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Graham Norton Show - BBC Video: Tom Hanks vs Simon Pegg - Star Trek Trivia

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GRAHAM NORTON SHOW - BBC VIDEO: Tom Hanks vs Simon Pegg - Star Trek Trivia

Tom Hanks and Simon Pegg are both huge Star Trek fans so Graham plays a Star Trek trivia game with them.

Sanctuary - InnerSPACE Video: Damian Kindler on Carentan

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SANCTUARY - INNERSPACE VIDEO: InnerSpace Talks About Sanctuary (Carentan) With Damian Kindler

InnerSpace is on the move! The guys from InnerSpace talk about each episode of Sanctuary after it airs, giving us some really cool things to know about. The InnerSpace guys talk about about what they liked about Carentan, how it was such a great episode, and how it's connected to Normandy. Damian talks about what makes Carentan such a cool episode, how why it works for Sanctuary, and why they did it. Also, the guys give great feedback from fans on what they thought of Normandy.

Every week InnerSpace hosts Ajay Fry and Teddy Wilson will follow each episode of Sanctuary after it airs on the Space channel. They'll be chatting about the making of the series, including in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

'Ice Road Terror' - Media Blvd. Magazine: A Rare Interview With Michael Hogan

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Ice Road Terror Syfy

'ICE ROAD TERROR - MEDIA BLVD. MAGAZINE: A Rare Interview With Michael Hogan

By Kenn Gold
Friday, 10 June 2011

Michael Hogan has a long and distinguished acting career on stage as well as in television and film, and is also an accomplished voice actor. To many however, he will always best be remembered as Colonel Saul Tigh from the Syfy series, Battlestar Galactica. Tigh was the number two in command and a passionate fighter for human rights against the evil Cylon forces. In some of the most powerful episodes of the series, and arguably some of the best drama on television, Tigh went from his command role on the ship to ground soldier and freedom fighter on the planet. And finally, it a dramatic twist, Col. Saul Tigh was revealed to in fact be one of the final five Cylons, the very thing which he had dedicated his life to fighting.

In the Battlestar fan community, Michael Hogan had a different reputation; the one star of the series who rarely, if ever, gave interviews. That mystery played into a mystique about the man, the actor and into the series itself. This coming weekend, Hogan has a relatively small, though important and interesting part in a relatively low budget Syfy movie called Ice Road Terror. The film revolves around the release of an ancient creature from a deep mine shaft and features Ty Olsson (Battlestar Galactica, Eureka) in the lead role. With that film in the queue to air, Michael agreed to do an exclusive interview with MediaBlvd Magazine, in which he discussed not only the new film, but his pivotal role on BSG and his appearances on many other TV series since, as well as an important role in Warner Brothers Red Riding Hood. Therefore, it is with great honor that this online publication is proud to present a rare interview with an incredibly interesting man and fascinating actor; and to in a very small way lift part of the veil of mystery surrounding the enigmatic Michael Hogan...


Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama and Michael Hogan as Colonel Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica

... MediaBlvd> How do you choose projects that you do? I assume you probably get approached for a ton of stuff by now?

Michael> I can’t say that I get approached for a ton of stuff. There is a lot of competition out there. And I think the older you get as an actor, the more work there is for you for obvious reasons. I choose things that are going to interest me. I think the reason I’ve been an actor for so long is to use my passion for the research. Wayne Rose, who was an actor for Battlestar Galactica and an ADP for it for several years, called me the other day. A bunch of the people behind Battlestar Galactica, who all happen to be Canadians, so it will be a Canadian project if it flies; he called and he has a project going written by Michael Gibson and Danny McNair. It’s called Project Room, and it’s kind of like Inception meets Time Travel meets Angels & Demons, along with a police procedural. And it’s got Doug McClean who was one of the production designers behind Battlestar, and Ryan McMaster who is the DLP on it was the shooter on BSG. Glenn Campbell, who designed the costumes and Rick Bauer who was the sound designer behind Battlestar. And the sound was amazing wasn’t it? It has all of these great people from behind the scenes and that is Battlestar Galactica. We had the same crew for five years and what a gift that is? We had the same shooters for five years, and what a luxury it is as an actor to have that arc written for you and to have this crew. Battlestar Galactica was the first thing in my career that I was around to be aware of post-production while we were actually shooting. I knew what they were going to be doing down in LA when they put this thing together. That’s a gift for an actor because you are very seldom aware of post-production while they are shooting it. The thing is called The Project Room and what we are going to do is get together and shoot pieces, and show it to the Syfy network or whoever. Stuff like that totally intrigues me because everybody is in it for the right reasons and it’s not something I’d search out, but I go “Right on! I’d definitely be onboard for this.” That’s basically how I find things. My wife Susan, who played the judge who said “Not guilty” to Baltar, and I are playing parents in an episode to our son Gabriel, who is in a series in Calgary, Alberta called Heartland...

