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SciFi Daily - BBC America: Schedule Week of June 12 '12

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Doctor Who Season 1


Doctor Who season one cast includes Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.

Tue. June 12 4:00 PM Bad Wolf

Rose (Billie Piper), The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), and Captain Jack (John Barrowman) are plucked from their lives and become contestants on futuristic reality shows where losers pay the ultimate price. But who's producing these shows?

Guest stars include Torchwood's John Barrowman, Jo Joyner, Jamie Bradley, Abi Eniola, Paterson Joseph, Dominic Burgess, Karen Winchester, Kate Loustau and Sebastian Armesto.

Wed. June 13 4:00 PM The Parting of the Ways

Rose (Billie Piper), The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), and Captain Jack (John Barrowman) are all that stand between a half million Daleks and Earth. How far will The Doctor go to save the universe?

Guest stars include Torchwood's John Barrowman, Jo Joyner, Paterson Joseph, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri and David Tennant.

Doctor Who Billier Piper


Doctor Who season two cast includes David Tennant and Billie Piper

Thur. June 14 4:00 PM Christmas Invasion

Can Rose (Billie Piper) trust a man with a new face? As the newly regenerated Doctor (David Tennant) drifts in and out of consciousness, Christmas becomes a time of terror on planet Earth when the whole of mankind falls under the shadow of the sinister alien Sycorax.

Guest stars include Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Penelope Wilton, Daniel Evans, Adam Garcia, Chu Omambala, Anita Briem, Sian McDowall and Paul Anderson.

Fri. June 15 4:00 PM New Earth

The Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) board the Tardis for new adventures in time and space. But when they visit mankind’s new home, far in the future, they find gruesome secrets hidden inside a luxury hospital.

Guest stars include Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Zoë Wanamaker, Sean Gallagher, Doña Croll, Michael Fitzgerald, Lucy Robinson and Adjoa Andoh.

BSG sunday


Battlestar Galactica cast includes Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Hogan, Aaron Douglas, Michael Trucco, Tahmoh Penikett, Alessandro Juliani, Kandyse McClure and Donnelly Rhodes.

Tue. June 12 5:00 PM Sacrifice

Cloud 9's lounge is under attack by terrorists who are convinced that Sharon Valerii (Grace Park) is playing the military. The leader of this quartet, Sesha Abinell (Dana Delany), demands that the invaluable Valerii be brought to her.

Guest stars include Kate Vernon, Mark Houghton, Eric Breker, David Neale, Dana Delany and Adrian G. Griffiths.

Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) and Ellen Tigh (Kate Vernon) are enjoying a drink on the luxury liner Cloud 9 when Lee notices something off about a particular woman in the bar...

Wed. June 13 5:00 PM The Occupation

It's been four months since the Cylons occupied the human settlement of New Caprica, and Galactica, Pegasus, and a handful of ships jumped to safety. On New Caprica, a resistance has begun to challenge the Cylons.

Guest stars include Nicki Clyne, Kandyse McClure, Lucy Lawless, Callum Keith Rennie, Kate Vernon, Matthew Bennett, Rekha Sharma, Dean Stockwell, Luciana Carro, Leah Cairns, Dominic Zamprogna and Colin Lawrence.

Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) kills her captor, the Cylon Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie), again and again, only for him to return in a new body every time.

Thur. June 14 5:00 PM Precipice

As a result of the most recent suicide bombings, some of the Cylons are now arguing that they need to retaliate.

Guest stars include Lucy Lawless, Richard Hatch, Rick Worthy, Callum Keith Rennie, Kate Vernon, Matthew Bennett, Dean Stockwell, Luciana Carro, Brad Dryborough, Dominic Zamprogna and Colin Lawrence.

Jammer (Dominic Zamprogna) has reservations about his orders as a member of the New Caprica Police: arrest hundreds of suspected human insurgents, among them his friend Cally (Nicki Clyne).

Fri. June 15 5:00 PM Exodus - Part One

The secret source in the administration has provided Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) with a list of all humans scheduled for extermination. Tyrol's wife Cally (Nicki Clyne) is on the list and he sets off to rescue her.

Guest stars include Lucy Lawless, Amanda Plummer, Richard Hatch, Callum Keith Rennie, Kate Vernon, Donnelly Rhodes, Matthew Bennett, Rekha Sharma, Dean Stockwell, Eureka's Erica Cerra, Luciana Carro, Brad Dryborough, Leah Cairns, Dominic Zamprogna, Ty Olsson and Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins.

A frantic Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) announces to Tigh (Michael Hogan) that he's discovered a list of insurgents who have received a death sentence by the Cylon-controlled government - and his wife Cally is on it.



Cast includes Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton.

Wed. June 13 6:00 PM Transfigurations

The Enterprise rescues a humanoid amnesiac (Mark La Mura), who exhibits remarkable healing powers.

Guest cast includes Mark La Mura, Charles Dennis, Julie Warner and Colm Meaney.

