilcox Paxton, Richard Long, Pamela Austin and Suzy Parker.

04:30 PM Nick Of Time

A superstitious newlywed husband finds a penny fortune-telling machine that makes uncannily accurate predictions about his life.

Cast includes William Shatner and Patricia Breslin.

05:00 PM The Bewitchin' Pool

Two unloved children escape from their squabbling parents to a world that offers them a chance of happiness with a strange, kindly woman.

Cast includes Mary Badham, Dee Hartford and Tod Andrews.

05:30 PM The Dummy

A ventriloquist becomes convinced that his dummy has a will and a life of its own.

Cast includes Cliff Robertson, Frank Sutton and George Murdock.

06:00 PM Little Girl Lost

A couple is awakened in the middle of the night by the cries of their six-year-old daughter who has fallen through a mysterious door into another dimension.

Cast includes Sarah Marshall, Robert Sampson and Charles Aidman.

06:30 PM Kick The Can

The magic of a children's game enables a group of old people to recapture their youth.

Cast includes Ernest Truex, Russell Collins, John Marley and Hank Patterson.


Anges Moorehead in The Invaders

07:00 PM The Invaders [Marvelous episode]

A lone woman battles two miniature spacemen whose craft crashes into her isolated farmhouse.

Cast includes Agnes Moorehead.

07:30 PM Five Characters In Search Of An Exit

Five people — a ballet dancer, a major, a clown, tramp and a bagpipe player — trapped in a featureless enclosure with no idea how they got there attempt to escape.

Cast includes Susan Harrison, William Windom, Murray Matheson, Kelton Garwood and Clark Allen.

08:00 PM The Odyssey Of Flight 33

A commercial airliner, en route to New York, breaks through the time barrier into the prehistoric past.

Cast includes John Anderson, Paul Comi and Sandy Kenyon.

08:30 PM Where Is Everybody

Greeted by empty streets, a man searches a small town to find that he is completely and inexplicably alone. The series pilot.

Cast includes Earl Holliman, James Gregory and Paul Langton.

09:00 PM To Serve Man

Apparently benign alien emissaries show mankind how to end the misery of war, plague and famine.

Cast includes Lloyd Bochner, Susan Cummings and Richard Kiel.


Burgess Meredith in Time Enough At Last

09:30 PM Time Enough At Last [Another favorite episode]

Nearsighted, meek bank clerk Henry Bernis is the sole survivor of an H-bomb attack. At last he has the time to engulf himself in his passion for books. Or so he thinks.

Cast includes Burgess Meredith, Vaughn Taylor and Jacqueline deWit.


William Shatner in Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

10:00 PM Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

A newly released mental patient is the only one able to see a gremlin ripping up the wing of his airliner.

Cast includes William Shatner and Christine White.

10:30 PM Living Doll

A man is threatened with revenge by the expensive talking doll he is planning to dispose of.

Cast includes Telly Savalas and Mary LaRoche.

11:00 PM A Stop At Willoughby

A harassed executive escapes into the peaceful town of Willoughby in July 1880.

Cast includes James Daly, Howard Smith and Patricia Donahue.

11:30 PM The Obsolete Man

A librarian in a future society is declared obsolete and told he must die.

Cast includes Burgess Meredith and Fritz Weaver.

TWILIGHT ZONE Marathon - Sunday, January 2, 2011

12:00 AM The After Hours

A woman who buys a thimble on the ninth floor of a department store later discovers the floor doesn't exist, and makes a startling discovery after the store closes.

Cast includes Anne Francis and Elizabeth Allen.

12:30 AM Death's Head Revisited

At the Dachau concentration camp, a former Nazi is tried by a phantom jury of his tortured victims.

Cast includes Joseph Schildkraut and Oscar Beregi Jr.


Charles Bronson from Two

01:00 AM Two

Two survivors of an apocalyptic battle, a man and a woman from each opposing sides, approach each other suspiciously.

Cast includes Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson.

01:30 AM Mirror Image

While waiting in a bus station, Millicent Barnes has the strange feeling that her doppelganger is trying to take over her life.

Cast includes Vera Miles and Martin Milner.

02:00 AM The Changing Of The Guard

A well-loved teacher feels his useful life is over when he is asked to retire.

Cast includes Donald Pleasence and Liam Sullivan.

