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Being Human 4 - What's On TV (UK): Michael Socha Interview

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Being Human 4 Feb 25

WHAT'S ON TV: Michael Socha: 'Tom is still the vampire slayer!'

Jan 31, 2012

Being Human returns to BBC3 on Sunday with teen werewolf Tom now a full-time member of the cast. Michael Socha, who plays the vampire-hating wolf, tells What's On TV all about Tom's new adventures...

... Q: Tom and new vampire Hal (Damian Molony) are set to become Being Human's new double act, so how do you and Tom feel about Hal?

Michael Socha "Well I'm p****d off as I'm supposed to be the alpha male of the cast - I don't like new people coming to set looking as sexy as he is. No, of course it's wicked. It works great. The characters are the opposite of each other, but there is common ground in that they are both s**t with people. They find relating to people quite difficult - Hal more so with the blood lust. Tom just doesn't understand people. Even working in a cafe - he's never met people like that. But Hal has had more experience living 500 years - he's just decided to keep himself away. Tom hasn't, his dad decided to keep him away..."

Being Human season four premieres Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 9/8C on BBC America.


Being Human 4 - SFX Magazine: Damien Molony Interview

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Being Human 4 Feb 25

SFX MAGAZINE: Being Human Series Four – Damien Molony Interview

by Ian Berriman
February 1 2012

A whopping 1900 words of chat with the actor who plays new vampire on the block Hal (Contains some minor spoilers, but no biggies)...

... Q: So tell us about your character, Hal. What’s he like?

Damien Molony: “Well, he’s very old, he’s been a vampire for a very long time. Basically he goes through life cycles, because he’s been around for so long: he can have 30 years of being quite calm, quite contained, living a very basic life and then suddenly he’ll have 50 years of out-and-out aggression, rape and torture and tearing through the countryside killing everything he sees. When we first see Hal in one of the prequels it’s 1955 and I’ve been tearing it up in Eastern Europe. In the last 50 years I’ve been hosting dogfights [with werewolves], and we have this specific werewolf who’s a fantastic fighter – he hasn’t lost a fight. I’m getting to the end of a cycle, I’m really tired of the way that I’ve gone and slightly remorseful and very guilty, and there’s a lot of shame, and I kinda realise that enough is enough and I need to go clean. Hal’s very taken by this werewolf, Leo is his name, and I ask him, ‘If you can take care of me would you?’, and Leo says, ‘If you’re looking for a simple life I can provide you with that”. So when the series starts, for the last 50 years basically, Hal has just existed in this bubble...

Being Human season four premieres on BBC America on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 9/8C.


Fringe - Starry Constellation Magazine: Jasika Nicole Interview

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Fringe season 4


by Jamie Steinberg

... Q) So I wanted to ask, going back a little bit about what you talk about which is this universe this year has created a very different dynamic ... what we had always expected that closeness between you and Walter and this universe we don't really have that. But yet, you are now out in the field. You're also having more interaction with Olivia and Lincoln. And so what has that kind of brought out in your character and what has that brought out being able to, kind of, interact with them more in a very different way?

Jasika Nicole: "Yes. I think the difference between the relationship with Astrid and Walter was a little bit sad for me to part with. But what I gained from that besides, you know, kind of creating this idea that she's the only person that's welcoming to Peter is like you said, she's got this really lovely kind of like BFF relationship with Olivia that we never got to see before. And I absolutely love that. I think that the fans have really been into that too because this whole time we've had–these are the two women that work together the closest because, of course, Nina is a part of the show. But she works at Massive Dynamics and is a bit separate. So when we would have all these themes and you would never see Olivia and Astrid like hanging out and talking together. It was like, oh, why wouldn't they be friends. You know, they're both really smart. They have a very similar difficult job. They work with the same crazy people. So that was a really, really cool part of this season is seeing Olivia and Astrid hang out together. And now I have this idea that they probably like, you know, go out for wine twice a month or go to see a movie or something like that because they're with each other so much of the day that they have to depend and rely on each other more so than what we see in the actual episodes..."

Fringe season four airs Friday at 9/8C on FOX.