Thur. June 14 6:00 PM The Best of Both Worlds - Part One

Starfleet command assigns an ambitious young officer (Elizabeth Dennehy) to help the Enterprise investigate the disappearance of a Federation colony.

Guest stars include Elizabeth Dennehy, George Murdock, Colm Meaney and Whoopi Goldberg.

Fri. June 15 6:00 PM The Best of Both Worlds - Part Two

The Borg have turned Picard (Patrick Stewart) into a half-Borg, half-human creature, and are using him in their plot to conquer Earth.

Guest stars include Elizabeth Dennehy, George Murdock, Colm Meaney, Whoopi Goldberg and Todd Merrill.

Stargate TV Schedule Week of Jun 11 '12


[NOTE: High Definition channels not listed on this schedule. Please confirm with your local listings for correct times.]



Cast includes Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis and Teryl Rothery


Tue. June 12 2:00 AM Shades of Grey

O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) makes a diplomatic faux pas that threatens Earth's peaceful relations with her allies.

Guest stars include Tom McBeath, Steve Makaj, Marie Stillin, Christian Bocher, Teryl Rothery and Linnea Sharples.

Wed. June 13 2:00 AM New Ground

The Stargate team becomes an unwitting pawn in an ideological war between two planets.

Guest stars include Richard Ian Cox, Daryl Shuttleworth, Teryl Rothery, Desiree Zurowski, Jennifer Copping, Bill Nikolai and Finn Michael.

Thur. June 14 2:00 AM Maternal Instinct

The Stargate team tries to find the missing Harsesis child before Apophis (Peter Williams) does.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola, Terry Chen, Teryl Rothery, Battlestar Galactica's Aaron Douglas, Steve Bacic, D. Harlan Cutshall and Carla Boudreau.

Fri. June 15 2:00 AM Crystal Skull

The Stargate crew seeks the aid of Jackson's (Michael Shanks) grandfather when a colleague disappears.

Guest stars include Jan Rubes, Teryl Rothery, Jason Schombing, Dan Shea, Russell Roberts, Jacquie Janzen, Daniel Bacon and Tracy Westerholm.

Sat. June 16 2:00 AM The Other Side

SG-1 answers a distress call from a civilization whose roots can be traced back to Earth.

Guest stars include Rene Auberjonois, Anne Marie DeLuise, Gary Jones, Dan Shea, Stephen Park, Kyle Cassie and Kris Keeler.

[NOTE: Stargate Atlantis is NOT on Syfy's schedule through July.]



Cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, Julia Benson, Jennifer Spence, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.


Fri. June 15 5:30 AM Life

Lt. Scott (Brian J. Smith) and Camile (Ming Na) return to Earth via the communication stones to spend time with those they left behind. On the Destiny, the crew explores new sections of the ship and discover a promising Ancient device.

Guest stars include Carlo Rota, Ona Grauer, Mark Burgess, Reiko Aylesworth, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sarah Smyth, Josh Blacker, Sandy Sidhu, Michael Karl Richards, Dominic Zamprogna, Kyle Horton, Marissa Smith, Zak Santiago and Gordon Grice.

Sat. June 16 5:00 AM Justice

Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) cedes command to Camile Wray (Ming Na) after a crew member is found dead from a gunshot wound and the gun is recovered from Young's quarters. Meanwhile, a planet harbors a secret that threatens the Destiny in the first-season finale.

Guest stars include Mark Burgess, Tygh Runyan, Josh Blacker, Josette Jorge, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Ronald Patrick Thompson.


Weekend June 16/17 in Syndication (check your local listings for channel, date and time) - Malice

Simeon (Robert Knepper) makes a violent escape from the Destiny. Homeworld Command believes that Simeon has information that could prevent an attack on Earth, spurring a manhunt on an alien world to capture Simeon alive.

Guest stars include Mike Dopud, Julie McNiven, Robert Knepper, Leanne Adachi and Darcy Laurie.

Noah Wyle - Falling Skies - TNT Video: 'Worlds Apart' Sneak Peek Airs Jun 17 '12

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Season 2 opens with Pope (Colin Cunningham) seizing command of a renegade contingent within the 2nd Mass unit. Meanwhile, Tom (Noah Wyle) suddenly returns to the group, but his loyalty comes into question; and Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) drift apart.

Falling Skies cast includes Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Peter Shinkoda, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Maxim Knight, Sarah Carter and Seychelle Gabriel.

Guest stars include Brandon Jay McLaren, Sanctuary's Ryan Robbins, Laine MacNeil, Kyra Zagorsky and Brad Kelly.

TV Talk Show Guest Stars Week of Jun 11 '12

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Noah Wyle guests on Live with Kelly - SYNDICATED - on Monday, June 11, 2012.

Bang 2


Johnny Galecki guests on Conan on TBS on Wednesday, June 13.