'Ice Road Terror' premieres Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 9/8C on Syfy.

Battlestar Galactica - BBC America Video Featurette: WTFrak?!

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Mother-frakker! Battlestar Galactica is coming to BBC America, its exclusive new home on Supernatural Saturday alongside the best in British sci-fi. Watch the critically-acclaimed series from the very beginning, starting Sat June 11 at 10/9c -- before it moves to its regular timeslot, Saturdays at 7pm ET with frak-to-frak episodes starting June 18, only on BBC America.

Warehouse 13 - TV Guide: Keck’s Exclusives: Warehouse 13 Fills Its Stockrooms

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Warehouse 13 July 11

TV GUIDE: Keck’s Exclusives: Warehouse 13 Fills Its Stockrooms With Sci-Fi Faves For Season 3

Jun 10, 2011
by William Keck

Favorite sci-fi actors from Star Trek and Caprica will amp up the mystery and excitement on the third season of Syfy's Warehouse 13, returning with new episodes July 11. Star Trek Voyager's Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan debuts as a bride named Amanda on Aug. 1, while Kate "Captain Janeway" Mulgrew begins her four-episode run as Warehouse protector Jane in September. Both characters share a shocking connection to a series regular.

"I was an original Star Trek fan and loved the movies," says executive producer Jack Kenny. "I remember loving when they cast a female captain of the Enterprise and have found her work incredibly deep, thoughtful and compelling to watch. I'm thrilled to have her play a character who will play such an important overall role in our series."

How important? Kenny's not ready to reveal her big secret just yet, only that she first appears in Episode 8 and "she's a regent who has a past with one of our characters. We'll learn how her past is influencing the Warehouse's present. This season, more than any other season, is about how our past influences our present..."

Game of Thrones - TV Guide: Matt's TV Week in Review - Jun 10 '11

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Game 2

GAME OF THRONES - TV GUIDE: Matt's TV Week in Review - June 10, 2011

Jun 10, 2011
by Matt Roush

... AUTHOR, AUTHOR: The guiding creative force behind two of cable's most distinctive series — George R.R. Martin, whose sprawling books inspired HBO's wondrous Game of Thrones; and Veena Sud, executive producer of AMC's uneven but moodily intriguing The Killing — penned episodes of their shows this week, which is usually a sign that we should sit up and take notice. Especially with each show nearing its climax, with only two episodes left to air before their June 19 finales...

... Whereas Game of Thrones has never been more on its game than in the mercilessly taut episode written by Martin, setting up the major events to come in the season's final two chapters. Mercy is much on everyone's mind. While Ned Stark sweats it out in prison, visited by the "spider" Verys ("Why is it no one ever trusts the eunuch?"), the rest of the Stark retinue in King's Landing is slaughtered. Scrappy daughter Arya flees for her life, as her dueling instructor heroically holds back assassins with his wooden sword. Big sis Sansa, thwarted from marrying horrible King Joffrey because of Ned's "treason," pleads with the king's court for mercy for her father. Not much luck there yet. Ned's son Robb asserts his authority over the Stark family's bannermen, leading a host into battle against the Lannisters, although allowing a captured enemy scout to go free and raise the war cry. Tough mom Catelyn tells Robb their only hope is to win in the field, because they've lost the game of thrones for now. "If you lose, your father dies. Your sisters die. We die."