02:30 AM Twenty-two

A young woman complains of a recurring nightmare in which she always ends up in Room 22 — the hospital morgue.

Cast includes Barbara Nichols and Jonathan Harris.

03:00 AM The Lonely

Convicted of murder and sent to a deserted asteroid for 40 years, a man is given a robot woman for company.

Cast includes Jack Warden, John Dehner, Jean Marsh and Ted Knight.

03:30 AM Dead Man's Shoes

A down-and-out man steals the fancy shoes from the body of a murdered gangster and finds himself living in the dead man's footsteps.

Cast includes Warren Stevens, Richard Devon and Joan Marshall.

04:00 AM Hocus-pocus And Frisby

A celebrated yam-spinner finds no one will believe his latest tale — that he was kidnapped by aliens.

Cast includes Andy Devine, Milton Selzer, Howard McNear and Dabbs Greer.

04:30 AM Nothing In The Dark

An aged recluse barricades herself in an abandoned building in order to avoid "Mr. Death."

Cast includes Gladys Cooper, Robert Redford and R.G. Armstrong.

05:00 AM Ninety Years Without Slumbering

An old man believes that his life will end the moment his grandfather clock stops ticking.

Cast includes Ed Wynn, Carolyn Kearney and James T. Callahan.

05:30 AM The Last Rights Of Jeff Myrtlebank

A young man wakes up at his own funeral and wants to know what the heck is going on. The townfolk are glad to see him back, but they begin to wonder if he's a man.. or something else?

Cast includes William Fawcett, James Best, Sherry Jackson, Edgar Buchanan, Dub Taylor and Ralph Moody.

Doctor Who - TV Guide: TV Hot List: Saturday, Dec. 25, 2010

Source: TV Guide [follow the link for the complete column.]

Tonight's TV Hot List: Saturday, Dec. 25, 2010

Dec 25, 2010
by TV Guide News

... Doctor Who

9/8c BBC America

With a handful of holiday specials under his belt now, it's safe to say that the Doctor has joined Santa, Rudolph, Frosty and the rest in the pantheon of heroes we have come to rely upon to save Christmas. Tonight's adventure takes a page from Charles Dickens, as the Time Lord must reach out to a Scrooge-like character in a bid to save Rory and Amy, who are trapped on a crashing space liner.

— Michael Chant


Wagon Train - Encore Western's Jan 1 '2011 Marathon - Ward Bond | Robert Horton

Source: Encore Westerns Channel

Wagon Train's first season cast included Ward Bond as the wagon master Seth Adams, Robert Horton as the trail scout Flint McCullough, Frank McGrath as the cook Charlie Wooster and Terry Wilson as the assistant wagon master Bill Hawks.

Wagon Trains joins the Encore Western channel's regular line up on Monday, January 3 at 5:47 pm. [NOTE: These episode are uncut and air without commercial interruptions.]


Robert Horton and Ward Bond

WAGON TRAIN - Marathon Schedule - Saturday, January 1, 2011

12:00 AM The Willy Moran Story

Adams offers a hard-drinking former Civil War commander a job on the wagon train--if he can manage to give up booze. Featuring Ernest Borgnine.

Guest cast includes Ernest Borgnine, Marjorie Lord, Andrew Duggan and Kevin Hagen.

1:00 AM The Jean Lebec Story

A dandy from New Orleans joins the wagon train, causing friction with one town's rough boss. Featuring Ricardo Montalban.

Guest cast includes Ricardo Montalban, Clegg Hoyt and Phil Chambers.

2:00 AM The John Cameron Story

A man's gorgeous young bride vows to put aside her flirtatious ways--but will her eyes begin to wander on the wagon train?

Guest cast includes Michael Rennie, Carolyn Jones, Claude Akins and Jack Elam.

3:00 AM The Ruth Owens Story

A newly-remarried woman is on the wagon train, on her way to a new life with a new husband. But her hot-headed brother arrives--and brings trouble with him. Featuring Shelley Winters and Dean Stockwell.

Guest cast includes Shelley Winters, Ross Elliott, Ralph Moody and Dean Stockwell.

4:00 AM The Les Rand Story

Fresh out of jail, a man returns home to seek revenge on the man he believes killed his bride--his own father!

Guest cast includes Sterling Hayden, Eduard Franz and Ray Teal.