Continuum (Canada) - SciFi and TV Talk: Tony Amendola Interview

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SCIFI AND TV TALK: Follow The Leader - Interview with Continuum's Tony Amendola

By Steve Eramo

"Twenty years ago when the corporations bailed out our failed governments, they sold it to us as salvation. Now we see that we have paid for that rescue with our freedoms. We have awakened to the truth. We have become slaves to the corporate congress. Today all that changes. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that we have passed the torch to a new generation unwilling to permit the undoing of human rights and dignities. And let every corporation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price in order to assure the survival and success of liberty."


These are the words spoken by Edouard Kagame in the opening teaser of A Stitch in Time, the first episode of the hit Canadian Sci-Fi/Police Drama Continuum. No sooner does he finish making this announcement to the outside world, when a CPS (City Protective Services) team, led by Officer Kiera Cameron, bursts into his office to arrest him. They may have their man, but are still too late in one regard. Kagame’s words have lit the proverbial blue touch paper and sparked off a revolt against corporate control in 2077. For veteran stage and screen actor Tony Amendola, taking on the Kagame role was a true gift in more ways than one.

When the script for this project first came across my desk I thought, ‘How wonderful,’” recalls Amendola. “It was a sort of an interesting road back to Vancouver, a place I love, and the opportunity to work with Jon Cassar, who directed the first two episodes of Continuum. So I had the initial audition, and then a couple of weeks later I had a second one. The [casting] process extended into the holiday season and, in fact, I heard that I got the job two days before Christmas [2011]. My agent called and said, ‘Merry Christmas.’ I said to him, ‘Merry Christmas to you too, Greg,’ and he said again, ‘No, no, no, Merry Christmas.’ It then dawned on me what he was talking about..."

Continuum airs Sunday at 9/8C on Showcase in Canada. Cast includes Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Stephen Lobo, Richard Harmon, Tony Amendola, Brian Markinson and Stargate Universe's Jennifer Spence.

David Duchovny - The X-Files - BBC America: Schedule Week of Jun 14 '12

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The X-Files season two cast includes David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi.

Thur. June 14 4:00 AM Anasazi

Mulder (David Duchovny) receives encrypted files citing government knowledge of extraterrestrials, and learns that his father may have been involved in a related project.

Guest stars include Peter Donat, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Nicholas Lea, William B. Davis, Michael David Simms, Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund and Tom Braidwood.

Sat. June 16 03:00 AM Red Museum

A cult leader (Mark Rolston) is suspected in the abductions of two teens, which match two other cases involving victims found with the same message written on their bodies.

Guest stars include Paul Sand, Steve Eastin, Mark Rolston, Lindsey Ginter and Gillian Barber.

Sat. June 16 04:00 AM Excelsius Dei

A nurse (Teryl Rothery) claims to have been raped by an invisible entity, whom she identifies as an Alzheimer's patient (David Fresco).

Guest stars include Stargate SG-1's Teryl Rothery, Sab Shimono, Frances Bay, Eric Christmas, David Fresco, Sheila Moore, Jerry Wasserman, Tasha Simms, Jon Cuthbert, Paul Jarrett and Ernie Prentice.

Sat. June 16 05:00 AM Aubrey

When a police detective finds the remains of an FBI agent who disappeared in 1942, past and present serial murders are linked.

Guest stars include Terry O'Quinn, Deborah Strang, Morgan Woodward, Joy Coghill, Robyn Driscoll and Peter Flemming.

Twiilight Zone (1959) - Syfy: Marathon Schedule Jul 4 '12

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Twilight Zone


08:00 AM Probe 7 Over And Out

The lone survivors of two devastated planets meet on a new world.

Cast includes Richard Basehart, Antoinette Bower, Harold Gould and Barton Heyman.


Jackie Cooper and Stafford Repp

08:30 AM Caesar And Me

Jackie Cooper plays a struggling ventriloquist who turns to crime, on advice from his suddenly vociferous dummy.

Cast include Jackie Cooper, Morgan Brittany, Sarah Selby, Don Gazzaniga and Stafford Repp.

09:00 AM The Old Man In The Cave

A small community has survived the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust by accepting the advice of The Old Man in the Cave.

Cast includes James Coburn, John Anderson and Josie Lloyd.

09:30 AM Mr. Dingle, The Strong

A timid little man is experimentally endowed with superhuman strength by a visiting Martian scientist.

Cast includes Don Rickles, Burgess Meredith, James Westerfield, Eddie Ryder, Douglas Spencer and Michael Fox.

10:00 AM A Kind Of Stopwatch

A talkative man acquires a stopwatch with the power to halt all other action in the world.

Cast includes Richard Erdman, Herbie Faye, Doris Singleton and Roy Roberts.


Cliff Robertson

10:30 AM A Hundred Yards Over The Rim

A 19th-century Western settler, desperately searching for water for his sick son, takes a walk that inexplicably leads him into the next century.

Cast includes Cliff Robertson, John Crawford, Edward Platt and John Astin.

