Thursday, August 4, 2011

Terra Nova - Hollywood Reporter Video: Behind the Scenes

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TERRA NOVA - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Inside the Making of one of the Most Ambitious, Challenging and Expensive Shows on TV

8/2/2011 by Lacey Rose, Lesley Goldberg

As you turn onto the one-lane gravel road leading to the Terra Nova set, you pass a multicolored sign that reads "Danger" in four languages. Lower down, another line appears. This time, in plain English, "Dinosaurs."

Installed in jest by the series' crew, it sets the mood for anyone entering the four-acre settlement of Terra Nova in Queensland, Australia. For it's here on the edge of the rainforest, a 20-minute drive from some of the country's best surf beaches off the region's Gold Coast, that this fantasy world becomes real...

Haven - The Daily Actor: Emily Rose Audio Interview

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Haven season 2

HAVEN - THE DAILY ACTOR: Emily Rose Audio Interview

August 3, 2011
by Lance Carter

The SyFy series, Haven, based on the Steven King novella The Colorado Kid, follows FBI agent Audrey Parker as she arrives in the town of Haven, Maine. She’s there to investigate a murder in the mysterious town but soon finds out that the small town is a refuge for people with supernatural abilities.

Emily Rose plays Audrey on the hit show. She’s been on Brothers and Sisters, ER, Two and a Half Men and even worked on the video game, Uncharted.

I talked to Emily in a conference call where she talked about Haven, her acting goals and working with motion capture on Uncharted.

Haven airs on the Syfy Network Fridays 10/9c


Warehouse 13 - Digital Spy: Eddie McClintock Interview

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Warehouse 13 season 3

WAREHOUSE 13 - DIGITAL SPY: Eddie McClintock: 'New season is the best yet'

Thursday, August 4 2011
By Morgan Jeffery

The third season of hit Syfy drama Warehouse 13 kicked off last month in the US, and tonight the show returns to the UK! Faithful fans may remember that Myka (Joanne Kelly) departed the Warehouse at the end of season two, but surely she's not gone for good?

In the interim, there's a new agent on the block - the human lie-detector Steve Jinks, played by former Smallville star Aaron Ashmore. We recently caught up with Warehouse 13's Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer) to discuss Myka's fate, Steve's introduction and the lingering possibility of a Pete / Myka romance!


... Q: Do you feel that the show has improved?

Eddie McClintock: "This year my wife said 'Don't take this the wrong way, but the show feels less cheesy'. For me, I think it's because [showrunner] Jack Kenny has full control of the show right now and in the first two years that wasn't necessarily true. He has a unique ability to tell a whimsical story but keep it adult enough so you don't alienate anyone to the point that they think it's silly or something. Granted, Pete does some silly, funny stuff but he earns that silliness by being loving, loyal and good at his job. The show itself has taken on Pete's attitude - he likes to have fun, he has a great time, he doesn't take himself too seriously unless he really needs to. He's confident at having fun and he's confident at working hard..."

Justified - KTLA: Margo Martindale Video Interview

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JUSTIFIED - KTLA: Margo Martindale Video Interview

Margo chats about Justified and her Emmy nominations.


Jewel Staite - 'Doomsday Prophecy' - Syfy Video: 'Wait It Out' Sneak Peek Airs Aug 13 '11

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JEWEL STAITE - 'DOOMSDAY PROPHECY' - SYFY VIDEO: 'Wait It Out' Sneak Peek Airs Saturday, August 1, 2011 at 9/8C

Watch a sneak peek for the upcoming Syfy Original Movie "Doomsday Prophecy." Premieres Saturday August 13 9/8C.

When a sudden rash of worldwide geological disturbances threatens the planet, a desperate search begins for a vanished author who is believed to hold the key in predicting future disasters. But the author is soon discovered dead and in his possession is an ancient Divining Rod - a device that bestows visions of the future upon those who hold it

As the Divining Rod paints a bleak vision for Earth’s future, it’s a race against time to find the whereabouts of ancient devices that can counteract the devastating geological disturbances that are literally splitting the planet apart...