Being Human 4 - SFX Magazine: Michael Socha Interview

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Being Human 4 Feb 25

SFX MAGAZINE: Being Human Series Four – On Set With Michael Socha

Find out which episode of the new series features some sexy Latin – and learn the lyrics to the Being Human series four song!

by Ian Berriman
January 31 2012

On a cold November afternoon in Being Human’s Welsh base (a former bus depot which feels more like a rivet factory or something than a TV studio), SFX stands on the sidelines observing as cast and crew shoot part of episode five of the new series, “Hold The Front Page”.

It features Michael Socha as young werewolf Tom McNair, but he doesn’t have to do much other than sit on his bed and react. The scene showcases the erotic possibilities of Latin, as a female guest star dressed as a barrister (wig, gown and all) advances on Tom, sensually intoning phrases like “habeas corpus” and “mutatis mutandis” whilst unbuttoning her blouse… Good luck figuring out how that might fit into a storyline!

Afterwards, we catch up with the actor to find out what it’s like stepping up from being a recurring guest star to a series regular...


... Q: What’s the maddest day you’ve had on set?

Michael Socha: “Transformation day is a fucking ridiculous day! You spend so long in the make-up chair to do half an hour of screaming your head off, and then I think, ‘’Fucking hell, I’ve actually done that and got paid for it today!’. I sit down with some wonderful women who are brilliant at what they do, then I go and shout me head off, then go home and have a pint and think, ‘Fuck, this is how I earn my money – this is what I do?!’ Yeah, it’s mad. But I always hoped and wanted to be doing this as a kid and I never thought for a second I would, so every day’s a fucking good day...”

And there was an unusual conclusion to our interview as Michael called over Damien Molony (Hal) to sing a Being Human song they’d put together, which goes a little something like this! (You’ll have to imagine how it looks and sounds, but to give you some help: the first line is sung to the tune of “Starry, Starry Night”, while the second’s accompanied by gestures to the scars on Tom’s head)

Scarry, scarry head…
The lines go down from neck to brow on this boy’s head!
Scary scary vamp (Scary, scary, scary vamp!)
He’s dressed divine, but the boy with the lines is dressed like a tramp. (Dressed like a tramp!)
Quite nice see-through ghost
Others have been and gone but she’s number one, so she’s paid the most.
She’s paid the most!

Being Human season four premieres on BBC America on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 9/8c.

Justified - My Fanbase: Joelle Carter Exclusive Interview

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February 2012
by Nicole Oebel

Joelle Carter plays the role of Ava Crowder on the Kentucky crime drama "Justified". In our last interview she talked about basics of herself and her character and this time she speaks about season 3 which is airing right now on FX...


Timothy Olyphant (Raylan Givens) and Joelle Carter (Ava Crowder) from Justified

... Q: Boyd went back to his criminal ways and Ava accepts that. But how far is she willing to go? Are they going to be a little bit like Bonnie and Clyde?

Joelle Carter: "Walton (Goggins) loves this story line – he says it is so poetic and I agree with him. Two people from such violent pasts finding love at this stage in the game … I don’t think it’s ever existed on TV before. You will be surprised how far Ava might go to support her man and his new dreams for the future. The show writers told me this season is about the character's crossing lines they have mentioned they probably never would. Bonnie and Clyde watch out here come Ava and Boyd!"

... Q: How does Ava feel about Raylan now? After the break up she was angry but is she now really indifferent towards him?

Joelle Carter: "I love that Ava and Raylan have this short-lived romantic past. I think they were two people who needed a break from reality in season one. They were sexually amazing together and that attraction doesn't just die. What makes for great conflict is that now their loyalties have changed. I think Raylan will always want the best for Ava in a papa bear kinda way. AND of course Ava will always want to be able to get under Raylan's skin a little. It's fun to keep their desire for each other alive..."

Justified airs Tuesday at 10/9C on FX.

Mark Harmon - NCIS - Yahoo! TV: NCIS Week - 'NCIS' cast before they were stars

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Welcome to Yahoo! TV’s “NCIS Week,” our salute to the powerhouse procedural and its passionate fans!

You don’t need to have Ducky’s deductive powers nor follow Gibbs’s rules to see what a dominating force “NCIS” has been. And it hasn’t escaped our notice that whenever we post a story about the show, you – our readers – respond with comments expressing your love for the series, its characters, and its values.

You’ve also been outspoken about asking for more “NCIS” coverage, and we’ve listened.