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys proves to be a most progressive Queen of the Warriors, forbidding the Dothraki horde to rape during their pillage of the lamb people. As she rescues the slave women, Khal Drogo is challenged for showing mercy at the orders of his "foreign whore." Those are fighting words, and Drogo takes the upstart's head off — but not before sustaining a troubling chest wound that Dani insists gets some instant treatment. Things are just as violent up North at the Wall, as Jon Snow (further disgraced as a "traitor's bastard") redeems himself by saving the Lord Commander from an attack by the reanimated zombie corpse brought back from the woods where Uncle Benjen remains MIA. Fire is the weapon of choice here. Fitting enough, because Game of Thrones is on fire...

Outcasts - BBC America Video: 'Last Chance' Premieres Jun 18 '11

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OUTCASTS - BBC AMERICA VIDEO: 'Last Chance' - Premieres Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 9/8C

After five long years, President Tate awaits the safe arrival of a transporter ship carrying the last survivors from Earth to their new home planet Carpathia. Don't miss the premiere of Outcasts on Saturday, June 18th at 9/8c.

Cast includes Liam Cunningham, Hermione Norris, Amy Manson, Daniel Mays, Jamie Bamber, Ashley Walters, Eric Mabius and Michael Legge.

Battlestar Galactica - BBC America Video Featurette: Jamie Bamber - Secretly British?!

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Jamie Bamber is... secretly British?! Blimey! Watch Battlestar Galactica from the very beginning, premiering Saturday June 11th at 10/9c and continuing Saturdays at 7/6c, part of Supernatural Saturday only on BBC America.

BBC America: NEW Blog - Supernatural Saturday

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BBC AMERICA: Supernatural Saturday Blog

Satisfy your sci-fi/fantasy/geeky cravings with The Supernatural blog, in honor of BBC America's Supernatural Saturday block. has launched a new blog set to satisfy your sci-fi/fantasy/geeky cravings. We’ve named it…wait for it…The Supernatural, in honor of BBC America’s mega-popular Supernatural Saturday block. Starting June 11th, it will be home to Battlestar Galactica, with the frontier drama Outcasts joining the lineup on June 18th.

To kick things off, check out our first post, which combines sci-fi geekdom with a bit of ripped-from-the-headlines relevance. It’s a “Battlestar Galactica Guide to Surviving Any of Upcoming Apocalypses,” written by Julie Ann Pietrangelo, an absolutely rabid BSG fan. It is sure to come in handy should you ever be faced with an imminent end of days.

And do check us out over on Tumblr.

Alphas - And We Present: Malik Yoba Interview

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AND WE PRESENT: Malik Yoba Stars In New Syfy Series: Alphas

by Randy C. Bonds
Jun 8 2011

Many may remember him from the hit series, New York Undercover, which was the equivalent of today’s CSI in the 90’s. Now he’s back in another series coming to Syfy this summer titled Alphas.

Funny thing is, he declined being a part of the project a couple of times. After being asked to reconsider, Malik read the script, and although it had sounded like something he’s seen before, he decided to accept the invitation. To his surprise, he fell in love with the cast, the production, and his character, who he says is the closest to the role of the detective he played in New York Undercover.

His character in the show is Bill Harken. He’s not someone with super hero powers, shooting laser beams from his eyes, etc. He’s just an ordinary guy who can just do some extraordinary things when under pressure.

Check out what he had to say about his characters, and the focus of the show overall...


'Ice Road Terror' - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Jun 11 '11 - Syfy 9/8C

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Ice Road Terror Syfy

MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Saturday, June 11, 2011

... Ice Road Terror

9:00 PM, SYFY

No, not "Ice Road Truckers." That's real; this is pure fiction, although it is about truck drivers in the frozen North. In this case, they're delivering supplies to a diamond mine, where blasting has awakened a prehistoric beast. After snacking on the miners, the creature is now ready for some trucker tartare. Brea Grant, Ty Olsson, Dylan Neal and Malcolm Stewart star.