11:00 AM Little Girl Lost

A couple is awakened in the middle of the night by the cries of their six-year-old daughter who has fallen through a mysterious door into another dimension.

Cast includes Sarah Marshall, Robert Sampson and Charles Aidman.


Jonathan Winters and Jack Klugman in A Game Of Pool

11:30 AM A Game Of Pool

A frustrated pool champ has beaten everyone. Everyone except one man; the legend, Fat's Brown. Brown is dead, and the champ can only curse his name. But guess who just walked in.

Cast includes Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters.

12:00 PM Long Distance Call

A young boy keeps in touch with his dead grandmother via the toy telephone she once gave him.

Cast includes Philip Abbott, Lili Darvas, Patricia Smith and Bill Mumy.

12:30 PM A Most Unusual Camera

A pair of petty thieves find that a camera they have just stolen can predict the future by the pictures it takes.

Cast includes Fred Clark, Jean Carson, Adam Williams and Marcel Hillaire.

01:00 PM Stopover In A Quiet Town

The day after a drunken party, a married couple awakens in an unfamiliar house with no idea how they got there.

Cast includes Barry Nelson and Nancy Malone.

01:30 PM Number Twelve Looks Just Like You

A young woman resists pressure to be transformed into a state-controlled image of flawless beauty.

Cast includes Collin Wilcox Paxton, Richard Long, Pamela Austin and Suzy Parker.

02:00 PM I Sing The Body Electric

A widowed father buys his three young children an electronic grandmother to the delight of all but one of them.

Cast includes Josephine Hutchinson, David White and Veronica Cartwright.

02:30 PM Five Characters In Search Of An Exit

Five people — a ballet dancer, a major, a clown, tramp and a bagpipe player — trapped in a featureless enclosure with no idea how they got there attempt to escape.

Cast includes Susan Harrison, William Windom, Murray Matheson, Kelton Garwood and Clark Allen.

03:00 PM Night Of The Meek

After a derelict Santa Claus is fired on Christmas Eve, he finds a mysterious bag that gives out presents. With this bag he sets out to fulfill his one wish - to see the less fortunate inherit the bounties of Christmas.

Cast includes Art Carney and John Fiedler.

03:30 PM Kick The Can

The magic of a children's game enables a group of old people to recapture their youth.

Cast includes Ernest Truex, Russell Collins, John Marley and Hank Patterson.

04:00 PM Where Is Everybody

Greeted by empty streets, a man searches a small town to find that he is completely and inexplicably alone. The series pilot.

Cast includes Earl Holliman, James Gregory and Paul Langton.

04:30 PM Dead Man's Shoes

A down-and-out man steals the fancy shoes from the body of a murdered gangster and finds himself living in the dead man's footsteps.

Cast includes Warren Stevens, Richard Devon and Joan Marshall.

05:00 PM The Hitch-hiker

Driving cross-country, a girl keeps seeing the same hitch-hiker on the road ahead, beckoning her toward a fatal accident.

Cast includes Inger Stevens, Adam Williams and Lew Gallo.

05:30 PM The Dummy

A ventriloquist becomes convinced that his dummy has a will and a life of its own.

Cast includes Cliff Robertson, Frank Sutton and George Murdock.


Agnes Moorehead

06:00 PM The Invaders

A lone woman battles two miniature spacemen whose craft crashes into her isolated farmhouse.

Cast includes Agnes Moorehead.

06:30 PM The Bewitchin' Pool

Two unloved children escape from their squabbling parents to a world that offers them a chance of happiness with a strange, kindly woman.

Cast includes To Kill A Mockingbird's Mary Badham, Dee Hartford and Tod Andrews.

07:00 PM Living Doll

A man is threatened with revenge by the expensive talking doll he is planning to dispose of.

Cast includes Telly Savalas and Mary LaRoche.

07:30 PM The Howling Man

Taking refuge in a European monastery during a storm, a man hears someone howling and is told it's the Devil who is being held prisoner.

Cast includes John Carradine, H.M. Wynant, Robin Hughes and Friedrich von Ledebur.

08:00 PM Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up

On the night of a UFO sighting, seven people at a diner claim to be of Earth, though one of them is not.

Cast includes John Hoyt, Jack Elam, Barney Phillips and Bill Erwin.

08:30 PM The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

A mysterious power failure causes paranoid suburban residents to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space.

Cast includes Claude Akins, Barry Atwater and Jack Weston.

09:00 PM Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

A newly released mental patient is the only one able to see a gremlin ripping up the wing of his airliner.

Cast includes William Shatner and Christine White.

09:30 PM Time Enough At Last

Nearsighted, meek bank clerk Henry Bernis is the sole survivor of an H-bomb attack. At last he has the time to engulf himself in his passion for books. Or so he thinks.

Cast includes Burgess Meredith, Vaughn Taylor and Jacqueline deWit.

10:00 PM To Serve Man

Apparently benign alien emissaries show mankind how to end the misery of war, plague and famine.