As the show marks its milestone 200th episode on Tuesday, we’re celebrating all week long with exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else, thanks in large part to the generous cooperation of the show’s cast and crew.

So be sure to come back each day this week for a new treat – we'll be launching them by noon PT, Monday through Friday. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway of “NCIS” seasons 1-8 on DVD!

Click here to view the episode trailer for NCIS' 200th episode, 'Life Before His Eyes,' airing Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 8/7C on CBS.

Being Human - The Morton Report - Sam Huntington Interview

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Being Human Season 2 Monday

THE MORTON REPORT: Sam Huntington Talks Being Human and Face Off

By Steve Eramo
February 4, 2012

In 2007, TV, feature film and stage actor Sam Huntington spent part of his workdays sitting in a makeup chair where he was transformed into a Caveman named Andy for the short-lived TV series Cavemen. A few years later he was cast as Josh Radcliff, a werewolf, in the Syfy channel’s take on the British supernatural TV drama Being Human. Luckily, Huntington’s onscreen persona only experiences his metamorphosis during a full moon, which means the actor’s handsome face is not constantly hidden behind layers of latex, fake hair and prosthetics.

Huntington’s experience performing behind a mask made him the ideal guest for another hit Syfy show, Face Off. The actor appears in next week’s “Dangerous Beauty,” airing Wednesday, February 8th @ 10:00 p.m. EST/PST. For this episode of Face Off's Foundation Challenge, the ten remaining contestants are tasked with creating an original trauma makeup featuring wounds that may have been inflicted by a werewolf. As everyone’s favorite US TV werewolf, Huntington brings his expert perspective to the challenge.

Last week, the good-natured and exceedingly fan-friendly actor chatted on the phone with me as well as other journalists about his stint on Face Off as well as ongoing work as Josh in Being Human. The following is an edited version of that Q & A...


... Q: I’ve read that the (werewolf) transformation effects on Being Human have become more streamlined and more CGI (computer-generated image). Can you talk about that a little bit?

Sam Huntington: "Yes, I think last year they kind of came to the realization that they couldn't afford to lose me for six hours on end during the work day, which was lucky for me because it damn near killed me every time they did it. So I think because of that and the fact that the technology is so fantastic, they decided to further supplement the SFX (special effects) makeup this season with CGI. The good news all around is that it means less time in the makeup chair for me, and I think they (the effects) look badass. I mean, I've seen quite a bit of them now and they look really, really, really good.

The other thing I think they realized is that when they do put me in the makeup, they don't always need to show my whole body. For instance, a lot of times they'll just show my chest bursting or just the claws and the fangs descending or you’ll just see my face darkening. So they don't have to go full-on with it every time, which, again, has been a real saving grace for me this year. And the cool thing is it doesn't sacrifice any of the awesomeness of the werewolf effects...

Being Human airs Monday at 9/8C on Syfy.

Falling Skies - Video: Behind the Scenes Filming

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They call it "Hollywood North". Vancouver, on Canada's Pacific west coast, is now the third-largest center for the film industry in North America, hosting blockbuster productions like "X-Men" and "Stargate". With backing from the public sector, and a build-up of talent, the region is nurturing a billion-dollar and growing industry.

Video includes clip of Falling Skies extras filming a scene and a brief interview with extra Thai-Hoa Le. Also Lloyd Cunningham, president of DC5 casting agency for background actors.

Arctic Air behind the scenes filming also included. A brief interview with an executive producer, and special effects supervisor Dave Asling [Miniature Effects].

Falling Skies cast includes Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight, Seychelle Gabriel, Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins and Peter Shinkoda. The second season premiers summer 2012 on TNT.

Arctic Air cast includes Adam Beach, Pascale Hutton, Kevin McNulty, Stephen Lobo, Carmen Moore and Lexa Doig. This series airs in Canada on CBC.

Merlin - Syfy Video: 'A Servant of Two Masters' Sneak Peek Airs Feb 10 '12

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Watch a sneak peek of the next all-new episode of Merlin, Friday at 10/9c

When Merlin falls into Morgana's hands, he becomes a deadly weapon in her fight for supremacy. Using ancient magic, she pits friend against friend to create the perfect assassin. An oblivious Arthur is in great danger. Will anyone notice Merlin's unusual behavior before he does the king some serious harm?