5:00 AM The Nels Stack Story

A quiet man joins the wagon train, drawing suspicion from the others when he makes friends with an elderly Indian.

Guest cast includes Mark Stevens, Joanne Dru and Kevin Hagen.

6:00 AM The Emily Rossiter Story

After her first husband is murdered, a woman remarries and hopes for a brighter future for her daughter. But her second husband--a tough bandit--leads them down a dangerous path.

Guest cast includes Mercedes McCambridge, Susan Oliver, John Dehner and Frank DeKova.

7:00 AM The John Darro Story

On the wagon train, a couple's plans to keep a secret from their son are thwarted by a man from the husband's past. Featuring Eddie Albert.

Guest cast includes Eddie Albert, Edgar Buchanan and Don Durant.

8:00 AM The Charles Avery Story

Flint accompanies a Union officer on his way to deliver a peace treaty to an Indian chief. Featuring Chuck Connors.

Guest cast includes Farley Granger, Bing Russell, Chuck Connors, Nico Minardos and Eddie Little Sky.

9:00 AM The Mary Halstead Story

A woman with regrets joins the wagon train in search of the son she abandoned years earlier. The train picks up a man wounded in a battle with outlaws.

Guest cast includes Agnes Moorehead.

10:00 AM The Zeke Thomas Story

While the wagon train is stranded in a small town, a married man is surprised to see his first wife - who he thought was dead!

Guest cast includes Gary Merrill, Janice Rule, Harold J. Stone and Denver Pyle.

11:00 AM The Riley Gratton Story

A con man fleeces members of the wagon train and departs - but soon Adams is on the trail to recover the stolen money.

Guest cast includes Guy Madison and Karen Steele.

12:00 PM The Clara Beauchamp Story

An army officer's wife, tired of the frontier, sets up a fake confrontation with the local Native Americans in hopes of getting her husband sent back east.

Guest cast includes Nina Foch.

1:00 PM The Julie Gage Story

A strong-willed but single woman tries to handle her wagon by herself - then a reluctant volunteer steps up.

Guest cast includes Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling.

2:00 PM The Cliff Grundy Story

A man is badly hurt in a buffalo stampede, and two men volunteer to stay behind and nurse him back to health - but do they have other plans?

Guest cast includes Dan Duryea, Don Durant and Russell Johnson.

3:00 PM The Luke O'Malley Story

A gambler on the run disguises himself as a traveling preacher - but story doesn't hold up!

Guest cast includes Keenan Wynn.

4:00 PM The Jesse Cowan Story

A Civil War veteran tracks the wagon train - where he believes he can find the people responsible for his parent's deaths!

Guest cast includes George Montgomery, Malcolm Atterbury and Lee Van Cleef.

5:00 PM The Gabe Carswell Story

A bitter young half-Indian man attempts to lead an attack against the wagon train.

Guest cast includes James Whitmore, Scott Marlowe and Frank DeKova.

6:00 PM The Honorable Don Charlie Story

During a stopover, a local lothario attempts to woo some female passengers.

Guest cast includes Cesar Romero, Virginia Grey and Diane Brewster.

7:00 PM The Dora Gray Story

Evidence of illegal gun sales to local Native Americans leads to a gun runner and Dora Gray. With Dan Blocker (Hoss on Bonanza).

Guest cast includes Linda Darnell, Dan Blocker, X Brands, John Carradine and Mike Connors.

8:00 PM The Annie MacGregor Story

A group of immigrants from Scotland - complete with bagpipes - joins the wagon train.

Guest cast includes Jeannie Carson, Richard Long and Kevin Hagen.

9:00 PM The Bill Tawnee Story

A Sioux native who fought in the Civil War joins the train, but the travelers fear him and urge his ouster.

Guest cast includes Macdonald Carey, Morgan Woodward, Malcolm Atterbury and William Fawcett.

10:00 PM The Mark Hanford Story

A young man rides out to meet his father's new bride arriving with the wagon train - but, recalling his dead mother, he doesn't have a pleasant welcome in mind!

Guest cast includes Tom Tryon, Kathleen Crowley and Paul Fix.

11:00 PM The Bernal Sierra Story

A man from south of the border joins the train in search of bandits who killed a guard and made off with a cache of gold.

Guest cast includes Gilbert Roland.

For more information on Wagon Train:

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