Cast includes Lloyd Bochner, Susan Cummings and Richard Kiel.

10:30 PM A Stop At Willoughby

A harassed executive escapes into the peaceful town of Willoughby in July 1880.

Cast includes James Daly, Howard Smith and Patricia Donahue.

11:00 PM Eye Of The Beholder

In a hospital room, her face completely covered by medical wrappings, a woman waits to see if a last-chance operation on her face has fixed the freakishness that will have her sent to a reservation of outcasts.

Cast includes Maxine Stuart, William D. Gordon, Jennifer Howard and Donna Douglas.

11:30 PM The Obsolete Man

A librarian in a future society is declared obsolete and told he must die.

Cast includes Burgess Meredith and Fritz Weaver.

12:00 AM The Midnight Sun

The Earth has fallen out of its orbit and is drawing closer to the Sun, inflicting ever-increasing heat on the planet.

Cast includes Lois Nettleton, Betty Garde and Tom Reese.

Flight 33

Paul Comi, Sandy Kenyon and John Anderson

12:30 AM The Odyssey Of Flight 33

A commercial airliner, en route to New York, breaks through the time barrier into the prehistoric past.

Cast includes John Anderson, Paul Comi and Sandy Kenyon.

01:00 AM The Masks

A wealthy old man compels his hateful family to wear masks they think are the opposite of their personalities. When they remove the masks a frightening change has taken place.

Cast includes Robert Keith, Milton Selzer, Virginia Gregg and Alan Sues.

01:30 AM Third From The Sun

Two families steal a rocket ship and flee to another world before atomic war devastates their own.

Cast includes Fritz Weaver, Edward Andrews, Joe Maross and Denise Alexander.

02:00 AM It's A Good Life

A six-year-old boy holds a town in terror with his powers to change or destroy anyone or anything at will.

Cast includes John Larch, Cloris Leachman, Don Keefer, Bill Mumy and Alice Frost.


Patricia Breslin and William Shatner from Nick of Time

02:30 AM Nick Of Time

A superstitious newlywed husband finds a penny fortune-telling machine that makes uncannily accurate predictions about his life.

Cast includes William Shatner and Patricia Breslin.

03:00 AM Night Call

A bedridden spinster receives mysterious phone calls from her long-dead fiancé.

Cast includes Gladys Cooper, Nora Marlowe and Martine Bartlett.

03:30 AM A Penny For Your Thoughts

Timid bank clerk Victor Pool discovers that a coin that lands on its edge as he pays for a paper leaves him with the power to read minds.

Cast includes Dick York, June Dayton, Dan Tobin, Cyril Delevanti and Hayden Rorke.

04:00 AM The After Hours

A woman who buys a thimble on the ninth floor of a department store later discovers the floor doesn't exist, and makes a startling discovery after the store closes.

Cast includes Anne Francis and Elizabeth Allen.

04:30 AM The Little People

On a desolate planet, two astronauts discover an entire society populated by beings only 1/100th their size. One of them decides to rule the society as god.

Cast includes Joe Maross, Claude Akins, Michael Ford and Robert Eaton.

Fantasy Movie Marathon - Syfy: Schedule Jun 21 '12

Source: Syfy schedulebot [NOTE: Syfy schedule subject to change(s)]



09:00 AM Warbirds

A World War II bomber is forced to land on a Pacific island, where the crew is pitted against flying dinosaurs and rival Japanese forces.

Cast includes Jamie Elle Mann, Brian Krause, Tohoru Masamune, Lucy Faust and David Jensen.


11:00 AM Chupacabra: Dark Seas

Man-unleashes-uncontrollable-monster yarn pits a ship's crew against a scientist's latest discovery---a mythic Caribbean creature.

Cast includes John Rhys-Davies, Dylan Neal, Chelan Simmons, Giancarlo Esposito, Paula Shaw and David Millbern.


01:00 PM Minotaur

Tom Hardy, Michelle Van Der Water and Tony Todd star in this horror movie about a half-man, half-bull creature that terrorizes a primitive civilization.

Cast includes Tom Hardy, Michelle Van Der Water, Tony Todd, Lex Shrapnel, Jonathan Readwin, Rutger Hauer, Maimie McCoy and Lucy Brown.


03:00 PM Carny

A small-town sheriff (Lou Diamond Phillips) contends with a creature that escaped from a carnival.

Cast includes Longmire's Lou Diamond Phillips, Alan C. Peterson, Vlasta Vrana and Dominic Cuzzocrea.

Resident Evil Generic

05:00 PM Resident Evil

A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.

Cast includes Colin Salmon, Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, James Purefoy, Martin Crewes, Ryan McCluskey and Oscar Pearce.

Resident Evil Apocalypse Syfy

07:00 PM Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Milla Jovovich does battle with zombies and a sinister corporation in a sequel that covers much of the same scary ground as the original.

Cast includes Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Thomas Kretschmann, Sophie Vavasseur, Razaaq Adoti, Jared Harris and Mike Epps.