Guest stars include Tom Hopper, Rupert Young, Eoin Macken, Adetomiwa Edun, Leander Deeny and Zee Asha.

Supernatural - CW Video: 'Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie' Episode Trailer Airs Feb 10 '12

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Plucky's has clowns, pizzas, and killer unicorns. Catch Supernatural Friday at 9/8c

The brothers return to Kansas to investigate a children's pizza parlor that is connected to the death of several parents whose children all attended parties there. Children draw their worst fears at the birthday party and they come to life to kill their parents. While Dean confronts the individual responsible, Sam has to deal with his worst fear: clowns.

Guest stars include Stargate Universe's Jennifer Spence, Michael Blackman Beck, Jakob Davies, Laura Jaszcz and Timothy Wallace.

Tom Selleck - Blue Bloods - Video: 'Leap of Faith' Episode Trailer Airs Feb 10 '12

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Blue 2


Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) investigate a woman’s claim that her stepdad murdered her mom on Blue Bloods at 10PM on CBS

When a rich woman dies of a heart attack, her eccentric daughter claims that she received a message from God, who told her that her stepfather actually murdered her. Meanwhile, the archbishop wants Frank’s (Tom Selleck) support for the canonization of a local priest, but a reluctant Frank takes it upon himself to investigate a rumor that the priest went too far when protesting the Vietnam War.

Emmy Award-winning actor Timothy Busfield ("West Wing," "thirtysomething") guest stars as Charles Bynes, who is accused of murdering his wife by his stepdaughter.

Additional guest stars include Abigail Hawk, Aubrey Dollar, Toni D’Antonio, Dominic Comperatore, Bryan Scott Johnson, James Murtaugh, Amy Hargreaves, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, John Finn and Selenis Leyva.

Grimm - Video: 'Tarantella' Episode Trailer Airs Feb 10 '12

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Grimm 2


A string of homicides leads Nick and Hank to a woman with a deadly secret.

Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) find themselves on the hunt for a deadly heartbreaker leaving behind a web of dead bodies. Meanwhile, Nick’s growing recognition among the creature world is starting to threaten not only his safety but Juliette’s (Bitsie Tulloch) as well, and it may be time for him to take action to keep her safe.

Guest stars include Amy Acker, Robert Blanche, Lanie Hoyo, Mike Massa and Sharon Sachs.

Torchwood - The One Show: John Barrowman Video Interview

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Highlights of John Barrowman on The One Show from February 4, 2012, aired on BBC (UK).

Fringe - Video: 'Welcome To Westfield' Episode Trailer Airs Feb 10 '12

Source: You Tube

Fringe season 4


The Fringe team gets trapped on an all-new "FRINGE" Friday, February 10, on FOX

Peter, Olivia and Walter get trapped in a town from which there is no escape. But they soon learn that this mysterious occurrence is part of an experiment gone wrong

Guest stars include Rochelle Okoye and Alissa Skovbye.

Pandorum - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Feb 4 '12 - Syfy 9/8C

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... Pandorum

9:00 PM, SYFY

Outer space remains a prime setting for suspense -- after all, as "Alien" reminded us, no one can hear you scream out there. Not that you'll feel the need to even whimper much in this disappointing 2009 sci-fi/horror tale about two astronauts (Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster) who awaken in orbit with no memory of their identities or mission, but some very unwlecome company that may not leave the duo alive. Paul W.S. Anderson, who's had experience in the overall genre with "Resident Evil," is among the producers.

Click here for the full SciFi Movie Marathon schedule on Syfy for Saturday, February 4, 2012.

Merlin - Syfy Video: 'A Servant of Two Masters' Episode Trailer Airs Feb 10 '12

Source: Syfy



Merlin falls under Morgana's power, becoming a deadly weapon in her fight for supremacy. Merlin Fridays at 10/9c.

When Merlin falls into Morgana's hands, he becomes a deadly weapon in her fight for supremacy. Using ancient magic, she pits friend against friend to create the perfect assassin. An oblivious Arthur is in great danger. Will anyone notice Merlin's unusual behavior before he does the king some serious harm?

Guest stars include Tom Hopper, Rupert Young, Eoin Macken, Adetomiwa Edun, Leander Deeny and Zee Asha.