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Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary : Tapping Tuesday Twitter June 14, 2011

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Sanctuary Monday

AMANDA TAPPING - SANCTUARY - Tapping Tuesday Twitter June 14, 2011

Just sorting through questions on set. So forgive my intermittent responses!! And thanks for the questions. #TappingTuesday. Xo

Q1 - ellie5192 @amandatapping #TappingTuesday Do you ever/often miss total anonymity or wish you weren't always 'The Amanda Tapping'? Even just a little?

A1 - @ellie5192 I have the perfect amount of "fame". People are lovely and gracious and very sweet. But I'm not hassled. It's nice.


Sanctuary cast on 2011 Leo Awards in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Q2 - @CampbellBarry: @amandatapping #TappingTuesday Will you be coming to San Diego for Comic-Con next month?

A2 - Yes!! I hope to see you there!!


Q3 - @Shamie4: @amandatapping #TappingTuesday Are you a tea drinker like Helen or do you prefer coffee.

A3 - TEA!!!!!


Q4 - @debzkelly: @amandatapping how do u workout, keep fit and maintain a very womanly healthy figure.

A4 - I eat real food and i kick box.:)

Q5 - @ricwal52: @amandatapping do you ever visit the Uk?

A5 - Often. I have family there and my GABIT events!!

Thank you for the questions. I will answer more tomorrow from the FB page. Back to work. And thanks for the lovely comments about OOTB. XOXO