09:00 PM X-Men

Two mutants come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers.

Cast includes Hugh Jackman, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Halle Berry, True Blood's Anna Paquin, Tyler Mane, Ray Park, Rebecca Romijn, Bruce Davison and Matthew Sharp.

11:30 PM Resident Evil


02:30 AM Feardotcom

A cop (Stephen Dorff) and a health inspector (Natascha McElhone) investigate a Web site that causes the death of those who visit it.

Cast includes Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone, Stephen Rea, Udo Kier, Amelia Curtis, Jeffrey Combs and Nigel Terry.

Fantasy Movie Marathon - Syfy: Schedule Jun 18 '12

Source: Syfy schedulebot [NOTE: Syfy schedule subject to change(s)]


Jack Hunter

08:00 AM Jack Hunter And The Lost Treasure Of Ugarit

The titular fortune hunter journeys to Syria to find what may be a cursed treasure.

Cast includes Ivan Sergei, Warehouse 13's Joanne Kelly, Thure Riefenstein, Susan Ward, Mario Naim Bassil and Mehmet Polat.


10:00 AM The Phantom - Part One

College student Chris (Ryan Carnes) discovers his biological father is a skilled martial artist and crimefighter known as the Phantom and seeks out the proper training in order to follow in his dad's footsteps.

Cast includes Ryan Carnes, Sandrine Holt, Cameron Goodman, Jean Marchand, Cas Anvar, Ron Lea, Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles, Sedina Balde and Isabella Rossellini.

12:00 PM The Phantom - Part Two


02:00 PM Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton directed this fanciful tale about a young man (Johnny Depp) with pruning-shear hands who is taken in by a kindly saleswoman (Dianne Wiest).

Cast includes Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Robert Oliveri, Conchata Ferrell, Caroline Aaron, Vincent Price, Alan Arkin, John Davidson, Biff Yeager and Alan Fudge.


04:30 PM Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End

Third entry in the adventure saga sends a resurrected buccaneer (Geoffrey Rush), a feisty heroine (Keira Knightley) and her swashbuckling swain (Orlando Bloom) on a voyage to rescue Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from Davy Jones' locker.

Cast includes Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy, Jonathan Pryce and Once Upon A Time's Lee Arenberg.

Longmire - Assignment X: Exclusive Interview Producers John Coveny & Hunt Baldwin

Source: Assignment X [follow link for complete column]


ASSIGNMENT X: Exclusive Interview: LONGMIRE producers John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin talk about A&E’s new mystery western

Fans of Craig Johnson's books will not be disappointed by the spectacular treatment the producers promise

Posted: June 2nd, 2012

Airing Sunday at 10/9C on A&E is the new western series LONGMIRE, based on the best-selling novels by Wyoming author Craig Johnson. The show comes to television from executive producers and writers John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin whose previous series THE CLOSER was a critically acclaimed success for six seasons.

Coveny and Baldwin are re-teaming with CLOSER producer Greer Shephard and are hoping that this modern day western mystery series will go for at least ten seasons.

LONGMIRE follows the life and cases of Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) who is the sheriff of a small town called Durant in Absaroka County, Wyoming. The series promises to capture the characters and the feel of the books that so many readers have grown to love and the producers promise to bring in more elements to broaden the world of Longmire even more.

ASSIGNMENT X recently spoke with the producing and writing team of Coveny and Baldwin as they took time out from a day of shooting on location to share with us what to expect from LONGMIRE, how they hope fans of the books will react to seeing their favorite characters come to life for the first time, and casting the perfect man to play Walt Longmire...

... ASSIGNMENT X: How did you gentlemen come to LONGMIRE and want to produce and write it as a television series?

JOHN COVENY: "The kooky thing is that the Hollywood Process actually worked in a sort of cliché way. We had talked to our agent over the years about our love of trying to do a modern day western. I was a big fan of BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Hunt’s family has been and lives currently in Wyoming."

HUNT BALDWIN: "My mom and dad retired in 1992, and they moved to Wyoming about a year later. So it’s become a big part of my life."

COVENY: "It was in both of our bloodstreams. We had talked to our agent and he said that they represented a writer name Craig Johnson for CAA. His books were about Wyoming and it was a modern day western. He said it fit with our sensibilities and has some humor, and with our procedural knowledge we had gotten on THE CLOSER for six seasons. He put the book down in front of us. We read THE COLD DISH and about ten pages in we knew it was something we wanted to develop..."

Castle - Kids Need To Read: Nathan Fillion Video Promo

Source: Kids Need To Read You Tube channel



Promotional video created by KNTR co-founders PJ Haarsma and Nathan Fillion, which aired during the 2009 Can't Stop the Serenity screenings.

Kids Need To Read works to create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.

Kids Need to Read was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 2008 by PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary, and Nathan Fillion. It was awarded 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in September of that year. The mission of the foundation was based on the work of a 2007 project of the same name, which was the brainchild of author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion.