Cast includes Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite, A.J. Buckley, Gordon Tootoosis, Fernando Lara, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Rick Ravanello, David Richmond-Peck, Bruce Ramsay, Hiro Kanagawa, Jerry Wasserman, Phillip Mitchell, Roseanne Supernault and Alan Dale.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Wall Street Journal Blog: Eve Myles and Alexa Havins Interview

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Torchwood 2

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY - WALL STREET JOURNAL BLOG SPEAKEASY: Eve Myles and Alexa Havins Talk about Stepping Up for ‘Torchwood’

August 4, 2011
By Dennis Nishi

There’s no shortage of strong women on STARZ’ new “Torchwood: Miracle Day” series. The new show is a continuation of the BBC series and is now set in the U.S. where Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), the last living members of Torchwood, are on the run with CIA analyst Esther Drummond, played by Alexa Havins. Speakeasy spoke with Myles and Havins about what they did to prepare for their new roles...


... Q: The first few shows have been so frantic. Is the pace going to level off?

Myles: "You haven’t seen anything yet. It ramps up a hundred percent. Once you get to episode five, in particular it starts to unravel and unravel so fast. And there’s so much to take in. It just goes crazy the closer you get to finding out what’s going on. You will not be able to breathe."

Havins: "And just when you think it’s a plateau, no, no, no."

Myles: "That’s what Russell [Davies] does, you see. I see exactly where this is going, it’s so simple. He will then drop you like a ton of bricks and start going in the other direction. This series is about expecting the unexpected..."

Alphas - Syfy Video Featurette: Zak Penn & Ira Behr Q&A

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"Alphas" creators Zak Penn and Ira Steven Behr answer fan questions from Facebook in this exclusive Q&A series.

Alphas Facebook

Warehouse 13 - Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram: Five questions with Saul Rubinek

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Warehouse 13 season 3

WAREHOUSE 13 - DALLAS FORT WORTH STAR TELEGRAM: Five questions with Saul Rubinek

Wednesday, Aug. 03, 2011
by David Martindale

It's fun to imagine that a place like Warehouse 13 -- a top-secret facility in which cursed, haunted and bad-juju artifacts are locked away where they can do no harm -- really exists. Maybe that's why Warehouse 13, which airs at 8 p.m. Monday on Syfy, has a devoted following. Because viewers want to believe.

That's Saul Rubinek's theory anyway. Rubinek, who plays Artie, the warehouse caretaker, found out how eager viewers are to suspend their disbelief during the first season. "I did interviews with younger reporters who were newer to the game," Rubinek recalls. "I would tell them, 'You realize that this show is based on fact, don't you? We were brought to an FBI facility that is essentially the real Warehouse 13 and given a tour. I can't tell you where it is, because that information is secret.'"

His prank yielded unexpected results. "I was dutifully quoted, very seriously," he says. Rubinek promises to play it straight in this interview...


... Q: Do you have a favorite artifact, one that captured your imagination?

Saul Rubinek: "There are many delicious ones: the mirror from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, where a psychotic Alice has been trapped for over 100 years. Or Edgar Allan Poe's pen and ink, which create havoc when they come together. I like the joke ones, too, like, 'Don't open that! It's the original can of worms!'"

Falling Skies - Urban Rush: Colin Cunningham Video Interview

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Falling Skies 2

FALLING SKIES - URBAN RUSH: Colin Cunningham Video Interview

Colin Cunningham appears on Shaw TV Vancouver's Urban Rush with hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.

Collin was recently nominated for two Gemini Awards (the Canadian equivalent to the US Emmy Awards) Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role or Guest Role in a Comedic Series category for Living in Your Car - Chapter 13 and Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series category for Flashpoint - The Other Lane.

Doctor Who - BBC Video: Season 6.5 Trailer # 2

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Doctor Who 6.5

DOCTOR WHO - BBC VIDEO: Season 6.5 Trailer # 2

Doctor Who resumes airing on BBC America on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 9/8C

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Syfy: Viewer's Choice Poll - Marathon Sept 2 '11

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STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - SYFY: Viewer's Choice Poll - Marathon Friday, September 2, 2011

Vote For Your Favorite Episodes

In seven seasons, the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew explored strange new worlds, sought out new life and new civilizations, and boldly went where no one had gone before.

The series may have ended, but you can relive the adventure by casting your vote below for the Star Trek: The Next Generation, airing on Syfy Friday, September 2 starting at 8AM / 7c.

Choose up to ten of your favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. Voting closes Friday, August 19 at 11:59PM / 10:59c, so vote now!