Kids Need to Read
33 South Mesa Drive
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Longmire - Boston Herald: Katee Sackhoff Interview

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BOSTON HERALD: ‘Longmire’ winding road for A&E star Sackhoff

By Amy Amatangelo
Sunday, June 3, 2012

People always chase Katee Sackhoff down and offer to buy her a Starbucks coffee.

The 32-year-old actress is best known for playing Starbuck in “Battlestar Galactica,” the critically acclaimed, much beloved Syfy series that ended in 2009.

We created something pretty amazing,” Sackhoff said of the series in a recent telephone interview from New Mexico. “I know that it will be a job that I’m always remembered for, but I do hope that there will be more on top of it. ... I do hope there’s a long career of characters that are just as impressive and iconic...”


... Perhaps Vic Moretti, the character she plays in the new drama “Longmire,” ... which airs Sunday at 10/9C on A&E, could be one of them.

One of the reasons I took the role is because it was so different from anything I’ve done, while at the same time still staying in my wheelhouse,” she said. “This is the closest I’ve ever played to myself, because she’s actually normal. This is the first person I’ve ever played that wasn’t insane to some extent, so it’s kind of nice...”

Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Entertainment Weekly: Tonight's Best TV Jun 9 '12 - Syfy 9/8C

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A Daily Guide To Notable Shows

... Jersey Shore Shark Attack

9-11 PM SYFY

Sharks get bloodthirsty on July 4, and it's up to "local Guidos" Nooki and The Complication to save the day. I'm siding with the blood-thirsty sharks on this one.

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Castle - Parade Magazine: Nathan Fillion Video Interview

Source: Parade Magazine You Tube channel


PARADE MAGAZINE VIDEO: Castle's Nathan Fillion Reveals His Favorite Reads

Go behind-the-scenes of PARADE magazine's cover shoot with Castle star Nathan Fillion.

Hannah's Law - Entertainment Weekly: Tonight's Best TV Jun 9 '12 - HMC 8/7C

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A Daily Guide To Notable Shows

... Hannah's Law


Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and some celebrity hanger-on named Hannah Beaumont try to cut crime in a frontier town.

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Cast includes Billy Zane, Danny Glover, Primeval: New World's Sara Canning, Kimberly Elise, Brendan Fletcher, Greyston Holt, John Pyper-Ferguson, Ryan Kennedy, Cameron Bancroft, Kassia Warshawski, Brendan Hunter, Julian Black Antelope, Ian Kilburn, Lucy Harvey and Tayden Marks.

Castle - Cocktails with Stan: Nathan Fillion Video Interview

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Nathan Fillion, Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself, joins Stan and Jenna to talk about crazy fans, Castle, comic books, Comic-Con, and more!

Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Huff Post TV: What To Watch Jun 9 '12 - Syfy 9/8C

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... "Jersey Shore Shark Attack"

Sat., June 9: (9 p.m. ET on Syfy) original telefilm

For everyone who has ever fantasized about seeing Snooki being eaten by a shark ... With a cast including Tony Sirico, Paul Sorvino, Jack Scalia, Joey Fatone, William Atherton and Vinny Guadagnino, the movie unfolds during the July Fourth weekend at the Jersey Shore, where angry sharks are on a rampage, devouring residents, leaving it to the local Guidos to save the day.

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Eureka - Assignment X: Jamie Paglia Exclusive Interview Pt 1

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Eureka S5 Monday

ASSIGNMENT X: Exclusive Interview: EUREKA co-creator Jamie Paglia looks back and forward – Part 1

The series co-creator/exec producer talks about the series coming to the end

June 4th, 2012

EUREKA is Syfy’s much-loved and successful series about a town full of good-hearted geniuses working on secret science projects that accidentally almost destroy the world every week or so. The show, starring Colin Ferguson as regular-guy town sheriff Jack Carter, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Jack’s love Dr. Allison Blake, Erica Cerra as deputy-turned-chief of security for town science hub Global Dynamics Jo Lupo, Neil Grayston as GD chief Douglas Fargo and Joe Morton as eccentric engineer Henry Deacon, is in its fifth and final season Monday nights.

Jaime Paglia, who co-created EUREKA with Andrew Cosby, and remains as one of its executive producers and show runners, sits down at a lovely pond-side location for this two-part exclusive interview...

... AX: Were there concerns about the “butterfly effect” – one small change in the past could affect everything in the future – with the Season Four reset, when Jack, Allison, Jo, Fargo and Henry get sent back to 1942 and find the present somewhat altered when they return?

PAGLIA: "Honestly, I think that we were so excited by the potential of what that was going to give us in terms of taking our same town and our same people, but putting them into these unknown roles and giving each of them basically an upside and a downside to [coming back to a changed town], it was going to be such a rich opportunity to tell new stories with them, that it was going to be worth the risk. And when we went in, my co-show runner Bruce Miller and I went in to pitch this to the network, what we were going to do for the season. We said, “We go back in time and there’s a reset, we come back and Henry’s married to a woman he’s only met, Tess [Carter’s ex-girlfriend played by Jaime Ray Newman] never left, so Carter and Allison can’t be together, and Jo is now the head of security and Zane [Niall Matter] never proposed to Jo, so there’s an upside and a downside, Allison’s son doesn’t have autism any more and Fargo is running Global Dynamics.” They just danced in their chairs. But after everybody was so excited about this, they said, “So when are you going to make it all go back to normal?” And we said, 'We’re not...'"

Eureka season five airs Monday at 9/8C on Syfy.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack - MSN TV: Tonight's Picks Jun 9 '12 - Syfy 9/8C

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... Jersey Shore Shark Attack

9:00 PM, SYFY

Paul Sorvino ("Goodfellas"), Tony Sirico ("The Sopranos"), Jack Scalia ("Dallas"), William Atherton ("Die Hard"), Joey Fatone of NSYNC and "Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino headline the cast in this thriller/comedy about angry sharks terrorizing the shore during the Fourth of July weekend, with only the locals able to save the day. Let's hope the sharks don't develop a taste for hair gel and tanned flesh.

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Longmire - TV Guide: Cassidy Freeman Interview

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TV GUIDE: Move Over, Superman! Longmire's Cassidy Freeman Has a New Man in Her Life

Jun 8, 2012
by Natalie Abrams

Cassidy Freeman is no longer Superman's one-time enemy-turned-ally nor is she a centuries-old vampire anymore. She's left those sci-fi/fantasy roles behind to play the no-nonsense daughter of the dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor).

In the new A&E series Longmire, Freeman's Cady had dreams of the big city, but after the death of her mother, she took it upon herself to help her father Walt get back on his feet, much to his chagrin and to her own frustrations. Little does her father know that she's been keeping secrets, the least of which is that she's dating someone already very familiar to him. To get the scoop on Longmire's father-daughter relationship, turned to Freeman, who also discusses her transition from sci-fi to Western and more:


... Q: Because you and Katee Sackhoff have similar sci-fi backgrounds, have you guys discussed now doing the polar opposite of before?

Freeman: "Yeah. We chuckle about it. We'll talk about conventions together. We have this knowledge that maybe other people on the show don't have. Like, I'm going to Superman Celebration this weekend. She went to a sci-fi one in Canada like three or four weeks ago. She'll be like, "Oh my God, I'm so exhausted." I'll be like, "Why?" She's like, "Convention." I'm like, "I get you." You're sitting there giving so much of yourself. So, we have that commonality. But I think we both were excited to try something new and different. We're the two on set tweeting all the time, and Lou Diamond Phillips is kind of an obsessive Tweeter, but we're proud of him for it..."

Longmire cast includes Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman and Adam Bartley. Airs Sunday at 10/9C on A&E TV.

Hannah's Law - New York Times: Has Guns, Wears Dress, Seeks Justice - Airs Jun 9 '12 - HMC 8/7C

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Published: June 8, 2012

Revenge” is between seasons, and “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is on its last legs. What’s a fan of revenge-and-bounty-hunting-themed television to do? On Saturday night the Hallmark Movie Channel steps forward with relief: “Hannah’s Law,” a tasty western tale that seems just right for a weekend in June.

Like Amanda Clarke on ABC’s “Revenge,” Hannah Beaumont (Sara Canning of “The Vampire Diaries”) saw her world shattered when she was young and vows to make those who did the shattering pay. The story begins in 1866 in Abilene, Tex., with a stark scene in which outlaws unceremoniously kill Hannah’s parents and — perhaps; it’s not entirely clear — her brother while she watches from a hiding place.

When we next meet Hannah, she is a grown woman and in the bounty-hunting business, taking a particular interest, of course, in the gang members who made her an orphan. But unlike some of her competitors, she likes to bring the miscreants in alive so they can face justice...

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Cast includes Billy Zane, Danny Glover, Primeval: New World's Sara Canning, Kimberly Elise, Brendan Fletcher, Greyston Holt, John Pyper-Ferguson, Ryan Kennedy, Cameron Bancroft, Kassia Warshawski, Brendan Hunter, Julian Black Antelope, Ian Kilburn, Lucy Harvey and Tayden Marks.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Yahoo! TV: Saturday's Picks Jun 9 '12 - Syfy 9/8C

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YAHOO! TV - Weekend Picks - What to Watch This Weekend

A list of can't-miss hot shows, undiscovered gems and fan favorites airing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

... Jersey Shore Shark Attack


Yo, you think it’s safe to get in the water, bro? Think again. Syfy is back with another ridiculously campy horror flick, this one taking place at the guido-heavy Jersey Shore during a shark-infested July 4th weekend. “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino plays a local reporter (!), joined by Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts from “The Sopranos”), Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas”) and N Sync’s Joey Fatone, who meets his end when… well, we don’t want to spoil it.

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